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Zain's Glasses
A Neil Young Tribute (1997)

Cover of Zain's Glasses (Tape 1) Cover of Zain's Glasses (Tape 2)

This is the fourth Neil Young tribute compilation, where members of the Rust List perform Neil's songs. Chuck Singer began the process in fall of 1996, and it grew to the point were two tapes were required to hold all of the submissions that were too good to leave off. The tree ran in late 1997. The liner notes follow. (Chuck's comments are in red.)
Side I
Theme From Dead Man
submitted by John "Kato" Kitamura (kato@atitech.ca)
  The orchestration of the theme is done with apologies to the stark clarity of the original. Thanks to Mary for providing the voice. ---KATO  Kato's excellent recording makes me suspect that Neil did know what he was about on the original soundtrack. Mary Maguire supplies the excellent narrative. ...CWS
World On A String
submitted by John "Johnny" Cook (cook@mailnet.rdc.cl)
  I got to having fun at the end of the song… the final fifty seconds could pass for the theme song to some Hellish Disneyland exhibit ---Johnny  It's sad that I couldn't complete the NNC bonus tape as I had planned. John has an original song called Pizza Girl. It is a marvelous piece of humor and musicianship. It's a real tribute to the 'dead lover' songs of the '50s. Great production work on all of John's efforts too. ...CWS
I'm The Ocean
submitted by Erik "That Crazy Clown" LeShane (crazyhorse@nwu.edu)
  VOID If Removed wanted to accentuate the lyrics by allowing our music to flow with the emotions that Neil's words brought us. I'm The Ocean is a very powerful song and we have tried to capture the essence of it. ---That Crazy Clown  Void If Removed is the name of Eric's band. It features Nick Girard on guitars & vocals, Matt Girard on bass & vocals, Ray DeRoy on guitar, Craig Guptill on drums & percussion, and of course, our own Eric LeShane on keyboards & vocals. It was produced by VOID and Jon McCormack. ...CWS
  On a personal note, I would like to say that this track is my favorite of the tribute. I never liked the song till I heard VOID's version. After hearing it, the melody stuck in my head for weeks. Thanks for helping me understand it, guys! ...CWS
Motion Pictures
submitted by Steven "Deep Inside Myself" Mazur (mazur@virtu.sar.usf.edu)
  Recorded live on October 26, 1996 in Sarasota, Florida. A simple song that often goes overlooked, Motion Pictures is nevertheless one of my favorites. ---Deep Inside Myself  After hearing Steven's contributions, I was terribly disappointed not to have met up with him at the Live Oak HORDE show. There is a certain "purity" to his style ...CWS
Rockin' In The Free World
submitted by Steve "Freedom" Kirsh (katahdin@juno.com)
  Fueled by beer and chili dogs, it isn't pretty but it's done from the heart. ---Freedom  Steve's drumming is accompanied by Paul Kirsch's guitar & vocal as well as Bryan Budzynski's bass. Originally I planned to submit the *Sacred Roots*, serial killer version of RITFW for the Trib. BUT, I liked the energy of Steve's band, Naked Omaha. Sorry, *SR* bandmates ...CWS
Captain Kennedy
submitted by Phil "FiL" Wisneski (wisneski@aesop.rutgers.edu)
  Recorded in my bedroom with a cheap keyboard & even cheaper guitar. I hope you like the new direction... I am currently looking for a used accordion to torture neighbors with. ---FiL  This is a fine version of an interesting song. I wonder if it was a traditional folk melody originally? Check out Donovan's Gold Watch Blues sometime. It's the exact same melody. ...CWS
After The Gold Rush
submitted by Francesco Lucarelli (csny@iol.it) with DANGERBYRDS
  Me and Stefano just showed the chord sequence to our rhythm section, we played the song a couple of times and then we recorded 2 or 3 versions. You know, we're just primitive cats. ---Francesco  Primitive? I just had to sit and jam along with this "primitive" recording all during the course of this compilation. Maybe that's why it's so late :-) ...CWS
Francesco Lucarelli - lead vocals & rhythm guitar
Stefano Frollano - lead guitar
Marco Campanari - bass
Alessandro Strano - drums
Southern Man
submitted by John Meckley (meckley@dg-rtp.dg.com)
  One of my favorite songs to play —- acoustic or electric. So, I decided to record it acoustic/electric by plugging my acoustic guitar into my guitar amp and turning it up. ---John  John got into the spirit of what I wanted to accomplish with these tapes. How unconventional to play Neil in a folk medium with an electric guitar …wonderful stuff...CWS
Stupid Girl
submitted by Paul Gase (CHUNDER@aol.com)
  I used to room with fellow Rustie Ted Matsumura at UCLA - he barfed into one of our kitchen sauce pans once.

