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 --> All Music Guide: Neil Young   [1997]
Comprehensive biography, discography & other info.

 --> Canadian Classic Rock Page   [1998]
Neil's listed here, of course...

 --> Canadian Encyclopedia of Pop: Neil Young   [1997]
Brief Biography and discography.

 --> -- Neil Young   [1999]
Neil's page in this unusual database.

 --> Neil Young   [1997]
 --> CSNY   [1997]
Neil's pages in Patty Williams' database on the "About" site.

 --> The iZine: "NOWHERE"   [1997]
The iZine's Neil Young content index.

 --> The Music Archive: Neil Young   [2000]
"A look at Neil Young in concert, presented by the Music Archive."

 --> 99 Octane: Neil Young   [1999]
Neil page within the French-language 99 Octane site.

 --> Numbers On The Site   [1999]
Matt Butterweck's awesome Neil performance database tool.

 --> Perfect Sound Forever: Neil Young In The 90s   [2000]
The Perfect Sound Forever eZine analyzes Neil's early 90s output.

 --> Rock On TV: Neil Young   [2000]
Direct search for Neil's coming TV appearances.

 Rolling Stone:
 --> Neil Young pages   [1999]
 --> CSNY pages   [1999]
 --> Buffalo Springfield pages   [1999]

 --> Searchable Neil Young Lyrics Database   [1998]
A lyrics search alternative to It's All One Song.

 --> StarPulse: Neil Young   [2000]
Neil posters

 --> Sugar Mountain   [1997]
Tom Hambleton's comprehensive Neil Set Lists Database.

 --> Trouser Press: Neil Young   [1997]
Includes extensive biography, album listings, discussion group.

 --> Ultimate Band List: Neil Young   [1997]
Artists Direct - Neil Young section.

 Uncle Joe's Record Guides:
 --> Buffalo Springfield   [1997]
 --> CSNY   [1997]
Neil's excerpt pages in "Uncle Joe" Benson's various record guides.

 --> Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews: Neil Young   [1997]
Most of Neil's albums reviewed. Links from there to the Buffalo Springfield and CSNY reviews.

 --> The WWW Music Database: Neil Young   [1997]
You can add comments and ratings for Neil's albums.

Missing Sites... The following site links are no longer working and will be removed at the next review. Please let us know if you have updated link information for any of them...)

 --> Great Canadians - Great Music   [1998]
Neil's page in this interesting database.

 -->   [1997]
Index to articles and info on Jam! Showbiz.

 --> Mr. Showbiz: Neil Young   [1997]
The Neil Young entry in the Mr.Showbiz Star Bios database.
 --> Neil & Crazy Horse pages   [1999]

 --> Red Sun   [2000]
A Chord & Tab archive alternative to It's All One Song.

 -->   [2001/01/21]
Lots of info for guitar players, with an occasional Neil focus.

 --> Taper's Almanac: Neil Young   [2000]

 --> Wall of Sound: Neil Young   [1997]
Neil's pages on the Wall of Sound site.

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