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Jones Beach
Wantagh, New York
August 17, 2000

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The Confirmed Set List
  1. Motorcycle Mama
  2. Powderfinger
  3. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
  4. I Believe In You   [electric]
  5. Unknown Legend   [electric]
  6. Dance Dance Dance
  7. Buffalo Springfield Again
  8. Razor Love
  9. From Hank To Hendrix
  10. Daddy Went Walkin'
  11. Peace Of Mind
  12. Walk On
  13. Winterlong
  14. Bad Fog Of Loneliness
  15. Words (Between The Lines Of Age)
  16. Harvest Moon
  17. World On A String
  18. Tonight's The Night   [on piano]
  19. All Along The Watchtower
  20. Like A Hurricane
    Second Encore
  21. Mellow My Mind

Jones Beach
Wantagh, New York, August 17, 2000

review by Tom Troncone

All I can say is WOW. The elements could not have come together any better than they did for this show. Guaranteed that if a tape was made of the Jones Beach show last night, it's going to end up being highly sought after. This show absolutely pissed on the Camden show on the 9th.

Jones Beach once again proved to be perhaps the best place to see a show on the entire East Coast. The weather was perfect - and I mean PERFECT. It was about 74 degrees with a nice cool breeze coming off the ocean. And Neil was feeling it. I've never, ever (and many others agreed) seen him in such a good, loose mood and so, so talkative. He seemed genuinely happy to be there, and it came out in the music.

The blow by blow...

  1. MotoMama - wouldn't be my choice for opener, but the band sounds tight on it and Astrid sounds great singing it.

  2. Powderfinger - As Neil would put it after the song, "you just heard a unique version of Powderfinger. Seems like we played the same verse twice there. I guess I just couldn't wait for the next guitar solo." (or something to that effect). He did the whole "Daddy's rifle in my hand...." verse, then solo'd. But then after the break, he came back to the mic and started singing the wrong line "Daddy's rifle in my hand...." and just went with it. The band covered it great and Neil did a really good extended solo (I guess to cover the mistake a little better.) It was a priceless moment.

  3. EKTIN - I don't remember *exactly* where all these little chatty sessions occurred, so I'll do the best I can. I think it was after this song we got a "How ya doin'?" Somebody yelled back "How Ya Doin?'" and Neil said "I'm doing just fine, thanks." He then looked at the top of Jones Beach theater and said "Wow, I see they put a lid on this place. (...talking about the second tier...) Last time I was here all you people would have just been sitting in the air up there." He made a couple of references to this later in the show, including how nice the place looked but how "dank" the tunnels are.

    He also talked about how "on" the New York crowd always is. Some guy yelled "Southern Man!" and Neil said jokingly, "Southern Man? Didn't you see the CSNY tour? We did that last tour. You NEVER do songs on back to back tours, don't you know that?" (Again, this is all from my little cloudy head).

  4. I Believe in You - Not sure if it was before or after this song (I think after), but Neil was having a little problem with his harmonica. He couldn't get it to play or something - like it was jammed. He said, "Having a little problem with the harmonica. I remember when they used to make these things in the good old US of A. It used to say right on it. Made in USA. Now they made them in Japan or something, and they have these new advanced designs. I don't know, I never had any problems with the old ones." Or something like that. It was a lot longer and a lot funnier than I captured.

  5. Legend

  6. DDD

  7. BuffSpring - Neil told a story about some club (I forget the name) he used to play in with the Springfield "right under the 59th Street bridge." He talked about how cool the place was and how he was staying at this little hotel "until I got busted out of the place." Pretty cool intro story for BSA. Wow, could he be setting up the BS Box Set and Reunion tour any better?

  8. Great Razor Love.

  9. Hank to Hendrix -- With some changed lyrics. Neil changed "the same thing that MAKES you live" to "HELPS you live." And "New DISTANCE between us" to "CLOSENESS between us."

  10. Daddy Went Walking - Neil talked about growing up in Ontario and the family farm up there and dedicated this to his dad.

  11. Peace of Mind

  12. An INCREDIBLE Walk On - More comments about New York and Jones Beach...

  13. Winterlong - Love this four song combo - Walk, Winter, Fog, Words

  14. Fog

  15. Words - Neil was dancing around, wailing on guitar. He was having a great time in his blue jeans, sandals and black t shirt with "Heads" written on the back.

  16. Harvest Moon - According to people in the tier, just as he started playing this, the moon rose above the back of the stage (spooooky). When he was done, he said, "Could you hear that? I think I may have been too far from the microphone. Oh well, it wasn't worth hearing anyway."

  17. W O A S

  18. Tonight - I know Words is the "centerpiece" of this tour, but for me this rendition of TTN was the show stopper. Neil was jamming away on the ivory, at one point moving forward and backward with the mic singing, "Sing a song in a shaky, shaky voice" over and over. Magnificent.

  19. An amazing rendition of Watchtower. Amazing.

  20. Hurricane - The organ that comes down from the lights got stuck on the lights for about 3 minutes, with everyone staring up as it tried to come down, almost ripping the lights down with it. Finally, it made it to the stage and he ripped through hurricane. I swear the wind picked up nicely as he was playing it.

  21. A great Mellow My Mind.
I was hoping for Cowgirl. But in no way was I disappointed at this show. This was a CLASSIC show. See everyone tomorrow night at PNC, on what should be another nice mid-70s night. Whooo-hooo....2 down, 1 to go!


(more reviews coming soon... --RE*AC*TOR)