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Chord/Tab for: Soldier
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(written t.b.d.)     (notes below will be moved here eventually)


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Submitted by: Matt Mohler (

Notes about this song:

  • Standard Tuning
  Am     x02210
  Dm     xx0231
  F      133211
  A      x02220
  G      330003
  Fmaj7  133210
  D7     xx0212
  E7     022130

Am             Dm
  Soldier your eyes
Am                    Dm
  They shine like the Sun
F          A
  I wonder why
Dm                 G               Fmaj7
  Soldier your eyes shine like the Sun
D7         E7   A
  I wonder why

Jesus I saw you
Walkin' on the river
I don't believe you
You can't deliver right away
I wonder why

Dm          G                   Fmaj7
  Jesus your eyes shine like the Sun
D7         E7
  I wonder why