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MGM Grand Garden
Las Vegas, Nevada, February 19, 2000

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The Confirmed Set List
    First Set
  1. Carry On
  2. Southern Man
  3. Stand And Be Counted
  4. Pre-Road Downs
  5. Heartland
  6. 49 Bye-Byes
  7. Slowpoke
  8. Marrakesh Express
  9. Faith In Me
  10. Almost Cut My Hair
  11. Cinnamon Girl
    Second Set
  12. Helplessly Hoping
  13. Our House
  14. Old Man
  15. Dream For Him
  16. Someday Soon
  17. Looking Forward
  18. After The Goldrush
  19. Guinnevere
  20. Out Of Control
  21. Seen Enough
  22. Teach Your Children
    [7th Inning Stretch]
  23. Woodstock
  24. Long Time Gone
  25. Ohio
  26. For What It's Worth
  27. Down By The River
  28. Love The One You're With
  29. Rockin' In The Free World
  30. Long May You Run

MGM Grand Garden
Las Vegas, Nevada, February 19, 2000

review by Viktor Petruschin

I just returned home from the Vegas show at the MGM Grand Hotel, and I am only slowly coming down from the high I received from watching CSNY. I have seen CSN, and I have seen Stills as a solo act, and I have seen Neil back in the 70's with Crazy Horse, but I had never seen CSNY together other than on video. I had given up hope years ago of ever seeing them live. But to my amazement they put together this tour, and I sat fifty feet away from center stage. I was able to see these legends, these poets, these incredible musicians live and up close -- it will be a night that I will relive for years to come.

The equipment on the stage was like looking into a window to the 70's. It was very much antiquated, but the sound it produced was anything but antiquated -- it was much like "vintage". The acoustics of the MGM are "Grand" (yes, the pun was intended). When CSNY took stage, the Grand erupted, and a crowd of about ten thousand rose to their feet. A cheer resonated throughout the auditorium that electrified the air.

Without hesitation, the band opened with Carry On. From that moment to the end, each song, each riff, each scene was magical. No, I wasn't tripping, but it sure felt like it. I have to admit, they were near perfect in every category...

I cannot think of one aspect of the concert that I did not enjoy except for the beer drinking drunk who sat in front of me who wouldn't shut up during Helplessly Hoping. I finally had to lean over and tap him on the shoulder and whispered in his ear, "Hey, you're missing this song." He finally shut up and listened to the song; I think he probably felt grateful because each one of their acoustic songs sounded just as good as when they played them back in the 70's, if not better.

All the reviews I had read up to this concert had me a little concerned about their singing abilities, but they proved the critics wrong, at least in my ears.

The lighting was incredible as well. When The Boys did their acoustic set, the lighting came from behind them, four separate rays of light that shone down on each artist like rays of light that burst out from a distant cloud. The light accompanied the heavenly harmonies, and ringing strings resonating from the soundholes of vintage rosewood Martins is an image that I will never forget.

After the concert, I felt strongly compelled to venture to Arizona for their next gig. That's how high I got from this concert. This morning I awoke to a thunder cloud breaking the silence of the morning air, and as I rose from bed, all I could think of was what I witnessed last night, and a sadness came over me, for I thought that I may never see CSNY perform live again. The feeling that I should go to every concert now became an idea, an unrealistic one, I know. But writing this letter has made me realize something; I did see CSNY, a group of musicians whom I have revered since 1969, and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to do so. Thank God that they decided to do another tour.

Was there one song that I enjoyed more than another, one song that was better than another? No, for it was "all one song" and I saw it, and heard it, and felt it, and drank it in. I feel my life is a little more complete now; strange, but it's true.

Viktor Petruschin

PS: I sat five rows away from the actor/comedian Robin Williams.

MGM Grand Garden
Las Vegas, Nevada, February 19, 2000

review by Mary Ann

I saw the CSNY show in Vegas on Saturday and it was awesome. Those guys can really rock!

We started with mediocre seats but before the show we were moved closer because of some ticketing snafu. The concert started at about 8:15 and ended at 11:30 with about a 10 to 15 minute intermission and a short "7th inning stretch". There were big tv screens on both sides of the stage and with my binoculars, I was able to see Neil really close up. I'm pretty sure that VH1 was taping the show because all of the camera angles, encore, etc. seemed to be really planned out. But I forgot all that as the concert went on, and I and the audience got caught up in Neil's and Steven Stills' firey guitar work.

Neil Young and Steven Stills have great guitar chemistry and seem to spur each other to great heights! I would have to say that if you are a fan of the electric guitar, you must see this show. If egos battle between Young and Stills it's in a playful way -- the way best childhood friends would be.

Lots of Neil songs were done, and the other band members' harmonies on them escorted those songs to heavenly heights -- especially After the Gold Rush and Long May You Run, the final encore. Neil was in great form -- he provided most of the energy for the foursome. I think he really likes the electric stuff.

David Crosby and Graham Nash's rendition of Guinnevere was absolutely perfect, from both a musical and emotional standpoint. I was also impressed with Stand and Be Counted -- an anthem for our times I hope?

As far as the set list, I think that any fan of CSNY or of any of the band members would have been happy with the tunes that were selected. Everyone was represented -- both past songs and and brand new songs, too.

Toward the end of the concert there were several protest songs from the sixties and early seventies. Everyone was engrossed with Woodstock and Almost Cut My Hair. I was surprised that they chose to perform Ohio. The song is good. But it brought back memories of such a sad time in our country's history. It was almost like conjuring up memories of a dead relative's funeral in order to give a feeling of nostalgia. For me at least, too sad. And untimely as well.

I can't say there was as much of an age-mix at this concert as at Neil Young concerts, but there was certainly no lack of rock-n-roll spirit, and everyone I saw had a great time.

After the concernt I had a great night at the craps table and an early morning meal of philly cheese steak. I spent Sunday trying to process the CSNY concert experience and answered lots of inquiries from people since I was wearing the t-shirt. When they asked, "How was that concert?" I said, "I just wish I could see it again."

(more reviews coming soon... --RE*AC*TOR)