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News Flash
Fri., Jan 14, 2000
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With Crazy Horse in the stable,
Billy Talbot rides his own horse

Billy Talbot, singer and bass player for Crazy Horse, has written quite a few songs over his years of performing with Neil Young and others. With Crazy Horse taking a break for a while, Billy has brought together a band of his own to showcase his music. The band, an eclectic mix of established credentialed players and young raw talent, will record and tour as the Billy Talbot Band.

Alongside Billy's lead vocals and various guitars, the lead guitar for the band is being handled by Rain Parade alumnus and Crazy Horse contributor Matt Piucci. The rest of the Billy Talbot Band includes Jeff Chase on bass, Stephon Junca on drums, Erik Pearson on keyboards, harmonica and guitars, and Tommy Carns on guitars and banjo. Almost everybody helps out on vocals, with multi-part harmonies featured from time to time.

Billy's songs are equally eclectic, ranging from tender ballads to soaring rockers to lively grooves. The stylistic range runs from classic rock to adult alternative to rhythm and blues. Diversity is the key -- this is no "oldies" act!

The band recently played a well received warm-up gig at the Old Princeton Landing in Half Moon Bay, California -- site of legendary stealth gigs by Neil Young and Crazy Horse. A prized recording of that show has been making the rounds among Neil Young fans and beyond.

Now the Billy Talbot Band will make its official public debut with a pair of performances in and near San Francisco at the end of January. On Friday the 28th they'll be playing San Francisco's famous Paradise Lounge. And on Sunday the 30th they'll be playing at Mill Valley's equally famous Sweetwater.

For more details about the band and the debut performances, and for free downloads of sample songs, visit the band's website on Crazy Horse Web.









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