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Piano Songs
A Collection of Live Neil Young Piano Performances

In early 1996, long-time-Rusty Shawn "Just Riding My Llama" McCorkle decided that he liked Neil's piano work so much that he grabbed a bunch of his favorite performances and made a special tape full of them. Here's what he came up with:

Side A

Flying On The Ground Is Wrong12/05/70NYC
There's A World01/21/71Boston
The Bridge02/27/71London
Borrowed Tune01/14/73Buffalo
A Man Needs A Maid
& Heart Of Gold
Journey Thru The Past02/23/71London (BBC)
Love In Mind02/23/71London (BBC)
Sweet Joni03/11/73Bakersfield
No One Seems To Know03/05/76Osaka
Birds05/26/78SF (early show)
Out Of My Mind05/26/78SF (early show)
I Believe In You03/28/70Santa Monica

Side B

Coastline01/05/83Santa Cruz
Don't Take Your Love Away From Me03/22/85Sydney
Love Is A Rose05-18-92Cleveland
Are You Ready For The Country05/18/92Cleveland
Such A Woman09/21/92LA
Speakin Out09/22/92LA
Love Art Blues11/22/92Minneapolis
After The Goldrush09/05/89NYC
Tonight's The Night11/17/92Chicago

Shawn then performed a unique tree: hundreds of Branch Leaders, but no defined leaves! Rather than use the regular tree format, he temporarily accepted a 100 minute blank tape from anyone and everyone who sent one, and dubbed onto it a copy of his compilation. After over a hundred such dubbing sessions, he suspended the distribution and turned over follow-on distribution to those who have already been served.

So if you're looking for a copy, post a grovel to the Rust List and one of those hundred or so "branch leaders" will get in touch...

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