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Chord/Tab for: Distant Camera
a.k.a.: "Song of Love"
Song Info
(written 1998)     (notes below will be moved here eventually)


Chords/Tabulature for
Distant Camera

Submitted by: Wolfgang Deimel (

Notes about this song:

  • Contributions from Malc Brookes (
  • There are slight musical and lyrical differences between Neil's various performances.
Intro chords: Play progression twice.
  G       xx0787 / xx0780   (The 2nd shape given respectively
  Dsus4   xx0785 / xx0780    is a  pull-off/hammer-on thing,
  D       xx0775 / xx0770    shortly before the chord change.)
  Dm9     xx0560 

Chords for verse/chorus:
  Dsus4/C x30230
  C*      x32013
  Am7     x02013
  G6      3x2003 (coming from G, just hammer-on the e)
  Em7/B   x20030
  Em7     xx2030

G            D
Pieces from here and there
Em            C
Fall in place along the line,
G      D                     Em    C
Disappearing between you and me
G               D
A flash from a distant camera
Em            C
Reconnecting thoughts and actions,
G         D                Em    C  
Fragments of our missing dream.

C*        G/B    Am7           G
Life is changing everywhere I go,
C               G/B           Am7    
New things and old both disappear;
D            Dsus4/C     Em7/B         Em7
If life is a photograph fading in the mirror,
C   G  D            G   D   C
All I want is this song of love,
C    G   D              Em   D   C
Song of love to sing to you
C   G  D            G   D   C
All I need is this song of love,
(no chords)  G   G6   G
To sing for you.

On the floor where daylight dances,
With the ones who missed their chances,
When they couldn't let it show;
Lies the land of sweet surrender,
Like a dream it might have ended there,
But we couldn't let it go.

Now forever we will live as one,
Floating in love's atmosphere;
If love is a piece of dust floating in the sun,
All I want is this song of love,
Song of love to sing to you;
All I need is this song of love,
To sing for you.

(intro chords)
A song of love,
(intro chords)
A song of love.