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Molson Park (Barrie, Ontario), Aug 31, 1996

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The set list

  1. Hey, Hey, My My
  2. Pocahontas
  3. Big Time
  4. Slip Away
  5. The Needle and the Damage Done . . . Solo ELECTRIC!
  6. Helpless
  7. Heart of Gold
  8. Sugar Mountain
  9. Cinnamon Girl
  10. Fuckin' Up
  11. Cortez The Killer
  12. Music Arcade
  13. Like a Hurricane
    Encore set 1:
  14. Sedan Delivery
  15. Tonight's The Night
  16. Roll Another Number (For The Road)
    Encore set 2:
  17. Prisoners of Rock'n'Roll
  18. Rockin' In The Free World

Molson Park (Barrie, Ontario), Aug 31, 1996

review by John Kato Kitamura

The show was HOT! Neil was bobbing and picking and grinning through the whole show. The crowd up front was very animated and the band seemed to get off on that.

I followed Andy Strote deep into the crowd at the front of the stage near the end of the Oasis set, but the surging crowd quickly separated us. I managed to weasel my way pretty close to the front center of the stage, and I found that once past the range of the monitor stacks to the side of the stage, the sound was great. In fact, for those of you concerned about volume and clarity, the sound was a lot more tolerable at the front center than anywhere near the monitor stacks.

ELECTRIC NEEDLE! Neil played Needle solo on an electric guitar, drenched in distortion (kind of like the guitar on Mother Earth) but picked in the same way as the acoustic version. The song had the same structure, verses, etc., but it was electric! I stood there dumbfounded. I don't know if there is video of this event, but I think I saw him miss the D string coming into the last verse, causing a little pause, but he looked down and continued on. (Maybe he's so used to playing it acoustic, he's not used to the closer string placement on the electric?)

Just before F*#king Up, he yelled out "Tyrone Goof Whitney!" and seemed to be peering out at the audience. "Is Tyrone Goof Whitney in the house?" Everybody around me started yelling, so I guess I happened to standing amidst a crowd of people with that particular moniker. "Tyrone Goof Whitney ... this note's for you". And then launched into the song. (I hope I remembered the name right!)

In the encores, after Tonight's the Night, Neil was conducting the band with his body to hit these huge chords. He then would point to a fret on his guitar (or maybe the chord his hand was forming) and then the band would hit that chord next. In this way he segued from Tonight's the Night into Roll Another Number. He did the same thing in the second encore to go from Prisoners of Rock and Roll into Rockin' in the Free World. Everybody around me was pogoing during Rockin' in the Free World (me included) and after the song, steam was rising from our bodies! After Rocking in the Free World, Neil led the horse into an extended jam. Ralph gave a driving 4/4 beat, and Pancho and Billy were playing some kind of E-A-E progression as Neil did a weird solo on top. This went on for a while (I lost all sense of time at this point), then the show ended, and I found I desperately needed a shower.

Andy's MORE BARN sign and everybody's MORE BARN! shirts made it easy to meet a lot of Rusties. It was great to meet everybody, and finally be able to associate a face to names known only through email and tape trades.

All in all, it was a great day. Great weather, great friends, great show!

PS: I sincerely doubt that my contribution to the last tribute tape had anything to do with Neil's Electric NEEDLE, but until the Man explains himself, sure - I'll take the credit!   :-)

Molson Park (Barrie, Ontario), Aug 31, 1996

explanation by John Sakamoto

I was backstage at the Barrie show for the "meet and greet" with Neil and, in the 10 or so seconds we each got with the man, asked him who Tyrone Goof Whitney was. (Neil had dedicated Fuckin' Up to him.) He explained he was a childhood friend from Omemee (the "town in North Ontario") who used to offer him 25 cents to go up to neighbors/strangers and say "fuck". And, yes, he took the 25 cents. He added that he had seen Tyrone the night before, but didn't know if he was in the crowd at Barrie.

