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Chord/Tab for: The Old Laughing Lady
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(written t.b.d.)     (notes below will be moved here eventually)


Chords/Tabulature for
The Old Laughing Lady

Submitted by: David M (

Notes about this song:

  • The following is the TAB from the Cincinnatti tape treed on Rust.
  • The RIFF is just a simple example to show some of the chords played, but they are all played on the other D modal songs (eg, Cinnamon Girl & The Loner).
  • Note From Wolfgang: The chord names (D1, D2, and so on) do not follow the usual notation system. The correct names would be different, but it isn't necessary to figure them out because you can play the chords according to the TAB below.
Tuning - DADGBD                                                  
D  D1  D  D1  D  D1  D                                           
D                        D2                     D4      D2       
Don't call pretty Peggy,  she can't hear you no more.            
D                      D2         D4         D5                  
Don't leave no message 'round her back door.                     
              G                            D     D2              
They say the old laughin' lady been here before.                 
D4                   D3              G                           
She don't keep time, she don't count score.                      
D                         D2                D4    D2             
You can't have a cupboard  if there ain't no wall.               
D                D2                       D4      D5             
You got to move,  there's no time left to stall.                 
              G                               D     D2           
They say the old laughin' lady dropped by to call.               
D4               D3                      G       RIFF            
When she leaves,   she leaves nothing at all.                    
D                                D2               D4    D2       
See the drunkyard of the village  falling on the street.         
D                      D2                   D4    D5             
Can't tell his ankles from the rest of his feet.                 
              G                                         D     D2 
He loves his old laughin' lady 'cause her taste is so sweet.     
         D4                       D3                    G        
But the laughin' lady's lovin',  ain't the kind he can keep.     
D                               D2               D4    D2        
There's a fever on the freeway,  blacks out the night.           
           D                       D2                 D4    D5   
There's a slippin' on the stairway,  just don't feel right.      
              G                                           D    D2
And there's a rumblin' in the bedroom and a flashin' of light.   
             D4                D3                  G     F       
There's the old laughing lady,  everything is all right.         
     D    D1  D2    D3   D4  D5    G    F