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Greek Theater
Los Angeles, California
Sept. 11, 2000

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The Confirmed Set List
  1. Motorcycle Mama
  2. Powderfinger
  3. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
  4. I Believe In You   [electric]
  5. Unknown Legend   [electric]
  6. Dance Dance Dance
  7. Buffalo Springfield Again
  8. Razor Love
  9. From Hank To Hendrix
  10. Daddy Went Walkin'
  11. Peace Of Mind
  12. Walk On
  13. Winterlong
  14. Bad Fog Of Loneliness
  15. Words (Between The Lines Of Age)
  16. Harvest Moon
  17. World On A String
  18. Tonight's The Night   [on piano]
  19. Cowgirl In The Sand
    Second Encore
  20. Mellow My Mind

Greek Theater
Los Angeles, California, Sept. 11, 2000

review by Laurie The DJ's Daughter

So, I'm back here now, at home, trying to calm DOWN!!! My body is still in a blissful high of adrenaline from dancing the night away at the Neil concert.

First, though, the evening started with a Fest with the Rusties. It was totally cool. There must have been 30 of us. We had food and drink and live music, thanks to Keith Spin the Black Circle and Ken and another guy. Sorry I can't remember all the names.

There were a lot of people from out of town: one guy from Holland, one guy from London, two from Australia, and, like five people from Hawaii. That made for an interesting crowd. The highlights of concert-going memories tonight included sitting around the picnic area after the show, rappin about our experiences inside. Also, as I was leaving the parking lot, the guy I gave a ride to said he thought he saw the band members coming out of the backstage area. So, I pulled over and ran back to the driveway where I saw Jim Keltner sign a record album for some fan who asked him to in a very nice voice.

Well, we all know the setlists by now, so I won't bore you with those details. But, he DID play CITS as his first encore, and that had me rockin out HARD. It just went on and on. He was really into it, and the audience was really into it. Everyone was on their feet. They all sat for Mellow My Mind though.

My favorite songs of the night were Tonight's The Night, I Believe In You, Words, and Walk On. Not to mention Cowgirl In The Sand. Actually, EKTIN was very very good, too. The whole concert was GREAT, you know?

Anyway, I sat during the Pretenders, but they were REALLY good. Some people in the front row got thrown some picks, too. (Neil actually gave away a frickin harmonica. Actually HANDED it to the guy! I wonder who that guy was.) Chrissie and Neil were both in very good spirits. The weather was hot, but about halfway through the concert a stiff breeze started up and it cooled down. It was a perfect night, with a near-full moon rising over the tree-lined ridge surrounding the bowl. During Harvest Moon, people were cuddling up together and pointing out the moon to each other. That was nice.

The psychedelic images projected on four retangular screens behind the band was pretty trippy, even sober.

During From Hank to Hendrix, Neil changed the line "...new distance between us, you and me." to "...new closeness between us, you and me." Neil talked a lot tonight! He once said something about how he loves to get up in the morning to live another day. He hung his straw hat on the microphone once too, but I'm not sure why. I didn't see him ever glance over to Pegi and Astrid, but then again, I was dancing and not looking a lot of the time.

The only time I looked ALL the time was when I borrowed the second row seats in section A, about 8 rows back, and I was three seats in on the right. Neil was RIGHT THERE! He looked grungy tonight, with an old straw hat, old jeans, and blue tennies. I watched him play old black, and it was incredible. He is like one with that guitar. Watch him on Words, it's unbelieveable how he brandishes his instrument.

During Tonight's The Night, Neil leaned back, resting his arm on a bench behind him. He looked very comfortable. He also rested his forearm on the top of the piano at one point. He did some tricky singing and piano playing on that tune, man! Stuff I'll never forget. Astrid and Pegi did nothing but add to the whole experience. They were a phenomenol addition to the band. Astrid should've sang some more solo stuff. Pegi was very talented.

Well, It's very late, and I've got another RustFest and another concert to attend tomorrow. So, have a great day, and see ya on the List.

(more reviews coming soon... --RE*AC*TOR)