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Piece Of Crap - The Internet Single

featuring Kato & The POCettes

March 20, 1996 was the 27th anniversary of Neil Young's first recording session with Crazy Horse - the day that Cinnamon Girl was recorded. To mark the occasion, the members of the Rust List have released the first "Internet Single", from the Sleeps With rust@death Rust Tribute.

The song is Piece Of Crap (originally performed by Neil On the Sleeps With Angels album.

If all you want to do now is to download the song, see the bottom of this page now.

The Details

The song is performed mostly by John Kato Kitamura, who's contributed quite a few innovative interpretations of Neil's songs on the various Rust tributes. This time he does it mostly Neil's way, but with a twist: he gets help from Rusties all over the Internet world.

Those who have heard the song know that there are a number of places where "the chorus" contributes a key phrase to the song. In each of those places, Kato has brought in guest performers who have literally "mailed it in". Most of the contributions were sent to him via email, though a few were actually left on his answering machine! But it all works, and it works well, in the humble opinion of this Rusty...

Those contributers have been dubbed the The POCettes, and are, in order of appearance:

  • Zain Patel (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  • Stephen Bishop (Boerne, Texas, USA)
  • Ruben The Great Bullfighter Javier Arellano (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
  • Derek Stray Gator Dickson (Tucson, Arizona, USA)
  • Chuck Moe The Sleaze King (Champlin, Minnesota, USA)
  • Simon Hepworth (Liverpool, England)
  • Christian Uncle Matilda Zeiser (Hamburg, Germany)
  • Paul Ram>Rod Spiel (Langhorne, Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Serge Gironnay (Paris, France)
  • Mike Lost Dog Currie (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
  • Derek Dickson's son Zack, age 3 (Tucson, Arizona, USA)
  • Dave Youngberg (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
Truely an international (and intergenerational :-) effort...

Get Yourself a Piece of Crap!

The Kato & The POCettes version of Piece of Crap is a stereo PCM audio file, 8-bit sampled at 22K samples per second. It's in ".WAV" format, playable by most all multimedia-equipped workstations. The length of the song is 3:19.

The file is just under 9 Megabytes in size, so if you're behind a telephone link be prepared to wait a while for it to download!

Get it from here.

Or from here.

Or from here. (that one's gone away...)

A "Lo-Fi" non-stereo ".au" file version of it that is much smaller is available from here.

Thanx to...

A big thanx to the folks who have hosted the single on their sites...
  • Frode Fjeld (frodef@stud.cs.uit.no)

  • Roland Parviainen (d94-rpn@sm.luth.se)

  • Derek Stray Gator Dickson (stryg8r@rtd.com)
Another big thanx to Kato for putting the song together for us.

And thanx much to all of the POCettes, who took the time to contribute to this project.


On the day of release, this review was posted to rust@death by long-time Rusty Old Laughing Lady...
From: pshurtz@autodesk.com (Patricia Shurtz)
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 96 09:52:37 PST
Subject: Re: RELEASED: Piece Of Crap - The Internet Single

I heard it on my Sun,
My neigbors had to run,
I yelled, Don't worry son,
It's just a Piece of Crap (Piece of Crap)

Well, I shut my office door,
and I played it once more,
I was rolling on the floor,
I love this Piece of Crap (Piece of Crap)

Worth the wait until the last,
When little Zack belts out his blast,
It was over way too fast,
Thanks! Kato for this Piece of Crap (PIECE OF CRAP!!)

Old Laughing Lady

And this was posted there a couple of days later...
From: Nomore1@aol.com
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996 17:59:04 -0500
Subject: POC

Got on the internet
found something to download
when the file was done
it was a piece of crap

looked for something new
nothing else to do
when i tried it out
it was a piece of crap

found POC.wav
took forever to download
when I played it back
it was a GREAT PIECE OF RUST!!!!!!!!

good work guys - it took forever at 14,400 BAUD but was worth it (I might add the online time was free). Still - a great piece of work - many thanks


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