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Everybody Knows This Is rust@death
A Neil Young Tribute (1995)

Cover of Everybody Knows This Is rust@death

This is the second Neil Young tribute compilation, where members of the Rust List perform Neil's songs. Last year's tribute was rust@death Never Sleeps, with 24 songs. This year's has 21 more contributions (only one song from r@dNS) by many of the folks who contributed to r@dNS, as well as several from newcomers or from those who missed out last time.

Here's the track list for EKTIr@d:

   SIDE A (45:15 including breaks)
    2:58  Cinnamon Girl                   (Chuck Singer)
    3:02  Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Shakey)
    3:23  Pocahontas                      (Southern Man)
    4:08  Pardon My Heart                 (Pariah)
    3:00  Flying On The Ground Is Wrong   (Kato)
    3:03  Little Wing                     (Xfmr Man)
    7:35  On The Beach                    (Wesman)
    3:33  Stringman                       (Shakey)
    3:50  Campaigner                      (Steve House)
    4:05  Long May You Run                (Xfmr Man)
    5:45  Down By The River               (Pariah)

   SIDE B (45:10 including breaks)
    3:08  The Losing End                  (Kato)
    4:56  Bound For Glory                 (Lone Red Rider)
    4:44  From Hank To Hendrix            (Andrew Pruette)
    3:35  Days That Used To Be            (Ram>Rod)
    6:33  Love To Burn                    (Shakey)
    6:00  Crime In The City               (Frode Fjeld)
    4:36  Ohio                            (John Meckley)
    4:00  Trans Am                        (Steve Vetter)
    1:41  Box Car                         (Kimmo)
    5:20  Cowgirl In The Sand             (Kato)

        Produced by David RE*AC*TOR Lybrand

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