Molson Park (Barrie, Ontario), Aug 31, 1996

review by Thrasher
Back home again in Virginia after another major Neil roadtrip. This was my sixth show on the N. American tour. The short story -> TO was the best show so far. Even judging from the handful of Europe 96s I've heard of/or about, Toronto's show was the tops -- so far.   ;)

I've always wanted to see Neil in Canada so I was looking forward to the trip across the border to a town in Northern Ontario. Barrie -- Molson Park to be precise. A gorgeous day. So many great familiar Rusties like Shakey, Jennie L., Rick from MI, and Leo. Also, all the new Rusties -> Zain, Andy, Kato, Mary, and all the others I'm not listing. The RUST@DEATH sign was most excellent for rounding us up for the pre-show.

Maybe it was great because it was the first General Admission show for me on the tour. Resrved seats are great - if you have them. GA was so totally cool - if you could handle the mosh pit...

This was the 2nd time we've seen Oasis this year. It was a total mosh afair and not for the faint of heart. Leo had to go over the stage barricades to get out -- it was that intense. Thrashette and I only made it up to the sound board for Oasis.

During the Oasis set, Liam (the lead dude) was actively encouraging the crowd to hurl items at him. When we were at Fairfax last spring it was mostly shoes folks threw onstage. In TO, the weapon of choice was the plastic water bottle.

After a few hundred projectiles piled up on stage, I was kinda flashing back to Atlanta where Neil cut the show short after a light stick came at him. All it would take some Oasis nut to throw a bottle at Neil at wreck things. Fortunately, the trend didn't continue.

Anyway, main event. After Oasis ended and their fans left we surged into the vacuum. Made it to about 10 yards from stage. As it got closer to Horse scene, the crowd pushing got so bad that Thrashette had to fall back, and we re-grouped.

Got situated and on with the show. As I'm sure has been noted before -> ***electric*** TNATDD. Unbeleivable! Off walks the Horse to begin what has always been the solo segment acoustic set. But Neil's still got Old Black?! And so begins electric TNATDD. It was a rather straightforward version with an added dimension of some rather unearthly notes. Shakey confirms that an electric version of TNATDD has never been done before. Cool.

Then came Helpless. The crowd sings "There is a town in Northern Ontario" and folks hold up lighters. Later the moon would rise. Quite magical, I must say. The first time my spine truly tingled on this tour leg.

FU was intro'd by "Tyrone, this note's for you". Go figure?

And then the Tonight's the Night! Wow. About 10 minutes. It cooked.

If this wasn't enough for one night, there was more. After Roll Another Number, the lights went up and the house music came on. Folks started milling out. Up on stage I had caught a glance of what I thought was Randy Bachman. I was going, maybe Randy will play? I later learned it was former Buffalo Springfielder Bruce Palmer. Neil and Bruce walked off stage arm and arm.

But suddenly Neil and the Horse returned! We rushed even closer to the stage. Didn't quite make it to Shakey on the rail but close enough to be out of range of flying bodies during RITFW. First time I've seen serious crowd surfing at a Neil show.

Prisoners was rockin. No harmonica like the previous Prisoners in DC & Va Beach. But still a very fun number. It's so funny to watch these guys go "That's why we don't wanta to be good" when 40,000 folks are going "No, No, no!!" Joyous.

But the ending of RITFW was like no other. It went on and on into unchartered riffing areas. Very cool. Eventually I thought it maybe even - god forbid - a new song it was so unique sounding.

But with a flourish, Neil ripped all the strings on Ol Black for the 3rd - and final time of the night.

Maybe it was the best so far because of GA. Maybe Canada. Maybe No f*&*g curfew. You know the folks in Europe & Canada are right that its kinda riduculous all this total reserved seating. After a bad show in VA Beach where we got into a ruckus over sit vs stand I really needed a mosher for Neil and the Horse. I guess I shoulda surfed?

Hiding behind hay bales...

Molson Park (Barrie, Ontario), Aug 31, 1996

review by Dave Youngberg

Hi Freeekz!

Okay, my turn, my turn! Everything you all said was true. Neil once again brought the house down at Barrie. For me the highest point of this suprastratospheric blowout muther humper show was when Neil and the Horse tattooed my brain with their Electric Needle. I heard via the Rusty grapevine that there are some non-believers out there amongst you... Well believe it... The sonic image is indelibley impressed upon my neural engrams... Now if I could only remember how it went! Truly an honour to be at the premiere performance of this new Neil arrangement. It looms large -- at the top of numerous personal Neil concert memories. Neil's gift to Canada!

