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Coconut Tree

Evening Coconut
"It's no secret, what everybody knows..."
(Archive 33: 12/2/99 - 1/13/00)

(Rumors, Sightings, Eavesdroppings)

The newest report comes first. Scrolling down takes you backward through time... Note that this report is a log of stuff posted to the Rust List, so some of it may not make a lot of sense when taken out of that context. Subscribe to the Rust List to get ALL of the info...

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Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 10:33:09 +0800
From: Michael Raney <mraney@mail.utexas.edu>
Subject: Semi-humorous Croz/Ethridge article

An article entitled David Crosby fails this studly test is in today's issue of the Austin American Statesman newspaper. Quoting the author:

"What was the celeb couple thinking when they locked in on the former guest of the Texas criminal justice system as the father, or at least sperm donor, for their offspring?"
The author goes on to compare Crosby to other possible donors including Puff Daddy, Ricky Martin, John Rocker, and...
Neil Young:
Upside: Smarter, crankier, and more creative than Crosby
Downside: Canadian

Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 15:03:11 -0500
Subject: Billy Talbot Band

After a great preview performance of the Billy Talbot Band at the legendary Old Princeton Landing, during our 1999 International RustFest, Billy and the boys have been honing their craft and working on other material. Now they're ready to go public as a working band. In a couple of weeks they'll be debuting in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The details, from the band's website:

Fri, Jan 28, 10:30pm
Paradise Lounge
308 11th Street
San Francisco, CA.
Sun, Jan 30, 7:30pm
153 Throckmorton Ave.
Mill Valley, CA.
Directions, etc, are available from that page.

Also on the page are MP3s of studio versions of two of Billy's songs. One of them has contributions from someone we all know...   :-)
. . . RE*AC*TOR

Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 11:12:21 -0400
From: Sean Palmerston <seanp@cujo2.icom.ca>
Subject: Looking Forward in Top 1000

There is an interesting article on the top selling records of 1999 in Canada, on Canada's Canoe Online. In that list, Looking Forward was ranked at the 819th spot on the top 1000. Ouch.

Canuck Sean

HyperRust Editor's Note: It should be mentioned that Looking Forward was released just 2 months before the end of the year...

Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 21:41:35 +0100
From: Joost Groen <jsg@xs4all.nl>
Subject: New Neil Tribute

Dutch band Hallo Venray has released a Neil Young tribute CD, called Roll Another Number. It's on Dutch Neil Young Fan Club chairman Jos Starmans' Inbetweens Records (IRCD007), the same label on which last year the magnificent two-CD tribute This Note's For You Too! was released.

I guess quite a few Rusties by now know this quite famous Dutch band, they have always indicated Neil as one of their prime inspirations and in my opinion they are one of the best bands to cover Neil songs. Their choice of songs (see set list below) is great, but they do generally tend to stick quite close to the originals. In 1996, they did a Marlboro flashback gig with only Neil songs, and a year later they played an astonishing set at the annual convention of the Dutch Neil Young Fan Club. Last year they contibuted Cortez The Killer to the This Note's For You Too! tribute. Later they decided to record a live gig for a full Neil Young tribute CD. And here it is.

Track list: Are You Ready For The Country / Cinnamon Girl / Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere/ Time Fades Away / Roll Another Number / The Losing End / Like A Hurricane / Hey Hey My My / Cortez The Killer/ Vampire Blues / Don't Cry No Tears / On The Beach.

A really cool new Neil Young tribute.

Take care all,
Joost, aka I am a child

PS: The CD was pressed in a limited edition, and -I think- it will not be available in shops. For those interested: it can be ordered from the Inbetweens website.

Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 12:05:24 -0800 (PST)
From: Cornell vanderWindt <cw101463@yahoo.com>
Subject: Buffalo Springfield a crown jewel

Right at this moment there is a radio program over here in Holland on Radio 2 called The Feeling of...1967 and it's playing Buffalo Springfield Again as the so-called "Crown Jewel" of the evening. This means that during the whole evening they'll be playing songs from this album.


Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 06:34:42 -0800 (PST)
From: Brent Hinson <brenthinson@yahoo.com>
Subject: Neil in another "100 Greatest" list

There is an article on Guitar.com about the 100 greatest guitar players of all time. Neil is #21. Here's what they say about him:

The godfather of grunge, Young is all message and no brown-paper wrapper. His naive guitar style carries an "I don't give a damn what you think" attitude that continues to free rock from its corporate leanings. Like the best blues men, he grabs one note and fills it with harsh tone and spit, in essence sounding a rallying cry to every DIY kid in America. It's his ability to infuse intensity and passion in his playing that has kept him so relevant in guitar circles.

Essential Album: Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Classic Moment: Cortez the Killer

A man of the people

Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 15:49:30 -0500
Subject: Neil bought by AOL

Assuming the Time Warner purchase by AOL meets approvals, this'll soon be the chain of corporate offices above Neil's recording contract:

I might have a step or two wrong in the middle there, but that top one is the ominous one....
. . . RE*AC*TOR

Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 11:29:52 -0500
Subject: More on Pickin' On CSNY

Here's the tracklist for the forthcoming Pickin' On Crosby Stills Nash & Young tribute CD:

  1. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
  2. Marrakesh Express
  3. Southern Man
  4. Wooden Ships
  5. Ohio
  6. Just a Song Before I Go
  7. Teach Your Children
  8. Wasted on the Way
  9. Till It Shines
  10. Cowgirl in the Sand
  11. Woodstock
  12. Pre-Road Downs
I guess Southern Man and Cowgirl are in there because they were performed on 4-Way Street. However both of those and Ohio were all on the Pickin' On Neil Young CD, so I wonder if these are different versions. Hopefully they aren't just re-using the same tracks from the other CD...
. . . RE*AC*TOR

Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 11:02:02 -0500
Subject: Under The Covers on DVD

Walked into Circuit City last Friday to see Graham Nash's face on a TV screen above the DVD players. Then saw I saw Henry Diltz, and realized that it had to be the Under The Covers documentary. Checked a nearby DVD player and found it was a DVD of the show playing.

Word was that the documentary would first be out on The Learning Channel in Feb, but apparently it's already out on DVD (though it's possible the DVD may have been one that's bundled with a DVD player purchase -- I didn't check the DVD sales shelves to see if it was offered for sale there). Y'all DVD-equipped folks may want to start looking for it now...
. . . RE*AC*TOR

Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2000 12:14:45 EST
From: two arm steve <spreadicated@hotmail.com>
Subject: Cheese does some New Years Neil

At their New Year's Eve show in Portland, String Cheese Incident busted out a medly of: Comes a Time (Garcia's version) > Comes a Time (Neil's version). I wasn't there, but I heard it was epic.

Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2000 11:12:13 -0500
Subject: Neil not in VH1 Top 100

VH1 has a list of the greatest 100 rock songs, based on an artist poll. The song that Neil bagged the Mr.Soul intro from (Satisfaction, by the Rolling Stones) was named #1.

No Neil songs made the list. They claim "Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, U2 and R.E.M. were shut out of the Top 100 for the reason: Voters couldn't decide on one song."

CSN's Suite: Judy Blue Eyes made the list at #51.
. . . RE*AC*TOR

Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 06:57:09 -0500
Subject: Reprise finally lists Neil album

I had written to Reprise a couple of times in the past mentioning to them how they had listed (in the "To Be Scheduled" section of their Upcoming Releases page)

Neil Young (boxed set)
but didn't have a line there for Neil's new studio album. I reminded them that their president Howie Klein had been talking about it publicly, so they really ought to at least have it in the "To Be Scheduled" section, as well.

Well, after more than a month, they finally added it, down near the bottom of the page. So for the moment, the existence of the album is "official" again (which of course doesn't mean that Neil won't change his mind again, though)...
. . . RE*AC*TOR

Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 01:41:25 +0100
From: Schoenstein Walter <SSW@crossair.ch>
Subject: YOTH on Swiss Big Screen


Year of the Horse will be on the big screen in Basel at Stadtkino on Jan. 13 and 14. They are doing a Jim Jarmusch works showing through January whith a special Tom Waits night at the end of the month. For details check their page, a meet me there!


Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 10:07:07 -0600
From: Nancy Jo Leachman <nancyjo@salpublib.org>
Subject: Neil-related Grammy Nominations

After The Gold Rush, sung by Emmylou Harris, Linda Rondstadt and Dolly Pardon, from the album TRIO II, is nominated for Best Country Collaboration With Vocals.

