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How It's All One Song! works:
It's All One Song! is a dynamic amalgamation of what used to be several seperate databases on HyperRust :
  • The Lyrics Archive
  • The Discography
  • The Chords & Tabulature Archive
  • The Neil Mondegreens
  • Neil's Rare and Unreleased
In other words, the "Music" databases. That's why the URL link to this section is

Of course just throwing those databases into one pot would only be slightly better than the sum of the parts, if it stopped there. But in doing so, it's logical to also take the next step and offer other services:

  • An Album List Generator to let you select subsets of the 60+ Neilworks albums based on criteria such as which band is involved or type of album, and to sort by various criteria.

  • A Song List Generator to let you do similar stuff with the 400+ Neilworks songs.

  • An integrated Lyrics Search that's not only quick, but lets you view the songs with your "hits" (corresponding to the search terms) highlighted.

Also check this page for more info about how Chords & Tabulature are integrated into It's All One Song!.

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned...


It's All One Song! Direct Bookmarks:
If you wish to bookmark a particular song lyric or album information or chord/tab page, or other page within It's All One Song!, see the top of each page, where you'll find a link that will take you directly to that page.

To enter It's All One Song! with a particular index loaded, use one of these URLs:


Send a note ( if you find a link that doesn't work, erroneous information, or any other problem, or for any suggestions for It's All One Song!.

What are "Neilworks Songs"?
A Neilworks Song is one that meets any of the following criteria:
  1. Written by Neil alone.
  2. Co-written by Neil and is on a Neil Young recording.
  3. Written by anyone, but is sung LEAD by Neil, anywhere. Hopefully it's been recorded by someone -- even stealthily. But in some cases no recording may have surfaced.
Note that a song cowritten by Neil for somebody else's recording (e.g., Joanne Shennandoah's song Treaty, which Neil helped her with) is not considered a Neilwork. Eventually a seperate list of such songs WILL be added, though.

What are "Neilworks Albums"?
A Neilworks Album is one that meets any of the following criteria:
  1. One of Neil's own albums with any of his own bands (eg, Crazy Horse, Shocking Pinks, Stray Gators, etc). These also INCLUDE his own compilations (e.g., Decade, Lucky Thirteen) and soundtracks (e.g., Where The Buffalo Roam, Dead Man).

  2. A Buffalo Springfield or CSNY album. These also INCLUDE their compilations (e.g., Retrospective, So Far). Special case: The Crosby Stills & Nash Box Set IS included, since it was in some ways a CSNY album without Neil's complete co-operation (thus his name being removed from the title).

  3. Any NON-Neil album (e.g., soundtrack, compilation, live non-Neil show) with a not-previously released lead performance by Neil. DOES NOT INCLUDE albums where the Neil performance is a duplicate of a previously released Neilwork (i.e., one that meets criteria 1 or 2 above, or has already met this #3 criterium previously on an earlier album).

Examples of Criteria 3: The Last Waltz (his Helpless is NOT a duplicate) and Seven Gates (he's the lead performer of Greensleeves on it).

Examples that do NOT meet Criteria 3: Strawberry Statement Soundtrack (all Neil songs on it are duplicates of ones from Neil's albums), The Way In A Manger (Neil just sings backup) and the The Unplugged Collection (Neil's Like A Hurricane is a duplicate of that on his own Unplugged album).

This restriction on the third criteria is important because there are lots of compilations being put together that include duplicates of Neilworks songs. (There are even Neil songs on those Time-Life box sets.) Those albums would really clutter up lists here, without adding any new performances to the canon.

Eventually a list of all known "non-Neilworks" albums with Neil songs on them will be made available here. But those albums will NOT be included in any Neilworks album searches or lists that you request (i.e., they'll only display in their own seperate list).


The It's All One Song! Mondegreens
Definition of mondegreen...
Jessica Ross's Mondegreen page used to have this definition:
Messed up, mis-heard lyrics have a semi-official name: Mondegreens.The term was coined in a 1954 Atlantic article by Sylvia Wright, in which Ms. Wright recalled hearing a folk song that went "They had slain the Earl of Morray and Lady Mondegreen." Actually, no one else was slain with the Earl of Morray, they had "laid him on the green." Thus, the Mondegreen was born.
Many Mondegreens have been observed with Neil's songs. Any song for which one has been reported (e.g., Inca Queen) will have a button to display the song with the Mondegreen highlighted. In cases where more than one Mondegreen has been reported for a particular song, there will be be additional links provided to take a look at them.

Claim a Mondegreen...
A lot of the Mondegreens here were collected on Rust without recording of the name of the submitter. If you recognize one that you submitted, drop me a line and I'll put your name on it. Even if you never submitted one, if there's one listed here (with no name on it) that you used to think was the real lyric, just let me know and I'll put YOUR name on it...