Stupid Girl is not a song that I will sing on my 10th Wedding Anniversary. ---Paul

  I have played music with many people in my life. Paul is one of four that I felt connected with. The man has musicality. I hope I get the chance to play with him again. Thanks, Paul ...CWS
Like A Hurricane
submitted by Uli "Some Things Never Change" Schaetzle-Beckman (UliSB@t-online.de)
  Recorded live at the Old Organ Factory, Waldkirch 12/96. LAH is the Neil Young song we like most. It's a perfect rock song which sounds different every time we play it. Back to the roots. No ARC, no overdubs. ---Some Things Never Change  German Bands RRRRRRrrrOCK! Always have! They rock you Like a Hurricane :-)

This song went over the allotted time limits for a submission but I thought you NEEDED to hear as much of it as I could fit in. ...CWS

  The line up:
Uli SB plays bass
Markus Klemt is the vocalist
Heinz Jaeger & Flo Imbery share guitar work
Theo Nopper on Drums
Guests include Hack O' Hack and Martin Jaeger
Side II
submitted by Chuck "Mr. Chuck" Singer (cwsinger@mindspring.com)
  I love this song but always heard it as a folk song in the tradition of the early '60s instead of the delightfully bombastic Old Ways version. ---Mr. Chuck   I played acoustic guitar and sang all vocals. It was a bit dull so Paul Gase graciously added the needed fills, bottom, and color. ...CWS
Like A Hurricane / Tell Me Why
submitted by Russ "Dr.Rusty" Omens (psychro@wwa.com)
  (Re: LAH) What started out as a more jazzy version degenerated into Euro-disco style encumbered.

