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Sacred Roots

featuring Sacred Roots
Cover of Sacred Roots

Sacred Roots is the first album from the "Cross-Internet" Neil Young cover band Sacred Roots. The members of the band, all long-time members of the Rust List, are:

  • Chuck Mr. Chuck Singer (CHUCK@goofy.interface.com)
  • Paul (no handle)Gase (DLFK91A@prodigy.com)
  • Ritchie XFMR Man Hand (r.hand@genie.com)
  • Paul RAM>ROD Spiel (spielp@bucks.edu)
All have also contributed to the various rust@death tributes described on the other pages of this section.

The songs on this tribute album are:

  • The Losing End
  • Love Is A Rose
  • For the Turnstiles
  • I Believe in You
  • Berlin
  • Computer Cowboy
  • See The Sky
  • Shots
The first distribution of this album co-incided with the distribution of the Sleeps With rust@death tribute album, via a rust-list tape tree.

Here a few other details about the album, courtesy of Paul Gase:

  • Which *SR* members do what? (instuments, vocals, etc.)
    Vocals for each song...
    The Losing End: Rich Hand
    Love Is A Rose: Mr. Chuck
    For The Turnstiles: Ram>Rod, Rich Hand
    I Believe in You: Rich Hand
    Berlin: Ram>Rod
    Computer Cowboy: Mr. Chuck
    See The Sky: Rich Hand
    Shots: Mr. Chuck, Rich Hand
    We all play guitar on it.
    Mr. Chuck and I handled the bass and percussion.
    Chuck did keys, strings and generally Geoff Emericked the whole thing.
  • Who is the lady on the insert? Anne?
    :-D It's my MOM! She met Neil backstage at last year's Farm Aid!!! I told her she was toast if she didn't bring back a picture or an autograph.
  • Anne Henriksen did the neato liner notes.

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