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SoFla RustFest
(Palm Beaches Area, Aug 23 & 24, 1997)

Your Host - David RE*AC*TOR Lybrand

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by David RE*AC*TOR Lybrand

Let me take this opportunity to formally announce the South Florida RustFest, the day/night before (and day of) the Coral Sky HORDE show. On Saturday afternoon, August 23 we'll gather around the pool & spa in Lantana (about 10 miles from the Coral Sky, a.k.a. The Home of the National Enquirer) for an afternoon and evening of Neil-related festing. So far it appears that Lookout Mama and Winking Waitress will be joining RE*AC*TRESS and I in greeting all interested Rusties who show up. There are several other out of town (and out of state) Rusties coming, too.

Anyone with a bit of a travelling budget who hasn't considered coming to the Coral Sky HORDE show might want to think about it. It's the tour closer, and sure to bring out a bit of that "End of Tour Euphoria" in Neil. First time I'll've been to one of those, and am looking forward to it...

Anyone coming in from out of town and concerned about lodging, please contact me. I can put up a few folks, and there's an inexpensive motel (a CLEAN Super 8) a few blocks away and a slightly more upscale motel just another couple of blocks further. I can help with the details.

This RustFest is KID-FRIENDLY: our diminutive T-Shirt model and snake charmer would love to have kid-rusties join her in the loft with her video & computer games, board games, movies, etc, and in the pool.

The next day we'll be meeting at the Fairgrounds (where Coral Sky is located) prior to the show (for anyone who can't connect up with us on Saturday) for some pre-show festing, too.

More details later. However if you think you might be able to come down, get your RustRow order in to Lookout Mama pretty soon -- and let me know you'll be coming.
  RE*AC*TOR (reactor@HyperRust.org)

Winking Waitress adds:
I make my own beer so I can't drink most of the crap they sell and call beer here. Anyone coming to the RustFest will be able to sample my home brew, since I plan on making the beer for the fest...

Winking Waitress

Follow-up, about the meet at Coral Sky
For the Rusties coming to Coral Sky, the show starts at 3:00pm. Gates open at about 1:30pm. But get there early to meet with other Rusties -- any time after NOON (which is when the parking lot opens).

TO FIND US: Go to the main gate into the amphitheater (where the ticket windows are) and look to the right. We'll be along the wooden fence, with a beach umbrella or two for a little bit of shade. Look for the Ordinary People Banner hanging on the fence. (If for some reason that area is blocked off on HORDE day, just look around near the gate for the OP banner.) Map down below....

We'll have a boom box and some food & drink there too. Note that alcohol isn't allowed, so be discrete (non-transparent cups, etc). We'll be stashing the coolers, umbrellas, etc, just before the gates open at 1:30, so get there early if you want reasonable (FREE) food before entering the gates (where you'll pay through the nose for food....)

After the gates open, we'll try to find a good spot for the Ordinary People Banner -- keep your eyes peeled for it and you'll find Rusties nearby.

|  |              ' **             |
|  |   Coral      '   **           |
|  |    Sky      '      **         |__________________________
|  |             '        **       |
|  |            '           ** H   | <- Wood fence
| R|    Lawn    '              H   |  
|  |            '   seats      H   | \
| O|            '              H   | ---We'll be along here
|  |            '           ** H   | /
| A|             '        **       |
|  |             '      **         |           VIP parking?
| D|              '   **          _/ 
|  |              ' **           |  Main
|  |____________________________/   Gate    ____ ____ ____ ____ ___
|  +
| Parking lot entrance                        other lot entrance-->
|  +______ _____ _____ _____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ___
|  |
|  |                            Parking
|  |

RE*AC*TOR's Fest Report

(Also see the Show Reviews)

First the standard "list of attendees"...

