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Chord/Tab for: Lookin' For A Love
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(written t.b.d.)     (notes below will be moved here eventually)


Chords/Tabulature for
Lookin' For A Love

Submitted by: Marco Paganini (

Notes about this song:

  • Corrections from Wolfgang Deimel (
  • Capo 2nd fret.
I've been lookin' for a lover but I haven't met her yet
she'll be nothin' like I pictured her to be.
           D                      G                         D
In her eyes I will discover another reason why I want to live
              A              D
and make the best of what I see.
Where the sun hits the water and the mountains meet the sand
there's a beach that I walk along sometimes.
And maybe there I'll meet her
                      and we'll start to say hello and never
  D               A          D
Stop to think of any other time.

D              A                   G
Lookin' for a love that's right for me.
D              A                   G
I don't know how long it's gonna be.
But I hope I treat her kind
                       and don't mess with her mind when she
G                 Em7             A Asus4 A
starts to see the darker side of me.