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Buffalo RustFest (Nov. 10, 1996)

Your Host - Tony Country Home Wagahoff

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Tony Country Home Wagahoff...

This is the official announcement for the Buffalo RustFest before the show on Nov. 10. Buffalo Rustie Dave Niyogi is helping me organize this & I hope to have details, directions, etc. posted no later than Mon. Dave has found several "possibles" that we're examining.

Hoping for another 'Hamilton' in a week...

Country Home (twagahoff@eckert.acadcomp.monroecc.edu)

Attention all Buffalo concert-goers. This is the official word on the Buffalo RustFest:

Thanks to the *very* helpful Dave Niyogi, a location has been selected. The name of the establishment is Banana Joe's. I haven't actually seen the place, but according to Dave, it's located at Main & Church St. within walking distance of the arena.

I plan to be there between 5 and 5:30 Sunday afternoon.

Preparin' to Shuffle off to Buffalo .....

Fest Report

(Also see the Show Reviews.)

Here's the attendee list...

  1. Trish Richardson...
  2. ...& Brian
  3. Barry Gillott...
  4. ...& Sandy...
  5. ...& Ed
  6. Tom,...
  7. ...& Helen...
  8. ...& Matt Chambers (from PA)
  9. Mary Maguire
  10. Dave Youngberg...
  11. ...and Carol(?)
  12. Peter Rogerson
  13. Danny Miller
  14. Alex Wolf & friends (from OH)
  15. Zain Patel
  16. Andy Strote
  17. 'Mad' Louie Biondi & friend(s)
  18. Mike Jones
  19. Hunter Buckbee
  20. Mike Caplan & friends
  21. Dave Niyogi...
  22. ...& fiancee
  23. Quinn
  24. Tom Ostler(?)
  25. Tony Wagahoff
Adding up the "friends", there were about 35 in attendence!

Barry Gillott's Report

Some reflections on the Buffalo Experience...

  • We commandeered an entire section of the dining area.
  • Banana Joe's beer prices bite! $3.50 for BOTTLED Sam Adams? Guess they spend the profit on plant food for that half-dead coconut tree by the front door. (But conversely, snowballs don't last long in Tahiti.) Otherwise, B.J.'s was a neat place.
  • Sandy Hair and my bro-in-law Ed got to sign The Shroud.
  • Great to see so many of you again and meet some new people (Mad Louie, Brockport Dan, etc etc I'm sorry I don't remember everyone!).
  • Many many pictures were snapped of the crew and the banner.
  • Thanks for the Hamilton photos, Andy. We'll let folks know if our Buffalo pictures come out.
  • Since this was the last show, I retired my Sharpie (or one of the Sharpie's). I will keep it and pretend it's the one that Zeke carried backstage in Ottawa.
  • Shame on anyone who peeked in the men's room door and watched me stuff that camera down my crotch. Well, YOU try it!
  • One word about the walk to the venue: Brrrrrr.
On the walk back from the venue, unfortunately we ran out on the rest of the group -- we thought we were behind you, so we walked faster. We enjoyed seeing everyone again and hope we can hook up in a future RustFest. I'll bring guitar and harps along (Sandy will bring her voice). Until then, thanks for all the memories.

7 Year Warranty

Louie Biondi's Mini-Report

I just want to thank all the other rusties I met here at Banana Joe's. For even an old fart like myself -- it was a total blast!!! I've have read many times here on the list "how nice" these people are and I think that is an understatement--everyone was super!!!

Not to mention witnessing the banner goin' up at the show and seeing NY crack up!!!! And a great show to boot -- I'm still working off the hang-over and the highs!!!!! Can't wait to do it all over again!

Best Always,

"mad" louie

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