  1. Sheila Lookout Mama Lipschutz
  2. Sheila's Hubby Mark
  3. Sheila's Son
  4. Sheila's Daughter
  5. Diana Winking Waitress Vance
  6. Diana's Hubby Ken
  7. Kathy Hippy Girl's Smile Popple
  8. David Warrington
  9. Fred Cahill
  10. Janis Cahill
  11. Andrew Cahill
  12. Kevin Kraus
  13. Deb Kraus
  14. Patty Nachtsheim
  15. Patty's Daughter
  16. Patty's Other Daughter
  17. Patty's Daughter's Boyfriend
  18. Jackie Martin
  19. Jackie's Sis Mandy
  20. Jackie's Dad Bernie
  21. Jackie's Mom Mary
  22. Jonna Free Bird Lybrand
  23. Maria RE*AC*TRESS Lybrand
  24. Moi
The fest actually started on Friday when I fetched Hippy Girl's Smile, carrying the Ordinary People banner, from the airport. She wanted to soak up some SoFla ambiance for a couple of extra days around the Coral Sky show, so we set her up in the guest room. She had a real rocking time on Friday, accompanying the fuddy-dud RE*AC*TOR clan to the Mall that evening.   :-)  

On RustFest day, at about 2:30 I logged on to do a quick mail check before running some errands to get ready for our Fest. Found a note from someone in Orlando (3 hours away) asking for directions to the Fest. Turns out to be a 14 year old gal who's an avid Neil fan (keeps up with Rust via HyperRust and the Digest Archive) and had talked her Dad into bringing the family down to SoFla for the Fest and for the HORDE show. So I gave directions and then went out to run errands.

After picking up some food items, I proceded up to Palm Beach to pick up David Warrington, the photographer who had taken the Somewhere on a Desert Highway poster photo. He had managed to make it to SoFla for the final HORDE show, so we finally had a chance to meet in person. Gave him the standard "See the Mansions" drive down A1A ("that's Trump's place right there...") back to Lantana.

By the time David and I made it back to the house, Winking Waitress and Mark had arrived and were chatting it up with RE*AC*TRESS and Hippy Girl's Smile. She and Mark brought in a batch of the special "RustFest Brew". It was well appreciated for the rest of the evening -- it was all gone by then, while NONE of the Bud in the other cooler was touched...

Soon our friends Fred & Janice and their son Andrew (a close friend of Free Bird) arrived, and the kids hit the pool. Not long after, Lookout Mama and her family arrived, and her kids hit the pool, too. Everybody started attacking all the goodies that RE*AC*TRESS had set out, and we all admired the Ordinary People banner, that now hung out by the pool.

A little later the doorbell rings and our new Rustie friends from Orlando arrived. Jackie and her family filed in and immediately added a "young Rustie" touch to the procedings. Jackie was as into Neil as anybody there, despite her young age. When a "Neil on TNN, at Farm Aid, & on SNL" compilation video was rolling, she was glued to the set. Her whole family really enjoyed the Neil ambience, too.

By the time that Kevin and Deb arrived the Fest was going strong. Lookout Mama pulled out the guitar played a few tunes using "mobile HyperRust" (my ThinkPad laptop) as a chord/tab teleprompter. Outside we had Neil tapes & CDs on a boombox, and the video continued to roll inside. Our Rustie friends from Sannibel (Patty and her daughters) finally got here, too, and the guest list was complete.

We ALMOST waited too long to get pics in front of the Banner, as darkness fell. But with a borrowed camera (damn dead special camera batteries!) we got a few nice shots (hope to get them onto this page eventually).

Eventually things wound down and the locals and those staying at hotels took off to rest up to prepare for Sunday's festivities. Those staying at RE*AC*TOR-house (Hippy Girl's Smile, David Warrington) did another dip in the hot tub and proceded to finish mellowing out too.

On Sunday the weather didn't look too good as the Pre-Show RustFest approached. More on the abbreviated pre-HORDE show continuation of the RustFest is in my part of the Show Reviews.

It was great to host a full-Fledged RustFest and hope to do it again real soon!

Winking Waitress' Mini-Report

Started out the weekend by heading for the SoFLA RustFest. First and foremost, I'd like to thank Re*Ac*Tress and Re*Ac*Tor for their wonderful hospitality. We enjoyed meeting everyone and had a great time. No regrets about passing on Live Oak, even though it hurt to see the set list. ;~)

Met up with everyone the next day for the pre-show part of the RustFest, in the pouring rain before the gates opened. Getting drenched was welcomed by me after the heat in Charlotte. This being FLA I knew the sun would soon make the place a steam bath. But no. Sun hid most of the day, so the wet clothes soon became rather chilly. (I'm not complaining!) Was actually able to catch a few of the bands this show.

Really enjoyed meeting the Rusties and I'm not even going to try and name all. I know I'll miss someone, so I'll name none. Except Jackie -- hope you had a good time at your first Neil show!

Winking Waitress

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