Nominated for Best Contempory Folk Album is Emmylou and Linda R's album Western Wall -- The Tucson Sessions. On that album, Neil plays harmonica and sings background vocals on two cuts.


Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 18:31:54 +0100
From: Ray Moon <patdc@club-internet.fr>
Subject: CS_Y on French TV

Canal Jimmy, a French TV channel, will broadcast on Tuesday 11 January 2000 at 1:00am the "Top Bab" interview with CROSBY, STILLS, ___ & YOUNG as special Guests!!! :)

I think this show was recorded when CS_Y were in Paris last October...
Ray"hectiqueGirl" m00n

Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2000 23:18:35 +0200
From: Michal <bdd@inter.net.il>
Subject: Lotta Neil on Israeli List

There's a "best albums of..." list thingie in an Israeli newspaper, written by a guy called Ron Miberg. His selection of his favourite 99 rock albums. Neil appears a few times (translated by moi)...

1969 - Buffalo Springfield Retrospective
The biological mother of the Californian folk-rock stream, with Steven Stills and Neil Young, founded by a traffic light where two cars of frustrated and homeless artists met. After few albums and many conflicts, you can't take the 60s hymn away from them - "What It's Worth For" (hahaha, that's what it says!)

1970 - After The Goldrush
Probably Neil Young's purest, rarest, most direct and best solo album. Faithful to his musical roots, moving from his background with the BS and into his shaky relationship with Crosby, Stills and Nash, Neil Young of ATGR was at the peak of his voice, composed big songs that didn't insist on becoming hits and played acoustic and electric guitars like he's never played before. The fact that his song challenging the chauvinist mentality of the southern man, Southern Man, triggered Lynyrd Skynyrd to reply with Sweet Home Alabama is the bonus.

1971 - CSNY 4 Way Street
In this live double album - divided into acoustic and electric sets - hides the only recording of the political Ohio in an LP (apart from Young's compilation album). The song was written by Young in 4 hours as a reaction to the student massacre in Kent State University by Nixon's soldiers. This, together with the rare focus of the four, makes 4 Way Street one of the biggest live albums of all time.

(my husband's comment: no DEJA VU!?!?!?!?)
1972 - Harvest (are we surprised?)
Merely one year after ATGR Neil Young decided to show that he too can, when he wants, have a hit song. The song was Heart of Gold. Not only was Young right and the song was a huge hit, it's also a good song, even though Young keeps running away from it even today.
(and I say: methinks somebody hasn't been listening to that many live shows, quick question: how many times has Neil sung HOG live? anybody? the answer is, according to Matt's Tour Statistics: 518!)
Young surrounded this necessary hit with typical Youngian songs like Alabama and TNATDD.
(typical huh? that explains why he has no Neil in his 80s list ;-)
1975 - Tonight's The Night
To say that Neil Young was sober when recording this screeching raw album in 75 (tsk tsk tsk) would be a huge exaggeration, plus Young insists on singing of drugs, hallucinations and friends lost along the way. Backed by Crazy Horse at its best, this is Young at one of his less communicative and rawer moments, and is an amazing memory of a night of spontaneous recording without later touches and an aggressive mix.
He mentions Neil again in 1992, the Bobfest thing. Actually, looking at his list now, he has 75 albums of his 99 favourites from the 60s and 70s...

Forgive my spelling mistakes :)
Standing at the edge of you

Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2000 15:33:30 -0600
From: Becky Cheney <cheney@seark.net>
Subject: Pickin On CSNY

Ever hear of this series? There are many, including Pickin' on... ...Dylan, ...Eagles, ...CCR, ...Neil Young, ...Springsteen. It's a bluegrass rendition of the songs....

Pickin' On Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Crosby/Stills/Nash (Tribute)
Various Artists - Country - Bluegrass, "Pickin' On" (Series)
Audio CD (January 25, 2000)
Number of Discs: 1
This item will be released on January 25, 2000.
No tracklist given.

Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2000 11:35:02 -0800
From: Michael A. Wilcox <conwilco@ix.netcom.com>
Subject: Neil on Discovery

Discovery People today had clips of Neil in interview segments on the feature program Rock and Roll Moments Included are clips of Buffalo Springfield's first network TV performance (singing Mr. Soul) and CSNY in 1977 doing Teach Your Children.

