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The It's All One Song! Lyrics
Lyrics for most of the songs on albums released up to Mirror Ball were compiled by Olof Bjorner, with the help of lots of Rusties. Songs from subsequent albums (and some fill-in of earlier released and unreleased material) have been compiled by RE*AC*TOR (also with the help of other Rusties).

The It's All One Song! Discography
The original static HyperRust album discography, covering albums up to Mirror Ball, was compiled by Stephen House, Kimmo Saaskilahti, and Juha Palotie. They credited the following with providing contributions to the work:
  • Johan Geunens
  • Pete Gibson
  • Jim Kelly
  • Peter Lemass
  • Rick Selby
  • Steven Silverstein
  • Kenneth L. Slater
  • John J. Wood
  • Omar Zia
Data on all subsequent albums, and some fill-in of material for earlier albums (and the conversion to dynamic format) has been compiled by RE*AC*TOR.

Special thanx to Jef Michael Piehler of Sidestreet Records for providing a lot of hard-to-find dates and other information about both released and unreleased material.


The It's All One Song! Chords/Tabs
All Chords and Tabulature here were first submitted to the Rusted-Guitars mailing list by members of that list, where they were discussed and verified before being submitted to RE*AC*TOR for addition to this archive. The verification and submission of the first ~250 songs added here was coordinated by Wolfgang Deimel. For all subsequent songs, that job has been performed by Malc Brookes. As of 2004, submissions are verified and edited by Malc Brookes or Charlie Macon, and added to the web pages by David Mohr.

The It's All One Song! Rare & Unreleased
Information about many of the "rare" and/or unreleased songs included here originated from material compiled originally by Kimmo Saaskilahti, later updated by Joe Berkemeier. Credit is also due for material from Jef Michael Piehler (of Sidestreet Records), from John Einarson (of the Neil Young Appreciation Society), from Matt Butterweck, from RE*AC*TOR and from lots of other helpful Rusties.

The It's All One Song! Mondegreens
Nancy Jo Leachman took on the original task of collecting Mondegreens submitted by Rusties to the Rust List or directly to her. At the time we were compiling that original list of Mondegreens, the indentities of the submitters weren't being saved. (If you see one here that YOU contributed to Nancy, claim it!) Subsequent contributions collected by RE*AC*TOR (and each submitter gets credit for their submission when viewed here).

Other It's All One Song! Thank-yous
Other folks helped out in one way or another:
  • Many of the album cover images here were originally scanned and uploaded by Aaron Lieber.
  • Most of the harder-to-find album cover images here were scanned and uploaded by Petri T Heliniemi.

Much thanx to all of y'all!

Send a note ( if you have any corrections or additions for these credits, or ANY input on ANYTHING in these pages.