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Chord/Tab for: Bite The Bullet
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(written t.b.d.)     (notes below will be moved here eventually)

Versions: [Tab #1]  [Tab #2]  

Chords/Tabulature for
Bite The Bullet

Submitted by: Jyrki Kimmel (

Notes about this song:

  • This and the other version are basically identical.
  • It will depend on individual taste which one one you'll prefer, both are made available.
  • Start each verse with hammer-ons.
I play this in the intro and every time for "bite
the bullet" -- it's not straight quarter-notes, but
hard todo in ASCII - try to get the rhythm right:

  G---------  A     D    A  (repeat)
  A------0h2  / /  / /  /

          A        C        G         F
There's a bar hall queen in Charlotte town
      A    D A
    (bite the bullet)
    A            C                 F        G
I'd sure like to meet her when the sun goes down
      A    D A
    (bite the bullet)
  A         C       G        F
I swear her hair is midnight black
      A    D A
    (bite the bullet)
    A       C         F     G
And I can't wait till I get back
      A    D A
    (bite the bullet)

D   A    E
Carolina queen
         D       A       F
She's a walking love machine
    A       E        D
I'd like to make her scream
       A    D A
When I bite the bullet.