The Neil Young appearance is naturally interesting... He recollects how Mr. Soul was written for Otis Redding, and was to have been included on a album by Redding, to be released around the time of his untimely death.

Happy Millennium.........mike

Date: Fri, 31 Dec 1999 12:59:38 +0100
From: Alex Kaliwoda <neilfans@vienna.at>
Subject: Editor wishes for some Neil

In Austria, the most important weekly newsmagazine is PROFIL. Its chief editor, Christian Sailer, includes Neil in his editorial titled Pious wishes - Twelve New Years addresses.

11. We want a new record by Neil Young. One which is as good as Mirrorball with the guys from Pearl Jam, but at least as good as Sleeps With Angles. That would be fine.
Thank you Mr. Seiler, I'll play Old King for you and your dog.

Can you consider such a thing in the editorial of the New York Times???

I'm proud to be living in a country were Neil is a topic of the turn-of-the-century edition...

Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 13:11:27 EST
From: Fmills3@aol.com
Subject: Mojo Covers Bridge

New January ish of Mojo has a nice full page review, with photos, of Bridge '99. It appears to be just reviewing one of the two days.
Old Pueblo Flyer

Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 11:22:46 -0500
Subject: More on PJ Christmas Single

SonicNet reports on a Boston radio station playing the new PearlJam fan club "Christmas Single". (Last year's single was Last Kiss.)

The station's music director describes Drifting, the new song:

"It's basically just Eddie Vedder with acoustic guitar and harmonica," he said. "It's very Neil Young-ish," added Green, who also compared the sound to Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska (1982).
. . . RE*AC*TOR

Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 13:25:43 -0500
From: Doriann <frc2@cloud9.net>
Subject: Post puts LF in Top 10

The New York Post lists their Top 10 cd's of the year. Here's #8:

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

The partnership of David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash and Neil Young remains one of the best-loved relics in popular music. CSN&Y's Looking Forward is an outstanding collection that proves the graying musicians are still able to deliver the vocal harmonies that were key to their music. The opening song, Faith In Me is a love song -- sung to a ska rhythm -- with lyrics that could as easily be about longtime lovers as about the bandmates and their affection for one other.

In the old days, CSN&Y boxed with politics, social commentary and declarations of love in lyrics layered with double meanings. This album honors its predecessors.

Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 11:20:45 -0800 (PST)
From: Cornell vanderWindt <cw101463@yahoo.com>
Subject: Allanah did some Neil

Yesterday I watched the French music channel Muzzik. They showed a performance by Alanah Miles from the Montreux Jazz Festival of 1994 (I think). Alanah ended her show with the first bit of After The Goldrush, which directly went into a rocking version of Southern Man. That was a nice surprise for a Sunday afternoon.


Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 17:29:12 -0500
From: remedy@ici.net
Subject: Rust Comp makes Top-20 list

Hey there Rusties,
In the Spin Magazine Year End Lists (of best albums and shows), check out the 4th selection from the bottom of the list of Twenty Favorite Records picked by Tom Kielty (Spin.com writer)...

Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 18:28:10 -0800 (PST)
From: Jarett Griguts <xamiche@yahoo.com>
Subject: Pokemon, better keep your head

I was flipping through the radio stations this morning and I heard a familiar tune being played during the JohnBoy and Billy radio show (it's a Southern thing). They were playing something that was apparently some kind of spoof about Pokemon. It was being sung to the music for Southern Man!

I was cracking up so hard I couldn't really make out much of the lyrics.

Rust in peace,

Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 17:23:14 -0500
From: RonN <rnusca@globalserve.net>
Subject: Canadian Tape/CDR Tax is back

For all Canadian Rusties.......

The Levy/Tax on recording media to collect lost artist royalties in Canada was announced today. This is the levy (discussed in January) that caused a run on CDRs last New Years when it was announced the tax on CDRs would be $2 per disc. Many of us signed petitions at the time. After withdrawing the levy in January for more study they are back again. The levy is lower now though...

Analog Audio Cassette Tapes
(40 minutes or longer)
23.3 cents per tape
MiniDiscs, Audio CDRs
and Audio CDRW
60.8 cents per CD/disc
"Data" CDR and CDRW 5.2 cents per CD
The levy will be collected at the manufacturing level so will be included in the price of a disc or tape when we buy it in a store. Of course, since the levy is in the price, we will have to pay Sales Tax on the Levy too. I don't know when the levy will hit, but stores will still have stock of recording media without the levy in it for now.


Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 09:14:55 -0800
From: Chris Horn <CHorn@qrs.com>
Subject: Neil in the Top-10

KFOG had a couple of editors from the SF Chronicle who put togther the Top 100 Bay Area's All-Time Best Bands poll together on the air this morning. They revealed the top 10 (as voted by readers) and I was only half listening (not writing them down).

My ears did perk up when I heard "#5 NEIL YOUNG".

The DJ's gave out a 'Yeah' for Neil, the only such response during the countdown. The complete readers and critics lists will be published/online this Sunday 12/19.

CW Cannoneer

Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 07:01:17 EST
From: MrBtee@aol.com
Subject: V-roys cover Neil

According to the Exit 0 list (from the V-roys):

The V-roys are winding down a six year career with the release of their final album, Are You Through Yet?. The project is being released independently by the band, with the good graces of the band's former label E-Squared Records. The CD is available at the band's website.

The V-roys are proud to have produced an independent project which captures the excitement and energy of a live V-roys performance. Are You Through Yet? was recorded over a two-night stand at the world renowned Down Home club in Johnson City, Tennessee this past summer. The record contains 17 songs, including the V-roys' classics, as well as a few choice covers such as Neil Young's Motion Pictures, The La's There She Goes, and the Replacements' IOU.

Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 10:43:16 -0500
From: Phil Maxfield <philm@millennia3.com>
Subject: Neil in another Top-100

Entertainment Weekly magazine ranks our boy as number 73 in its list of the top 100 entertainers (i.e., not just musicians) of the 20th Century.

High Octane

Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 10:22:43
From: Carl Armbruster <carmbruster@stl-inc.com>
Subject: Neil in another Top-50

Yesterday's Sunday Newark Star-Ledger included Neil on its list of the top 50 songwriters of the past century. Here is what they had to say about our man:

Neil Young (1945-). Dylan-influenced but thoroughly his own man, Young is adept at both delicate, folky material and muscular grunge-fests. Ever restless, he has tried his hand at country, rockabilly, techno, blues and other genres, with universally listenable results and quite a few classics along the way.

Notable songs: Heart of Gold, Cinnamon Girl, Rockin' in the Free World.

The complete list can be viewed on the web.

barrel of laughs

Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 10:05:03 PST
From: joe hancock <joely8@hotmail.com>
Subject: Mother Hips takes Neil request

I got to see the Mother Hips play their 700th show at La Salles in Chico, California on Saturday. It was a kick-ass show. For those that have never heard of them, they are a totally good rock band. They are very Neilish. They currently reside in San Fransisco but play clubs all over the west coast.

Anyways, they were at La Salles for the 700th time on Sat and lit up the place. For me the highlight of the show was when I called out for some Neil, and lead singer Tim Bluhm looked, smiled, and a couple of songs later played Mr Soul. Damn, it got the place rockin!

"from the rusted fringe"

Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 17:26:20 -0600
From: Mike Van Handel <mvanhandel@students.wisc.edu>
Subject: Another poll

Vote for Neil Young as Artist of the Century on the Rolling Stone website.

They've also got his After the Goldrush album listed as a nomination for Album of the Century, so vote for that too.

Let's move him up the list!

Mike Van Handel

Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 14:07:24 -0800 (PST)
From: Craig Wiss <crw20@yahoo.com>
Subject: Looking Forward Commercial

As I was watching VH1 the other night I saw an interesting commercial for the Looking Forward album. Interesting to say the least. I thought it was a joke at first. It shows all four cruising around NYC in a car as Looking Forward plays. Then you see them walking the streets, and Nash doing tricks in his wheelchair. It made them look really old.

At first I thought it was a Saturday Night Live skit...


Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 19:31:17 -0800
From: Terry Durst <infinbd@megsinet.net>
Subject: PJ Harvey on Neil

In the new Rolling Stone on page 65, PJ Harvey says:

"...Rock music, however, couldn't be a religion. I couldn't imagine worshiping rock music. Maybe a Neil Young song...."
Major Arc of the Infinity Board

Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 12:32:07 -0500
Subject: Ragged Glory TONIGHT

Just a reminder that the Crazy Horse tribute band Ragged Glory, featuring at least one list-active Rustie, is playing tonight at the Cove, in Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio.