(Re: TMW) Russ is totally to blame for the Neil demo. ---Dr.Rusty

  I truly enjoy Russ' voice. He would have done well in Wall of Voodoo. I would like to thank Russ personally for all the support he threw my way during the process of compiling, editing, and distributing this tribute. Thanks, Dr. Rusty! ...CWS
submitted by Francesco Lucarelli (csny@iol.it)
  We had the pleasure to be onstage in Roma with CSN in 1992 when they asked us to sing during their the encores. I had the honor to play with Billy Talbot and Ralph Molina, jamming in a garage. I also got to do a few acoustic gigs with Billy Talbot and Sonny Mone. ---Francesco  My wife's favorite on the Trib. She doesn't think WE are are just a bunch of goofs anymore - well, maybe me. Great musicianship with Marco Martella on lead vocals. Stefano & Francesco did the harmonies in the Dangerbyrds! ...CWS
Sad Movies
submitted by Jack "Shakey" Mullins (ShakeyJack@aol.com)
  I think I recorded Sad Movies while I had a cold… I learned it just for the tape and it is one of my favorite Neil tunes. ---Shakey  A good performance from a talented fellow. I always join in on the chorus when I hear it. ...CWS
The Old Country Waltz
submitted by Joe "Lookout Joe" Stewart (jstew@pop.erols.com)
  J.H. Stewart guitars, keyboards & vocals, Carrie Lee Jarema vocals. ---Lookout Joe  I found myself listening to this delightful version over and over. Love the solo! ...CWS
submitted by Steve Portigal (stevep@Rahul.net)
  All of us sing and play guitar on this recording, which was accomplished by shipping a cassette back and forth until we ran out of tracks. The result is an unforgiving aural assault which we hope you will enjoy. ---Steve  Greg Breit and Steve Portigal collaborated with Jim Henning across the country to cut their Stones-inspired version of Burned. ...CWS
Out of My Mind
submitted by Jeff Stachyra (jlstachyra@aol.com)
  I recorded this around 1982 after purchasing my first multi-track tape recorder. I was on a Buffalo Springfield kick at the time and played all the parts myself (except for bass guitar - thanks Rick I.). Hearing Neil do this in Buffalo, NY made me dig out this recording. ---Jeff  Jeff did a fine job of capturing the essence of not only OOMM but that entire Cherish (Association) period of the 60's. ...CWS
Dance Dance Dance
submitted by Peter "Burned Out Basement" Hoehenstein and The New Sealand Cacophony
  The former Dutch high school band, New Sealand Cacophony, in the original line-up, reunited after a five year split to record Dance Dance Dance. Most of the band members had never heard Neil's Dance Dance Dance, so it sounds just like our band did originally. ---Burned Out Basement  I absolutely adore the opening to this song. Nice upbeat version too! ...CWS
Safeway Cart
submitted by John "Mortimer Hearseberger" Evans (jevans1@orednet.org)
  I have always wondered what this song would sound like sped up a bit with an electric organ feel (unintended Freudian slip. :-) So here is one possibility… Mortimer croaks out vocals and plays piano, keyboard of the ancients, acoustic rhythm guitar, bass and the dreaded Alesis HR-16. ---Mort  I always enjoy Mortimer's contributions. It's nice to have a keyboard contributor. That he also has good taste is big plus for the Rust Community. ...CWS
submitted by Rich "XFMR Man" Hand (richie@prodigy.net)
  Solo effort with a Martin D-41 double mic'ed. Used the CAD Equitek and an Audio Technica ATM110. Effect box is a Zoom Studio 1202. ---XFMR Man  I truly enjoy Rich's playing and miss the fun of *Sacred Roots*.We had begun to start working on originals when I idiotically volunteered to do this project. Maybe we can try again - I hope so. ...CWS
Wrecking Ball
submitted by Jyrki Virta (Jyrki.Virta@pvo.fi)
  Kalle Lehto on guitars, vocals, keyboard. Jyrki Virta on rhythm guitar. We tried to emphasize the beauty (IMHO :-) of this song with our version. ---Jyrki  This is truly one of the finest efforts on Zain's Glasses - just fabulous! ...CWS
Give Me Strength
submitted by David "Restless Heart" Teal (sasdat@unx.sas.com)
  I hate the vocals on this, and I would kill to do that over again. Oh Well... ---Restless Heart  I find David's performance of this song touching as well as comforting. Nice song - nice job! ...CWS
Harvest Moon
submitted by Steven "Deep Inside Myself" Mazur (mazur@virtu.sar.usf.edu)
  It's a hard song to sing, even when it's done a whole pitch lower than on the record. But it was for mom, so I just had to do it." ---Deep Inside Myself  I was so impressed with Steven's stage presence that I left a bit of his patter on the tape. "Perkin's off the highway"? You just gotta love it! Let me know when you are playing in Georgia, Steven. ...CWS
Side III
Don't Be Denied
submitted by Brad "MORE BARN" Brandeau (76235.510@CompuServe.COM)
  Sometimes life takes unexpected turns and it's always a good thing to have new dreams, and hang on to old ones! Really about just keepin' on! Not letting the bastards get you down! ---MORE BARN  Brad does drums and vocals here. His bandmate in Two Way Street, Mike Cowles, played guitars & vocals. A very nice effort. MORE BARN! ...CWS
