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Neil's Comments on Taping of His Shows...

From old interviews. Note that Neil's attitude may have changed since he spoke these words....
"Well, you know, it doesn't bother me that much if people record them in the audience and everything, you know there's all these tapes going around of my shows, they've got this publication that has a list of all my songs and everything that are unreleased, and all kinds of stuff like that, and people trade tapes back and forth, you know, it's no big deal.

I don't like it when bootlegs of actual records come out, where I make a record and then I find that it's being sold in some country, but we have nothing to do with it, but it's a copy of our record. I don't like those kind of bootlegs. Those are the ones that I think are really damaging.

But the other ones, it's a free... you know, it's like you got a tape recorder, I mean it's got a microphone, you know, if you can get it in the place go ahead and record it and take it home and listen to it. I mean, it's no big deal."

Interviewer: Some people have a theory that the people that would buy those anyway, like recorded concert bootlegs, are gonna have all your stuff anyhow.

"They're usually fanatics that are way into it, you know, further than the average Joe, that's for sure, so if they're into it, they've got the equipment, it's no big deal, just don't wear it on the outside of your jacket."

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