Grab a thesaurus and look up the word excellent; there you will find a review of this event. Hmmm, perhaps "event" isn't the word; it was a "happening".

Barrie was packed. Andy Strote observed that the general admission ticket let the true fans get right into the Horse's face... or rather, feet. Smell the Horse! My neck is sore from bopping, my arms are sore from hyper-extension while playing air drums, and today my gait is altered after I sprained a giblet doing who knows what.

You've all seen the setlist by now I'd imagine, and yes, it was a greatest hits show, but it didn't matter. A starving man does not refuse any sustenance that is offered! Man, this weekend was like two four course meals with dessert and free drinks that someone paid me to eat!

I'd just like to say a big yo! to the Rusties I met at both shows... Jennie Leith, Mike Caplan, Jeff Green, Dove Bolan, Rick Stephenson (thanx for scoring us the Pine Knob tix!!), and all I've missed. I know there's a whack of 'em, and the memory should unfuzz a bit once I catch up on things. Special hey-ho to Shakey, who was with us for the last two shows of his North American tour, as well as my Rust Bus soul mates, in no particular order - Zain Patel, Andy "The Chauffeur" Strote, Mary Maguire, John Kitamura, Dave Fielder.

The Rust Bus should be hitting Toronto right now, so look for a few more posts shortly.

***WARNING*** Keep a sharp eye out for Mary's post. Does she ever have a story to tell!!! I won't give any of it away, but it was something to witness!

Neil said in between songs amidst the cheering at Pine Knob: "Must be a concert!"

Okay, that's it for now. Those of you still to see Neil, prepare to be seriously messed up!


Anyone interested in starting a Rustie commune?

-Dave Y.

Reflections on Barrie and Pine Knob (part 1)
Molson Park (Barrie, Ontario), Aug 31, 1996

review by Zain Patel

Just a few thoughts on my experiences last weekend...

First, it was a genuine delight to meet and hang out with so many fellow Rusties - everyone was in such good spirits that even if Neil hadn't shown up, it still would have been an immensely enjoyable weekend (and my glasses would still be intact! :)   Unfortunately, things were a bit more chaotic than I'd hoped, especially in Barrie, so I didn't get to meet every Rustie who was there, but I'm sure we'll organize something more elaborate next time Neil rolls around town.

The Barrie show was far and away the best concert I've ever seen, bar none! (Well, that Donny Osmond show was pretty good...oh, never mind. :)   I've seen Neil only 3 times now, but that night he shone like I've never seen before.

As I watched Neil, I kept thinking "here's a 50-year-old man who's playing with more passion and intensity than many half his age - just unbelievable!" I know it's sort of a chiche to say that, but it's just plain true. I've never been so moved by a live performance as I was that night, and I think most of the Oasis fans around me were mightily impressed too. The average age, at least in the pit, must have been under 20, so it was a real treat to see all these kids getting turned on by Neil & the Horse (a future generation of Rusties in waiting. :)

Because it was general admission, I was able to worm my way through the crowd until I was only a few metres from the stage. I stood (or should I say 'danced') there for the whole show. It was a thrill to witness the only electric performance of Needle (Dead Man-style, I like to think of it).

But if I had to pick a highlight, for me it was the opener, HH,MM. When he launched into that first song, I was just blown away, and all my thoughts and feelings kind of crystalized into one. For the rest of the show, I was under his sway -- and I've got the aching bones and hoarse "NEEEEIIIIL!!!" voice to prove it.   :)   It suddenly became abundantly clear why I spend countless hours on Rust discussing his music, and for those 2 hours, it was like Neil was the Pied Piper and we were the mice.

Moshing was fun, but I wanted to experience the unique thrill of body-surfing, which I'd never attempted before. I was afraid that if I got hurt, I'd miss the rest of the show. Never mind the broken bones, those would heal...but miss Neil? NO WAY! So I waited until RITFW to give it a try. I had enough sense to ask a fellow Rustie to hold my glasses (thanks again, Allan Tong!), and then up I went. I can't describe exactly what it's like (sort of like being on a water-bed), but if you ever get the chance, definitely go for it! Just make sure you have plenty of health insurance in case you land noggin-first.   :)

By the time the show was over, I was so exhausted I felt I was going to keel over, and were it not for Trish Richardson's water bottle, I just might have (I owe you one, Trish)!

