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Chord/Tab for: Bringin' Down Dinner
a.k.a.: "Grandpa's Dinner"
a.k.a.: "Grandma Brings Dinner"
Song Info
(written 2003)     (notes below will be moved here eventually)


Chords/Tablature for
Bringin' Down Dinner

Submitted by: Fredrik Johansson

Notes about this song:

  • Tuning: Standard (EADGBE)


The evening fog was rolling in.
It was getting hard to see.
The old white car edged down the road,
Headed for the Double E.

She was bringin' down dinner for Grandpa.
It was crawlin' with vitamins
    and tender as a mother's love,
Tender as a mother's love.
When she saw the TV masts.

The side door was open, there were three TVs,
Grandpa's face was on every one.
He was talking to a woman with a microphone.
She was sexy and her hair was all done.

Sun Green came down and met Grandpa then.
"My you're such a beautiful girl.
Mother Earth needs more like you.
You should go out now, see the world."

"What's Grandpa doin' on the TV?
I've got his dinner in the car.
All these vans have blocked our way,
But we can carry it, it's not too far."