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 --> A promo page for the movie "Heart of Gold"   [2006]
A trailer and movie credits page for the upcoming (Feb. 2006) release of Heart of Gold, a Jonahnon Demme film.

 --> Farm Aid Press Conference   [2000]
A 5:30 Real Video clip of a short Neil speech, after short statements by Carolyn Mugar and by Willie.

 --> The Last Waltz: Helpless   [2000]
A low-rez 5:20 Real Video clip of Neil doing Helpless at The Band's Last Waltz.
 --> Greendale Trailer   [2004]
The Trailer of the Greendale movie (available on DVD) on the official Neil Young site - scroll down to the page bottom.

 --> Warner Music Germany   [2004]
Real Video stream of Michale Moore's Rockin' In The Free World video (go to Musik & Video)

 --> Rolling Stone: Neil Young   [2005]
Neil videos on the Rolling Stone site:
- Leave The Driving and Be The Rain (from Greendale DVD)
- The Painter (from Prairie Wind)

 --> Falling From Above   [2005]
Slideshow from NPR's Onlne Music Show, Neil pics and Greendale illustrations to the sound of Falling From Above (Real Video)

 -->   [2005]
An Emmylou Harris fansite with some of Emmylou's appearances on tv, among them This Old Guitar (mpeg video) from the ReAct Now Hurricane Relief concert.

 --> VH 1   [2005]
A collection of videos from ReAct Now Hurricane Relief concerts, list contains This Old Guitar (with Emmylou Harris) and Walking To New Orleans (with Fisk Jubilee Singers).

 --> MTV Overdrive   [2005]
MTV also hosts some videos from Friday's (2005/09/09) ReAct Now Hurricane Relief concert: When God Made Me (with Fisk Jubilee Singers) - to access the video MSIE and Mediaplayer are required as same as accepting some DRM licenses.

Missing Sites... The following site links are no longer working and will be removed at the next review. Please let us know if you have updated link information for any of them...)

 --> A Conversation With Neil Young   [1997]
A Mirror Ball-era interview with Neil featuring several quicktime video clips.

 MTV News - Neil at HORDE:
 --> Singing part of Homegrown   [1997]
 --> Jamming with John Popper   [1997]
 --> The Horse   [1997]
 --> The word of the day   [1997]
Very short quicktime clips from the 1997 HORDE tour. Clips are each around a MB in size. On most people's systems they will have to be completely downloaded before they will play.

 --> MTV News: Neil Barfs   [1997]
Famous quicktime clip of Neil "barfing" after reading some of Kenny Loggin's book. Clip is 2MB in size, and on most people's systems has to be completely downloaded before it will play.
 --> Archives Theatre   [2000]
 --> Mirror Movies   [2000]
 --> In The Studio   [2000]
Several pages on the official Neil Young site where full videos are available.

 --> VH1 Storytellers: Out Of Control   [2000]
VH1 page documenting that CSNY Storytellers show, has links to Quicktime and MSMedia streaming video of that song's performance on the show.

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