(Continued in Part 2.)

Blubbering in Barrie
Molson Park (Barrie, Ontario), Aug 31, 1996

review by Trish cleopatra Richardson
Approached Barrie show with great trepidation.......

Venue too big (30,000+).... In the middle of nowhere.... A zillion frat-boys piss drunk in the parking lot before the show.... Figured sound would suck in a big outdoor bowl.... Nazi security at the gates with a 1-2hr line wait.... 'No fireworks' allowed in park.... Only Pepsi on sale, no coke.... Didn't want to see any of the opening bands.... Afraid Oasis nuts might stick around to rumble with Neil fans.... Not much Neil merch + very $$$.... How could Neil & the Horse be hot each & every night? With my luck, tonight would be the night they weren't....

Worst of all, couldn't find RustFest before the show... : (

And then, the opening wails of Neil & the Horse.... Hey, Hey, My, My.... (Or was it My My Hey Hey? Dave?)

My eyes starting welling up and it was all I could do to keep from crying.

[I guess I can add this to my list of hard hitting Neil songs].

It was kind of bizarre.... With everyone else starting to rock out and there I was, in a sea of people, just standing there dazed (yes, & confused), all teary-eyed.

Awash with all kinds of thoughts & feelings: the incredible staying power of this band (when so many other seem to have lost their way); the deep friendship(s) they share & all that they have been through together (births, deaths, marriages, illness); Neil playing w/others & how it hurt the Horse; forgiveness as they nuzzled up to one another; Johhny Rotten selling out; KC's interpretation of the song; the guilt Neil felt; other tragic r&r deaths; Neil's apparent realization that never playing the song again was not the answer....

And so playing it stronger than ever.... Showing us all that you don't have to burn out, rust or fade away.... You can kick ass forever! <dab, dab>

The incredible raw energy of the music.... Thudding, powerful.... 50 year-olds, looking like kids, romping around.... Neil & the Horse were truly on fire. (I tell you, if I had polio, epilepsy, disks missing from my spine, I would be home in bed!!!)

It took me several songs to recover.... But when he started to sing about that 'town in north Ontario', the crowd oohed & aaaahed in recognition, making me laugh (Barrie is of course in North Ontario). I lit sparklers & passed them out all around me. Magic.

The whole crowd (30,000+) singing HOG as if it were an anthem was quite cool & spine tingling. Made me feel like we were some kind of generation lost in space.... (But with Neil giving us a chance to start again, of course.)

During Sugar Mountain, I released the bunch of coloured balloons as Neil sang, 'with the barkers and the -- well, you know the words! A very cooool lighting guy then followed them with a spot, all the way up & out of the park. Thanks lighting guy!

All I can say about LAH is WOW! Thank god(?) & all Rusties for the advanced tropical storm warning so that I was prepared for this onslaught. There were so many jaws on the ground all around me -- everyone literally blown away.

Rushed up to the front for PORR & RITFW -- another incredible anthem. Neil & the Horse pushing us to the limit. We were one big pulsing, gyrating mass.... The house lights up, arms flailing in the air.... Zain was that you crowd surfing? The Horse & Neil really into it....
<insert ECHOS sign here>

And then to top things off, I found some rust compatriots after the show!! Sorry to have missed Jennie, Shakey, Bog Turtle, Thrasher.... Maybe on the second leg of the world tour!?  =3D )

Suffering withdrawl Big Time,
rust girrrrl, ~~ cleopatra ~~

Barrie, Pine Knob, Zeke,
the banner, and the van
(part 1)
Molson Park (Barrie, Ontario), Aug 31, 1996

review by Andy Strote

Hey ho, away we go...

Well Mary, Kato, and Zain have already posted about our weekend double header with Neil in Barrie and Pine Knob. What can I say? It's all true. The intensity in Barrie was nearly overwhelming. Night after night these guys send out those chunks of refined feedback and squall, man you could nearly surf on the sound alone.

