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Chord/Tab for: Homefires
a.k.a.: "Keep The Homefires Burning"
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(written t.b.d.)     (notes below will be moved here eventually)
This is an unreleased song...


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Submitted by: Wolfgang Deimel (

Notes about this song:

  • Here's the chords to Homefires, a nice little song from the ABD tapes with some nice and simple chords.
Intro: G F9 C     (F9: xx3213 / C: x32013)

 G           F9         C            G
 I'm not the same man I was a while ago

                   F9            C            G
 I've learned some new things, I hope that it shows

 Em           Bm
 I'm free to give my love,
           Am                      D
       but you're not the one I'm thinking of

 Am             D
 So for me, the wheels are turning,
       Am             D             F9   G
       gotta keep the homefires burning

 I walk these borders in search of a line
 Between young lovers who live separate lives
 How long can this go on? I can hear another song
 Late at night when I've been drinking,
 Substitute comes at me blinking