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FIRST, please see the NO-PROFIT statement...
BOOKS: All book sales are in association with First select a book from these pages (here's the index). Then use the link provided on the book's description page to jump over to Amazon to buy the book. Afterward, Amazon will rebate a 15% commission to SEDAN DELIVERY, which will be added to the next contribution for The Bridge School. (See the special note below to maximize the commission!)

CDs: (Coming.)

VIDEOS: (Coming.)

OTHER: Other items listed in SEDAN DELIVERY are being offered with 100% of the price beyond the cost of production being contributed to The Bridge School.

Special Note about returning from Amazon:
In order to get the full 15% commission on the books listed here in SEDAN DELIVERY, you MUST use the link from here when purchasing the book. If you use Amazon's search boxes, or other links within Amazon to find the book, the commission is lost. So please return to SEDAN DELIVERY, each time you wish to order one of these books. THANKS!

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