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Continental Arena
East Rutherford, New Jersey, April 9, 2000

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The Confirmed Set List
    First Set
  1. Carry On
  2. Southern Man
  3. Stand And Be Counted
  4. Pre-Road Downs
  5. Heartland
  6. 49 Bye-Byes
  7. Slowpoke
  8. Marrakesh Express
  9. Faith In Me
  10. Almost Cut My Hair
  11. Cinnamon Girl
    Second Set
  12. Helplessly Hoping
  13. Our House
  14. Old Man
  15. Dream For Him
  16. Looking Forward
  17. Someday Soon
  18. After The Goldrush
  19. Guinnevere
  20. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
  21. Out Of Control
  22. Seen Enough
  23. Teach Your Children
    [7th Inning Stretch]
  24. Woodstock
  25. Eight Miles High
  26. Ohio
  27. Love The One You're With
  28. Rockin' In The Free World
  29. Long Time Gone
  30. Long May You Run

Continental Arena
East Rutherford, New Jersey, April 9, 2000

review by Warren Hanbury

It was a great show. They actually started a little late (around 08:15) but they played until midnight.

I was on Stills' side of the stage, 10 rows up. All of the sound mixing equipment was right in front of me, plus a giant video monitor -- which I didn't need, but glanced at from time to time to check Neil's fretting.

Neil and Steven seemed to be really ON together. Stills did more gelling with Neil and more front work, having a great night. Neil would come over to pat him on the back a few times, smiling very happily.

Crosby sang his heart out for Ohio with Ohio, and they loved it.

Neil's strings were gone again at the end of Rockin' In The Free World, I could clearly see them hanging.

Crosby Stills Nash & Young weren't going to get out of there without playing the encore Long May You Run -- Schottenstein was completely packed, and everyone was on their feet cheering and clapping, lighting lighters and stomping their feet for more. When they did come back out and play it, there were two false starts. Stills missed it -- seemed like it might have been staged, with Neil joking to Stills.

There was a hell of a thunderstorm as the show let out -- complete with close-by lightning strikes. A lot of people got soaked in the downpour, but no one seemed to care.

Great time, loved it! CSNY is the best, second to none, period.


Continental Arena
East Rutherford, New Jersey, April 9, 2000

stream-of-concious review by Mike The Graduate Sambor

and what a show it was!! i had to look and hear hard, but i swore CROSBY inadvertenly got unplugged for a song, but all said and done, that was the only glitch. the crew [LARRY CRAGG], and others did a fine job in keeping things going equipment wise, the sage smelt sweet, i wish that smell would never stop.what great harmonies and sound, gotta say that right from the get go, great guitar changes by the road-eyes, and i even had a brief chat with LARRY on DAVE'S 12-string. came down from W.MASS thru a bitch of a snowstorm, and got a room, and got blown away like a hurricane in the snow. the acoustic stuff you could actually hear and the electric stuff, OH MAN, GRAHAM imploring and exorcising if you will, the magic that is NEIL from NEIL!! COME ON NEIL, LET'S GO!! on the BYRD classic "EIGHT MILES HIGH", that has got to be one of my rock n' roll classic memories, but what about all the passionate playing from start to finish, if it's clear to you i don't know where to start or end about the concert, well... "ALMOST CUT MY HAIR", "SUITE::JUDY BLUE EYES", extro comments [after] from NEIL, "that's a great song Stephen!", the songs from NEIL i heard solo 99',and the treatment they got with the boys..."LOOKING FORWARD", "OUT OF CONTROL", "DREAM FOR HIM", "SOMEDAY SOON", "SLOWPOKE", each had it's own flow/gift.what about..."KEEP ON ROCKIN'", if you can't tell, i was blown away, "CARRY ON" got it started right,STEPHEN was hot on the trail! the stage was right, the crowd was darker, the boys were in, the moment that will never be the same again was magic.

sorry, i also got to tell it to you while it is fresh: i drove into a storm, matter of fact i have never been to New Jersey, never been thru INT. 84 to/ thru Conn/NY, but it was kinda cool, watch the right lane. supposed to hook up with my buddy who lives in Montclair, N.J.,.well, chose the wrong way to N.J., over the G.WASH. BR., boy what a mistake, but i am someone who makes the best of the situation. there is at least a couple of songs here, from the shack on Paterson Plank, to the Blue Jersey sunrise, to the boys are back home, to hurricane in the snow. i continue to be blown away.

(more reviews coming soon... --RE*AC*TOR)