Rather than go on too much about the concerts themselves, I just want to reconfirm what a wonderful experience it is to be part of Rust (I know y'all know this already, but y'all know everything).

We rented a van for the weekend with six riders going to Barrie (hey Woody, did ya find the place you were staying at after the show? Jeez, hangin out at two in the morning in front of a closed corner store in the Barrie countryside). The riders changed a bit for the Detroit trek (the Dave twins, Youngberg and Fielder, joined us) and the rustiness kept right on rolling.

This, I think was the magic of the weekend. What could be better than to be in a van with 5 other rusties for a few hours listening to fine Neil on the stereo, talking about last night's show, and looking forward to tonight's show? Ain't nothing beats it - try it. It's much better than all going separately and meeting there. At the end of the weekend we were egging each other on about going to Cleveland and points beyond.

Speaking of Rusties, just as others have mentioned, it was wonderful to meet the faces that go with the names. Heeeyyyy Jennie, great show huh? And thanks again Rick for the tix to Pine Knob. After speaking to Rick and his friends, I wanna visit the U.P. (upper peninsula of Michigan - hey do that hand/map of Mich thing again!!) Great to meet "Mr and Mrs Thrasher". And of course "better late than never in Barrie" Shakey.

Well, Barrie vs. Pine Knob - dare to compare. To me the main difference was that Barrie was all general admission and Pine Knob was policed by fascists. These dickheads with their little weenie flashlights. Takes a guy like Zeke to set em straight. Compare that to Barrie, where there was no visible security out in the field. No problem. Great moshing and surfing (I got as close as five people from the front, before I had to bail). As usual, a few people peaked a bit too early, and ended up sleeping under the trees for Neil, but hey, no harm done.

I gotta say this too (don't read this part Cleopatra) but I thought that although I'm not an Oasis fan, they put their show across. Yeah, they are boring to watch, and yes they blatently rip off the Fab Four, and they're snotty (that's good), but I think for their fans, they delivered. Best of all they did a tune that was a real rip off of T-Rex and I loved that T-Rex guitar sound. Anyway, back to Neil.

(Continued in Part 2.)

Molson Park (Barrie, Ontario), Aug 31, 1996

review by Alan Tong

Finally have a chance to sit down and write a few words about the gig.

A bunch of Toronto Rusties -- Zain Patel, Mary McGuire, Kato, Andy Strote and Sean (sorry forget your last name) -- drove up from Toronto with the sign rust@death, which Zain held up 20 feet from the stage during Neil's set.


  • The one song that sticks in my mind is Neil's searing version of Needle on solo electric. Sounded something like Jimi Hendrix's Star-SPangled Banner. As far as I know, he's never performed Needle this way before, and it was fantastic (can anyone verify this?).

  • Of course, he played Helpless (how could he not?) as part of an acoustic set.

  • Neil was hot. Period.

  • Fine guitar work by Crazy Horse and drums to match.

  • Neil took the stage a little late, at 9:20 and didn't leave until 11:40.

  • Kato was shown on MuchMusic (Canadian MTV) and yeah, Kato, I have you on videotape.

  • Zain successfully body-surfed during Free World.

    My only complaint is that the jams during songs such as Free World sometimes dragged on, and some editing was needed. Otherwise, Neil proved he rocks better than musicians half his age.

    Also, a few Neil fans were rather snobby towards Oasis and its fans who preceeded Neil. Whether you liked the band or not, Oasis did put on a damn fine show, and got the entire crowd of 30,000 on its feet for the first time all day. A little more tolerance and maturity would have been helpful.

    Again, the others can fill you in on details I've missed -- once they've returned from the Michigan show of today.

    Barrie and Me
    Molson Park (Barrie, Ontario), Aug 31, 1996

    review by David Bog Turtle Ostrosser

    Rusters, It's finally the weekend and I've got a chance to comment on what's been said on that very special evening in Barrie last week.

    For me, Barrie was part of a whirlwind Toronto / Niagara Falls vacation that all had to be done in four days, so I was unfortunately late and didn't meet any Rusties like I had planned. However, judging from the last bit of the Oasis show, it was probably just as entertaining where I was, in the trippy boutiques of Kensington Market and the Beaches, watching my French-Canadian sort-of girlfriend bartering for clothes.

