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Chord/Tab for: Throw Your Hatred Down
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(written t.b.d.)     (notes below will be moved here eventually)


Chords/Tabulature for
Throw Your Hatred Down

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Notes about this song:

  • Note from Wolfgang: I've checked the chord structure against the recording and changed a few things here and there.
Intro: Am G F9                                        
 Am          G              F9                        
 Here in the consious world we place our theories down
 Am           G               F9                      
 Why man must bring us to our knees                   
 Am        C                 F             Em    F    
 Before he sees the weakness of his sinful plan       
 Em               F    Em                 G       G4  
 The power in his hand will never touch a friend      
 C                 F      C      F                    
 Throw your hatred down                               
 C                 F     F9                           
 Throw your hatred down                               
Meanwhile in the underworld                           
The weaknesses are seen                               
By peasants and presidents                            
Who plan the counter-scheme                           
Children in the schoolyard                            
Finish choosing teams                                 
Divided by their dreams                               
While a TV screams                                    
Throw your weapons down                               
Throw your weapons down                               
The wheel of fortune                      
Keeps on rollin' down                     
The street that's paved with sinful plans 
There but for circumstance                
May go you or I                           
Dressed in gold lame                      
Find a place to stay