Notes about Rust Handles
What are Handles?
  • Rusties select a Neil-related "handle" as a nickname to use on The Rust List.
  • Handles should be relatively short, if possible, since they will at some point be used in an introduction. For example, "Hello, I'm Computer Cowboy..." works fine, but "Hi, I'm Old man lying by the side of the road with the lories rolling by..." is a hassle, no?

    Handle Selection

  • If you're picking a handle, be sure it isn't already taken! View the Handle List, and search it for the one you want. Watch out for slightly different spellings!
  • If the handle you would like is already taken, but the last update of the registry entry was long ago, you could try contacting the person to see if they mind relinquishing it. Use the Registry's Email links.
  • The Lyrics Search function within It's All One Song may be of some help in finding a cool handle. Also check the full song title list and album title list there.

    Handles within the Registry

  • Handles starting with "The" or "A" are automatically sorted to display in the list as is, PLUS also where it would go without the prefix. (Example: "The Loner" is both in the ~T~ and the ~L~ sections.)
  • Prefix special-chars (ex:~The Ocean~) are ignored when sorting.
  • When adding a handle to your Registry entry that has a number at the beginning (or after "The" or "A"), it must be entered in the handle field followed by a semicolon (";") and the spelled-out version. Examples:

    If you fail to do this, the handle will not appear correctly in the list.

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