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Mood Music
A Collection of Rare Live Neil Young Performances

In Spring of 1996, sophomore-Rusty Aaron "mood code" Lieber, inspired by the "rarities" Neil Young bootlegs, decided to put together a rarities set himself. This is what he came up with:

Side 1

Road of Plenty '87  
Rockin' in the Free World'89 on SNL
Philadelphia '94 at Oscars
Fuckin' Up '92 solo
I'm Going 08/28/88 with Bluenotes
Sixty To Zero 08/18/88 with Bluenotes

Side 2

Berlin 10/19/82 with Trans Band
Change Your Mind 08/93 with Booker T & MGs
Sample and Hold    
Dreamin' Man    
Winterlong 02/07/93 MTV Unplugged
Name Of Love 08/22/87 with Crazy Horse
American Dream 03/27/87 with Crazy Horse!
Campaigner 02/16/91with Crazy Horse

About this collection, mood code writes:

"This tape has some killer tunes folks. Berlin is destined to be a classic, should it be released in the archives (should they ever be released). American Dream is rough and undampened by Steven & Co. Fuckin' Up is raw and the audience participation is pretty cool. Campaigner may be the weirdest transformation of a Neil song since Mr. soul on Trans. And the rest of the tracks are cool too."

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