    Shop-keeper: Oh, you're from Quebec, how do you like it here ?
    Josee: Iss veRy beautiful. Tomorrow we wenn to Niagara Fall...
    Me: "Yesterday" Josee, "yesterday"...
    However, I have to agree with Zain in that the opening HHMM of that Saturday night was one of the high points. All the attention became automatically riveted to the stage as Neil absolutely took possession.

    F**king Up was superb, and all the 'sound sculpture' bits were mesmerizing. The balloons going up during SM were a gorgeous touch (way to go, Trish), and Helpless in that setting was a memorable moment.

    Here I have a comment on the set-list controversy of recent times. It's all very good to want personally to hear all sorts of Neil, but I think the acoustic set and the more well-known tunes illustrated something...

    Neil proved himself to me during the period 1973-1975, when he hit the ditch and came back reborn with Zuma. He has always been special to me since. Just the same, I am happy that Neil feels comfortable at this period giving the mass majority what they want and having fun doing it. People like my Josee don't live and breathe Neil Young like we do... They want to enjoy themselves at a concert, and she did, since a good deal of the concert was recognizable to her. This is good because I don't have a car and I wouldn't have been able to go without her.   :-)

    Everybody was singing along during the acoustic set (it helped to be able to hear yourself), but even things like Cortez and Tonight's the Night were less known to the majority.

    If Neil was all the time unpredictable and banging around like a pin-ball stylistically, even THAT would become predictable. Neil has earned the right to relax and coast a bit if he wants to. He's already given me so much in 25 years that he has nothing to prove to me.

    Bog Turtle

    Molson Park (Barrie, Ontario), Aug 31, 1996

    mini-review by Cortez

    Just saw Neil and Crazy Horse at Molsen Park in Barrie. Under a tough, general- admission crowd, I managed to make my way to front and center right on the rail. What a show. Neil played his heart out and looked like he wanted to play for hours more. His playing of songs like Sugar Mountain, Heart of Gold, and Pocohantas brought back amazing memories and sent shivers through my body. This guy is phenomanal. It is amazing he has such a love for playing guitar and his music that when he gets up and jams, he never stops. two encores and there could have been many more.

    Crazy Horse sounded better than ever, you could feel the electricity and excitement in the air as they jammed hit after hit.

    I would have to say that this argueably, was the best Neil concert I have ever seen. Do you think he can top it? I hope he tries!!!!!!


    Barrie Barn-Burner
    Molson Park (Barrie, Ontario), Aug 31, 1996

    review by Dave Slug Fielder

    Well, I've seen some excellent reviews by Mary, Andy, Dave Y, Kato and Mr. No-Glasses Zain, so I'll bring up the rear.

    First and foremost, I'd like to thank all of the above for making this new Rusty feel at home during my first (of many, I hope) Rusty Road-Trip. You folks are the greatest, and I wouldn't've rather gone to Detroit with anyone else! Love ya all!

    About Barrie:

    What can I say but "Wow"! Absolutely the most intense show I have ever seen! How can this guy get better and better even after all these years? Amazing! But first...

    Because of various problems with my friends, we didn't get to the show til seven. Add the fact that it was too late to get beer tickets, too late to find any fellow rusties, and I had to sit through an IMHO shitty set by Oasis (redeemed only by I Am The Walrus), I was good and pissed-off by the time NY & CH hit the stage.

    I was ready to be musically assaulted, and boy was I! From the first notes of HHMM, I was in heaven. Where I was, everyone just stood around like bumps on a log (sorry, hick expression), so I was my own one-man mosh pit.

    I found the sound rather bad, I think Molson Park needs to invest in P.A. equipment able to handle people like Neil. There was a constant buzz with each note from the get-go. From where I was standing, at least.

    Back to the music: what a show! Pocahontas nearly made me cry (it always does), a raucous (read: "rock us") F!@#in' Up, and the always loved, in my books, PORR. Helpless was especially poignant, since Barrie is a town in north Ontario (well, central).

    For me though, there were two defining moments: 1. a monstrous version of LAH (which from where I was standing should've been called Like A Million Hurricanes) with it's big honkin' noise segments, and, 2. you guessed it: electric Needle.

    Ah, life is grand!


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