Don't Take Your Love Away From Me
submitted by Carl Bonasera (STJE33A@prodigy.com)
  This song was great from the first time I heard it live in 1987 between acoustic & Crazy Horse sets. Works acoustically too!" ---Carl  This is a VERY heartfelt effort. It's so sad! You go, Bluesboy! ...CWS
Tonight's The Night
submitted by Pete "Fins In Line" Thayer (mrpthay@state.me.us)
  Every Autumn, C. Rittal holds an outdoor music fest in his cornfield at Boothbay, Maine. TTN closed our set. I f#!*ed up the words, ah well! So does Neil occasionally." ---Fins  Pete's band is called the Hodads. I broke the long-standing rule not to repeat songs on a tribute. I did so because I really liked this version and Pete wanted to be on the tape so badly. ...CWS
submitted by Kim "Unknown Legend" Mutcher (legend@astral.magic.ca) & friends
      It's great to have Women participating on the Tributes. Kato backed up Kim's vocals. ...CWS
I've Been Waiting For You
submitted by John "Mortimer Hearseberger" Evans (jevans1@orednet.org)
  At last, the Fluffy Flute version (or rather the vocal nodule mix) you may have wondered about but probably haven't been waiting for with baited breath. ---Mort  Mortimer does vocals, piano, guitars, bass, and keyboard. I wonder - was the flute a keyboard? ...CWS
Grey Riders
submitted by William "Weld" Wallace (weld91@earthlink.com)
  William has played guitar since he was seven, and has played on the stages of some of Austin's best known clubs. He usually tries to work a Neil Young song into his sets. Grey Riders is an obscure one and fun to play. All the instruments on the track are played by the boy - all I did was turn a few knobs on the 4-track and try to stay out of the way. (Bill Wallace) ---Weld's Dad  It's a shame we couldn't release the Rustie NNC bonus tape at this time. "Weld" Wallace does a really fine version of Townes Van Zandt's Snow On Raton. ...CWS
Dreamin' Man
submitted by Paul "Ram>Rod AKA JOHNNY ROTTEN" Spiel (spielp@bucks.edu)
  This is dedicated to all the Rusted women, from 'JOHNNY ROTTEN'. ---Ram>Rod  Ram>Rod, as a vocalist, is from the same school as Neil or Dylan. You know it's him as soon as you hear the voice. And whether you like it or not, it's a absolutely sincere & unique voice. I'm proud to have worked with him in *Sacred Roots*. This is a fine reading of Dreamin' Man. ...CWS
New Mama
submitted by Rich "XFMR Man" Hand (richie@prodigy.net)
  Rhythm track is live, supplied by South Ontario, which consists of yours truly, Paul Gase on bass, and John Reynolds on drums. Vocal is doubled with 2 part harmony. ---XFMR Man  Rich told me I could add a harmony if I wanted, but I think it's just fine the way it is. ...CWS
Too Far Gone
submitted by Barb "Old F@#*ing Lady" Hardaway (barb@informix.com) with Rusties
  We are rust@digeridoo. We sang this, and decided it was a strange song to play. ---Old F@#*ing Lady  I wish I had been there, sounds like fun. ...CWS
  Rust@digeridoo are:
Barb Hardaway - rain stick/vocals
Brian Summers - Guitar/vocals
Brian Elliston- Guitar/vocals
Michael Hagmeir-digeridoo
Kamala - click sticks & drum
Like A Hurricane (reprise)
submitted by Eddie "Drinks & A Laugh" Flambeau (lizardacts@comix.resorts.com)
  I do a lounge act in Las Vegas and I love to close the night with LAH. All these chicks throw themselves at me afterwards so I seldom go home alone. Know what I mean? Hubba-Hubba!" ---Drinks & A Laugh   Mr. Flambeau told me that the background music was done by his keyboardist's Young Chaing (Kurzweil) K-2000RS. He certainly gives LAH a Stars IN Bars treatment. ...CWS
Side IV
When You Dance I Can Really Love
submitted by Matt Jacobsmeir (mljst13@pop.pitt.edu)
  Crazy/Philosophy/Engineering Major and wanna be poet Matthew L. Jacobsmeir on guitar , bass, and vocals. Mr. Mojo Brett Stevenson is on Drums. Coming to you fresh out of Brett's basement in Lima, NY and a tiny gray dormroom in Pittsburgh. Long Live Neil Young! ---Matt  There is some fine guitar work going on here. I had to "squeeze" the sound pretty hard because Matt mixed his vocals so far back in the mix. Not everyone is a ham like me. ...CWS
Rapid Transit
submitted by Stan "Southern Man" Southern (ssouther@fore.com)
  This solo acoustic effort was the result of too many beers & some borrowed recording / mixing equipment... Sheet music? We don't need no stinking sheet music! ---Southern Man   
Barstool Blues
submitted by Bill "On The Beach" Shaw (bshaw@skyway.com)
  Bill Shaw; guitars & vocals - 2 'tracks'... I can totally relate to the perspective of the singer on this one. I hope the lateness of this tape hasn't held the whole thing up. ---On The Beach  Trust me, Bill, you didn't hold up the Trib. :-) Bill was the first and last participant that I asked permission to edit their recording. Most all the tracks on ZG have been edited or tampered with in one way or the other. Bill, after initial artistic objections, gave me full permission to chop, edit, or compliment. I learned my lesson and did not consult the rest of the artists. I expect much 'hate' mail from the rest of the contributors. Bill, thanks for the faith. ...CWS
Time Fades Away
