Notes about Tour 2003 pages
  • Levels of certainty for listings:
    Starts with... Rumor = Somebody reported something they heard somewhere, or Neil was included on a "wish list" for a festival.
    v-----Then progresses down one of these columns------v
    Not Likely = After listing a rumored gig, got second-hand info that Neil will NOT appear there. Likely = Various non-official sources assert Neil is committed. Depending on how much I trust the source, I may go ahead and include that show on the "confirmed" list. But to cover my ass, I leave the show marked "likely" until (see below)...
    Not Appearing = Officially de-committed from previously rumored gig. These dates are also "striked out" (like this) in the index that includes the rumored shows. Confirmed = Official web site, news release, or other highly reliable source states commitment.

  • Setting bookmarks to particular Tour lists: Instead of using the link that takes you to the front page, you can bookmark one of these links...

  • Setting a bookmark to individual shows: The information or reviews page for a show (e.g., the nearest show to you) can be bookmarked so that it will be displayed when you enter the Tour 2003 pages. The URL to use is listed at the top of the show's info or reviews page.

  • Set Lists: The set lists listed in these pages are NOT merely copied from other web sites. Set lists here are cross-checked against various sources, primarily with reports by attendees from the Rust List or the Lee Shore (CSN) List. Conflicting reports are reconciled by third-parties. Often the lists are validated against audience recordings of the shows.

    Sometimes, when reliable confirmations of a set list have not been received, a tentative set list will be posted. In these cases, the list will be clearly marked as Tentative. When the list has been confirmed (after any corrections have been made, if necessary) the list will be marked as Confirmed.

  • Contact: Send a note ( if you have any new info on any show. If possible, include URLs to any web site that has more info.