There's actually a pretty cool newspaper article about them on-line in the Star Beacon. The article is written by Rustie Lonely Runway, but don't blame him for the screwey headline they put over it...
. . . RE*AC*TOR

Date: Wed, 08 Dec 1999 21:54:49 +0100
From: Andre Terhorst <aterh@casema.net>
Subject: Dutch mag full of Neil

There's a new Dutch music magazine on the market: Aloha. It's pretty much comparable to the UK magazine Mojo (same style, same focus on similar kind bands that are featured in there). This second issue (Dec.99/Jan 00) features quite a lot of Neil!

BTW: In the sixties there also was a magazine called Aloha. At that time, it focused much on 'progressive' music from that time (Pretty Things, Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane, Doors, etc). It seems this magazine has at least the same good taste.

Oh yeah, before anyone asks: It's all in Dutch.

Keep on Reading in the Free World.....

Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 20:49:05 EST
From: NeAlhadeff@aol.com
Subject: Neil in 2 more mags

CSNY are the cover feature of the new issue of Discoveries. This newspaper/magazine is very similar to Goldmine, with comparable features, articles, and ads (in fact, it was recently bought by Goldmine's publisher). I found mine in Borders yesterday.

I bought a second magazine at Borders yesterday, too: Fast Company, the "Rolling Stone of business magazines." Imagine my surprise as I'm flipping through the pages of an article on "people who give back", to find a full page profile on Neil and Pegi Young!! These guys pop up in the oddest places!


Date: Wed, 08 Dec 1999 10:24:32 -0500
From: Jason Taylor <jason@sprint.ca>
Subject: Neil in Canadian Poll

As much as I hate those silly polls, there's one that is starting to get on my nerves. The Canadian web site Canoe, which is one of the major Canadian sites for news and entertainment on the web, has a poll for the best music artist of the century.

Will some of you please go and vote? Neil is holding in at fourth place, but I am sure if a lot of Rusties voted he would jump to first place.

Jason Taylor

Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 00:38:53 +0900
From: Hiro Nishiyama <hhiirroo@tkb.att.ne.jp>
Subject: YOTH on DVD!

Year of the Horse has now been released in Japan in DVD format. I got one for myself, but I've got no deck... : (

Hiro Nishiyama
one of Ordinary People
(aka DRIFTER from Japan)

Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 20:01:49 EST
From: NRAIV@aol.com
Subject: REM gives away some Neil

My eagerly awaited REM Fan Club 1999 holiday package arrived today. Included was the annual holiday single. This year it's Country Feedback and Ambulance Blues from October 18, 1998 -- last year's Bridge Benefit show.

The cardboard cover reads "REM with help from Neil Young" and inside it says "this was definitely one of the highlights of our career".

Excellent sound - better than my tapes of the shows - crisp and clean like they're right here playing in my living room. Two of my favourite songs from two of my favourite artists. Great stuff.

breakers crash on the beach

Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 00:51:05 -0200
From: tomecris.voy@zaz.com.br (Carlos Thomaz do Prado Lima Albornoz)
Subject: Brasilian singer name checks Neil

An information you'd love to know...

A brasilian singer, Wander Wildner, has included a verse about Neil Young on his new record... The album is called Buenos Dias. In a song called Refroes, he sings about his friends and musical idols. In the middle of the song he sings, in English:

It's the only non-Brasilian artist he sings about...


Date: Sun, 5 Dec 1999 20:27:16 -0600
From: Chuck King <cking@minn.net>
Subject: Neil stuff on DVD

Looks like Neil is finally going to show up on DVD. Anchor Bay has announced the release of Where the Buffalo Roam on this medium. The street date is 1/11/00.

"Moe the Sleaze"

Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 16:21:56 -0000
From: Declan Keenaghan <Declan_Keenaghan@AMT-Sybex.com>
Subject: Neil in Kurt's NME in MOJO

This month's MOJO (Pink Floyd on the cover) has a piece on some new Nirvana photographs that some guy has released. There is one photo of Kurt Cobain sitting backstage reading New Music Express. If you turn the photo upsidedown you can see he's reading an article about one of Neil's 93 shows (I think it's the Phoenix Festival in London?)

Anyway, Neil is everywhere!

DK aka Lionel Switch

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