submitted by Aubriton "TETANUS SHOT" Meek Jr. (bmeek@cleaf.com)
  Recorded at the Polk Salad Festival in Blanchard, Louisiana - May 1977. I sang lead and played guitar in a band called Uncle Fester. I'm 44 years old, work for the KCS Railroad, & been listening to Neil since Buffalo Springfield. Married to Brenda. Two dogs, 6 guitars, a banjo, piano, mandolin, & a fiddle, which I cannot play." ---TETANUS SHOT  I'll know you're older than 44, Aubriton. Especially with the way I dragged ass on the Trib. ...CWS
Mellow My Mind
submitted by David Schoenbaum (dtr@hooked.net)
  Band: Lust Never Sleeps. David Schoenbaum, acoustic guitar and electric piano. David wants to see Laura's (bass player) photos and has three pair of hush puppies. ---David  Also featured are Laura Burt (Bass), Steve Nutt (electric guitar & drums), and Megan Vogel, (vocals & percussion). Produced by Steve Nutt. ...CWS
Hippie Dream
submitted by John "Kato" Kitamura (kato@atitech.ca)
  Kato is a persistent Rust Tribute submitter and plays loud guitar in Stool, a Toronto based band. Hippie Dream is an echo of the past. ---Kato  Kato's productions always knock me out. This song is an excellent example of what can be done with tasteful sampling. And his musicianship, as usual, is excellent. Though I'll never be of his caliber, and our music comes from totally different places, he kicks me in the ass and makes me work harder and do better on each succeeding tribute. :- ) ...CWS
Revolution Blues
submitted by Gary "Computer Cowboy" Wilson (cmptrcwby@juno.com)
  Strumming guitar and singing…has kept me more or less sane... And when I think about sanity, music and Cincinnati boys, I always think of a certain song.. 'Remember your guard dog?' <evil grin> ---Cowboy  So are you saying that Cincinnati people are a bit Charlie Manson-ish, Gary? WOOF! ...CWS
This Town
submitted by John "Mortimer Hearseberger" Evans (jevans1@orednet.org)
  This version isn't as sleepy as Neil and The Horse might play it; I decided to pep it up and put a little bounce into it… it's kind of like This Town on some strange and happy drugs. Mortimer sings and plays piano, acoustic guitars, slightly audible bass, and the DREADED semi-Landing On Water drumbox. ---Mort  Mortimer is the only Rustie to have three submissions accepted on this tribute. Congratulations! ...CWS
Mansion On The Hill
submitted by Mike "Bruce Berry" Durham (Bberry1112@aol.com)
  I recorded this in my House on the Hill, on an antiquated 4-track recorder. I'm on all of the instruments and vocals so it's a little over dubbed - but what's a guy to do? I came here to sing and work!" ---Bruce Berry  Seems to me, you did just fine, Mike. ...CWS
The Old Laughing Lady
submitted by David Moore (davidjo@ozemail.com.au)
  I'm a Corporate Treasurer from Sydney, Australia and in my spare time swim, raise 4 kids and play guitar after 'lights out'... I much prefer the Neil Young Album version to the Unplugged version. This is one of those songs that got me hooked on NY all those years ago. ---David  David almost didn't make it on the tape. Not because of anything he did but because I misplaced his tape, (can you JUST imagine that)? Well, thank goodness I found it because this is a VERY fine version of OLL. Nice job, Mr. Moore! ...CWS
Hangin' On A Limb
submitted by Jyrki Virta (Jyrki.Virta@pvo.fi)
  Our first choice was Hangin' On A Limb, but we think our version of Wrecking Ball is better. ---Jyrki  Actually, I think they were both tremendous efforts and highlights of this Trib. No need to fret, both made it okay. ...CWS
Journey Through The Past
submitted by Matt Miedlar (Mattmied@ix.netcom.com)
  I work for the Chicago Transit Authority and listening to Neil all day helps me keep my sanity. Though the album, Time Fades Away, has long been one of my favorites... I thought it would be interesting to liven up the song JTTP and change it around - in TRUE Neil style. ---Matt  Matt's sound and production are just the thing to bring us home. ...CWS
Production Notes

  • Original tapes all mixed down from analog to digital format on a Digidesign Session 8 recording system. Editing and sound enhancement was also done using the Session 8 and various sound effects.

  • Unfortunately, the Session 8 broke down. Fortunately, I had already made a master copy of the two tapes. I wanted to give the performers (branches) a first digital to audio generation of the tapes but I guess it just wasn't to be.

  • I wish to thank Fred Nomore, Russ Omens, David Lybrand, Randy Schechter, and Anne - Lady of the North Star for their encouragement, advice, and mechanical assistance.

  • Finally, many special thanks to my good friend, Jeff "Zagas" Weigant for his J-card design, graphics, and patience. If you like his work, let him know via e-mail at zagas@mindspring.com. Jeff also did the original artwork for the first *Sacred Roots* tape. (See HyperRust Webpage for more info.)

  • I learned a great deal about Neil's music, myself, and others during this compilation. Thank You, Rust Community for being so patient with me. I hope you like the end result!
Mr Chuck


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