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Star Lake
August 20, 2000

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The Confirmed Set List
  1. Motorcycle Mama
  2. Powderfinger
  3. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
  4. I Believe In You   [electric]
  5. Unknown Legend   [electric]
  6. Dance Dance Dance
  7. Buffalo Springfield Again
  8. Razor Love
  9. From Hank To Hendrix
  10. Daddy Went Walkin'
  11. Peace Of Mind
  12. Walk On
  13. Winterlong
  14. Bad Fog Of Loneliness
  15. Words (Between The Lines Of Age)
  16. Harvest Moon
  17. World On A String
  18. Tonight's The Night   [on piano]
  19. All Along The Watchtower
    Second Encore
  20. Mellow My Mind

Star Lake
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, August 20, 2000

review by Jarett Xamiche Griguts

Having gone to the tour opener in Va Beach, this show was a little bit different for me. At that first show, I was constantly floored by the song choices and lost in the excitement of the whole experience. Here, with much of the element of surprise gone, I was able to settle down a bit and focus more on the music. The playing, overall, was more solid and Neil seemed to be in an even better mood, if that's possible. I'll try to keep this short and not hash over every song...

Motorcycle Mama: I was really able to focus this time on the two ladies singing the verses ...and they were fantastic.

Powderfinger: I was looking for that solo that Neil loves so much, and I got it...

EKTIN: This is such a great song to move your feet to. But other than the Rusties to the extreme front (I was about 8th row) and many on the left of the stage, it seemed most everyone sat most of the show!

I Believe In You, Unknown Legend, Dance Dance Dance: Oh did I ever! I think it was about this time that the woman behind me politely asked me to sit, but I just couldn't.

Buffalo Springfield Again: That note picking always gets me.
Razor Love: That "windoooow" always gets me.

From Hank to Hendrix: This was the first "new" song of the night for me, as he had played Lotta Love in that slot in VA Beach. Very good. He used the now-familiar variation "closeness between us".

Daddy Went Walkin': Once again, dedicated to his father who still lives on that farm in Omemee.

Peace of Mind: The only song I sat down for in Neil's set. Knew I had to give my legs a rest for the upcoming dynamite. Very enjoyable to sit back and let it sink in, too.

Winterlong & Bad Fog: What fabulous songs to play on this tour. Knowing glances were exchanged between me and Leo, who danced just to the front left of me in the aisle (especially during Bad Fog because it seemed we were the only two in that particular area who knew the lyrics).

Words: This is where I get completely absorbed into his guitar (and/or the bobbing shadow on the wall). Equitable to the Down By The River jams from the CSNY2K tour.

Harvest Moon: Grab a honey and hold on tight.
World On a String: Just a cool song.

Tonight's The Night: Another person behind me was asking for this one, and I told him it was coming right then...they almost died on it.

Watchtower: Just amazing...another song I hadn't seen him play since Farm Aid last year and was really looking forward to. He tore up the place with that one.

Mellow My Mind: As mentioned by others, the Hurricane keyboard was nearly down from the rafters and was raised back up. I was expecting Cowgirl from the previous night and was a bit disappointed when this started, knowing that it probably signaled the end. Yet still, afterwards, the near-capacity crowd stood long and hard for an expected but non-forthcoming third encore (one that he would provide the folks down in Atlanta).

Neil came through in Pittsburgh, as always, with an unbelievable show. Of course, that didn't stop the lame comments of "he's really off tonight ...I mean, what were those songs?"

I do want to reiterate my earlier appreciation to all the kind Rusties at the show, especially those who brought fun and hospitality to the preshow RustFest.

Rust in peace,

(more reviews coming soon... --RE*AC*TOR)