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Chord/Tab for: Traces
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(written t.b.d.)     (notes below will be moved here eventually)
This is an unreleased song...


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Submitted by: David M. (

Notes about this song:

  • These chords sound fine, especially I like this Dm7/G.
  • Concerning the instrumental part, I didn't check the chords in detail.
  • Apparently David's chords follow the acoustic version of the song as presented on the ABD tapes. The version from the RnR Cowboy boot is somewhat different.
Intro: Amaj7  D  Amaj7  D  Amaj7  D  Esus4  E Esus4  E    
Be[Amaj7]lieve me  [D]                                    
When I [Amaj7]tell you  [D]                               
That a [Amaj7]love true                                   
Isn't [D]hard to find  [Esus4] [E] [Esus4] [E]            
'Cause I've [Amaj7]find mind  [D]                         
And she's [Amaj7]so fine  [D]                             
Like a [Amaj7]lifeline                                    
From a[D]cross the sea  [Esus4] [E]  [Esus4] [E]          
[F#m]None of the neighbours re[E]member names             
They [D]only see the [A]faces  [E]                        
With [F#m]destination [E]still unnamed                    
It's [Dm7/G]hard to leave the traces                      
For someone to follow                                     
Harmonica Instrumental                                    
Amaj7  D                                                  
Amaj7  D                                                  
Amaj7  Dmaj7  D  Esus4  E                                 
Dmaj7/C#  E  D  A  E  F#m  E  Dm7/G                       
[Dm7/G] It's hard to leave the traces                     
For someone to follow  [Amaj7]                            
Be[Amaj7]lieve me  [D] [A]                                
   Amaj7  D  Esus4  E  F#m  A  Dm7/G  Dmaj7  Dmaj7/F#