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Glasgow, Scotland, June 10, 2001

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The Confirmed Set List
  1. Don't Cry No Tears
  2. I've Been Waiting For You
  3. Love And Only Love
  4. Piece Of Crap
  5. Going Home   [new this tour]
  6. Hold You In My Arms   [new this tour]
    Solo/Acoustic set:
  7. From Hank To Hendrix
  8. Don't Let It Bring You Down
  9. Pocahontas
  10. After The Goldrush   [on pump organ]
    With Crazy Horse again:
  11. Only Love Can Break Your Heart   [first half of song done solo]
  12. Standing In The Light Of Love   [new this tour]
  13. Gateway Of Love   [new this tour]
  14. Hey Hey My My
  15. Like A Hurricane
  16. Fuckin' Up

Glasgow, Scotland, June 10, 2001

early report from Dave

Well, I just arrived back here in Aberdeen after a 3+ hours drive from Glasgow, so this'll be short 'n' sweet...

This man never ceases to amaze me. He tells us he'll not play anything new 'cause of the 'net, and here we go with FOUR new songs. "Change you're mind" indeed....

Almost had a tear in my eye when he played the new song When I Hold You In My Arms (or This Life, or whatever it ends up being called). Truly beautiful.


Neil looked a little bit annoyed after the encore, F#***n' Up. He just picked up his shirt, slung it over his shoulder and stomped off stage, not even a wave.

Earlier, during the acoustic set, he mixed up his guitars and didn't look happy. Then during the encore, Poncho's guitar screwed up and he had to change halfway through, but Neil didn't seem to mind -- in fact he was kinda laughing most of the way through the song. Funny how it ended though.

Throughout the electric part of the show, the whole band were really up for it, you could see that straight away. They rocked the hell out of POC and HHMM.

Loved hearing I've Been Waiting For You. When was the last time he played that in concert? (Don't say "Sheffield", smart ass... :-)

The music playing over the Speakers at the end was Greensleeves!!!

Definitely the best show I've seen him at, bar none. Awesome

It was also great to see all the Rusties at the solid rock cafe. Too many to mention individually, but I have to mention the "overseas" contingent - fRed Sun, Mike Currie, TLE, Doug & Louise, Michael & Pauline Mulanix. It's really great to put faces to the Names at last.


Dave.....with my carbine

Glasgow, Scotland, June 10, 2001

review by Andy McKellan

I have just returned from the SECC in Glasgow, having just seen Neil & Crazy Horse in action.

The support band was UNAMERICAN, who were actually quite good. They got a good reception from the assembling crowd who were eager to see Neil and the gang.

Crazy Horse opened with Don't Cry No Tears, followed by I've Been Waiting For You and then Love And Only Love. At this stage I thought they had bypassed Piece of Crap, but there it was next in line. POC is not a big favourite of mine, and my opinion of it did not improve with this rendition.

It was followed by two new songs which I thought were really good. Especially the one (presumably) titled Going Home. It was followed by (presumed title) When I Hold You In My Arms.

The acoustic set was up next with superb versions of Hank To Hendrix, Dont Let It Bring You Down, Pocahontas, and After The Goldrush (on pump organ). The final acoustic song was Only Love Can Break Your Heart where Crazy Horse rejoined Neil in the middle of the song.

Back to the electric stuff -- up next were another two new songs: Standing In The Light of Love and Gateway of Love (again presumed titles). I thought both songs were very good, especially Gateway of Love. It got a good reception from the crowd.

The new songs were followed by Hey Hey My My -- a blistering version which really brought the house down. It lead into the earthquake start to Like A Hurricane where the organ is lowered from the rafters. Again a blistering version of this old favourite.

At this point Neil & Crazy Horse left the stage, only to return and give us F*&%*%N Up. During this song Poncho was seen to give Billy Talbot a huge shove in the back, upon which Billy turned round and gave Poncho the single finger salute. I don't know if this was just play acting or not but when the song finished Neil ushered them off stage and the lights went up very quickly. End of show.

That part was a little disappointing as I knew at Sheffield he did another two songs. So it made me wonder if there was a bit of agro between Poncho and Billy...

Neil only said "How ya doin'" twice, and that was the total of his conversation with the very enthusiastic audience. I enjoyed the show but I felt it wasn't as good as five years ago -- the sound wasn't as clear as last time, and I felt at the end Neil was desperate to get off stage. Maybe I'm wrong. It would be interesting to hear what others thought of the night.

Andy McKellan   "Chaos Rains"

Glasgow, Scotland, June 10, 2001

end-of-show report by Andrew Byrom

Another great show, but spoiled by the abrupt ending. Not sure what went on but they really fucked up Fuckin' Up. It virtually broke down completly in the middle, only for Neil to start it up again -- and then he did this extordinary rant. I have never seen him look so pissed off. It really was quite bizarre, it almost sounded like he was so cross that he was unable to form words correctly!

At the end of the song Billy, Poncho and Neil stood stock still in front of the riser for a about 90 seconds holding a note. Neil then virtually ripped the strings off Old Black and more or less threw it onto the stand. Then he threw his shirt over his shoulder and stormed off without even a wave (in complete contrast to Sheffield where he was waving to all corners of the arena like a Gladiator).

Quite what prompted this behaviour is anyone's guess. Neil obviously wasn't happy during Hurricane, because the Sheffield performance ran to nearly 18 minutes, whereas last night's was only 12. Also they were off the stage before the encore for quite a while, far longer than all the gaps put together in Sheffield.

The rest of the show was outstanding. The new songs again were superb. Going Home is going to be a classic song.

The other thing I have noticed about these two shows is how superbly well some of the older stuff is being played. Powderfinger on Saturday was just sublime. The same can be said for HHMM, which last night was the best version I have seen Neil do.

Andrew Byrom