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Chord/Tab for: Sunny Inside
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(written t.b.d.)     (notes below will be moved here eventually)


Chords/Tabulature for
Sunny Inside

Submitted by: Charlie Coombs (

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Intro: A   (yeah, just stay on A for a while...)

A D  A D  A D  A D  (with riff 1, see below)

A        D         A        D
Don't need drugs, don't want money
A          D          A         D
You came along and shook me honey
A      Bm    C#m      D      A       D A  D A  D A   D A
All I want is you right by my side

A       D        A        D
With our love taken care of
A        D          A        D
From now on I ain't scared of
A      Bm     C#m              D             A      D A  D A  D A  D E
Lonely nights, I can kiss those days good-bye

E                        F#m
Although we walk in the rain
Bm                 D
My heart feels sunny inside
E                   E E E
With you babe.

(repeat intro and solo over verse 1 chords)

Long blonde hair, blue blue eyes
Come on baby, please don't cry
Talk to me, let me know it's alright

(repeat chorus)

(repeat intro while singing "Feel sunny inside, sunny inside")

A      Bm     C#m      D       A          D A   D A   D A   D A
All day long I will sing my song to you
A      Bm      C#m      D      A          D A   D A  and fade...
All day long I can sing this song to you

Riff 1:  E-5-7-5-997