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MoonFest RustFest
(Houston, Dec 13, 1997)

Your Host - bh (brown skinned indian)

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by bh (brown skinned indian)....

I need the company of fellow Rusties to get me through the Human Highway movie. I've got the cookies. Come on over for the celebration of the Long Night Moon, on 12/13.

LIVE MUSIC IS BETTER, don't forget. We'll have some. BYOB but arrive hungry.

bh (heinsohn@worldnet.att.net)

ps - if the door has a "no pass out" sign on it, you're at the right place.

pps - I'm going to miss my old New York pals. I'll have to play the 5/17/97 bh RustFest video in remembrance.

Fest Report

Steve aka Changed Mind had written:
> The lyrics on Re*ac*tor may not be Neil's strongest, but that's
> the whole point!  We're supposed to pay more attention here to the
> relentless, driving music -- distorted guitars at a frenetic pace --
> than to the texts. This is a "feel" album, not a "think" album, and
> Neil captured a consistently aggressive, nervous feel (presumably
> reflecting what he was living at the time) wonderfully well.  A high
> point in Neil's catalog, in fact a high point of rock and roll music
> -- it's as self-contained and as internally consistent as a symphony.
So I knew I had to listen to it again. Let's see, Re*ac*tor came out when? 80? 81? That means I probably haven't heard it in about 15 years... So... out it came. And out came the other missing 5, or most of them.

I had some Rusties with me. (After all, it was a full moon, remember?) First I had a little difficulty operating my turntable. I couldn't get the balance right and not having the instructions handy to explain how to get those grams accurate, all the while being anxious to hear R*, I just weighted down that arm and off we went.

It was like a new Neil experience. Where has this album been all my life? I know it didn't sound this good last time I heard it.

So we listened to most of the M6. I made them suffer thru JTTP and everything. The crew:

  1. Lonesome Whistle came all the way from Toronto to Tejas. Always a pleasure, mm.
  2. The Man who Needs a Maid came in from Dallas with his maid...
  3. ...I mean with his lovely girlfriend, MaryAnn.
  4. Lost Companion drove across town to join us, and handed out LMIB bumper stickers. (Check the Greenway for YOTH, cr, and I'll meet you.)
  5. Me.
    Midnight Rider chose work over us.
    Dreaming Man was at his graduation.
    JMarr was in S. Dakota.
  6. + Some of my "normal" friends were here, too.
My friend's father used to own a music store in Warren, Ohio. He is a musician and just for the record, the correct terminology that the musician's union used for their bumper stickers was LIVE MUSIC IS BEST.

If anyone recalls, we were *supposed to* watch Human Highway. We talked about it a couple of times over the course of the fest... but we just couldn't bring ourselves to do it. As the host, I didn't want to force the issue. I couldn't see putting a damper on the party.

> Hope you start feelin' better, bh ;-)
Much better, thanks, now that I had my Rustie-fix. Btw, NYarea rusties were with me in spirit.

bh aka
brown-skinned indian

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