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Sheffield Arena
Sheffield, England
June 9, 2001

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The Confirmed Set List
  1. Sedan Delivery
  2. Piece Of Crap
  3. Love And Only Love
  4. I've Been Waiting For You
  5. Standing In The Light Of Love   [NEW SONG]
  6. Going Home   [NEW SONG]
  7. Hold You In My Arms   [NEW SONG]
    Solo/Acoustic set:
  8. From Hank To Hendrix
  9. Don't Let It Bring You Down
  10. Pocahontas
  11. After The Goldrush   [on pump organ]
    With Crazy Horse again:
  12. Hey Hey My My
  13. Gateway Of Love   [NEW SONG]
  14. Powderfinger
    Encore 1
  15. Like A Hurricane
    Encore 2
  16. Fuckin' Up
  17. Cortez The Killer
  18. Cinnamon Girl

Sheffield Arena
Sheffield, England, June 9, 2001

early report by Malc Brooks

Just got back from the Sheffield gig -- most excellent show. The support band, Unamerican, were very good too.

There was the odd false start, but otherwise a wonderful night. Included 4 new songs!

New song 1's opening riff reminded me a bit of Drive Back. The song was okay.

New song 2 had a Native American feel, the opening line talking about "Custer's Last Stand". Musically I was rmeinded of the music typically used in old Westerns when the Injuns did their war dance. But it was a great song.

New song 3 is a love song featuring Neil switching between piano and then guitar for the solos. This song is beautiful, and was the highlight of the whole show for me.

New song 4 is a sort of understated Neil guitar epic, excellent but still needs a bit of work. It should improve with each show.

Time for bed now me thinks.
Regards, Malc

Sheffield Arena
Sheffield, England, June 9, 2001

brief report by Andrew Byron & Mark Golley

Show ran for just over two hours.....stunning!

About the new Songs:

A Spinal Tap Moment: The organ was lowered for Hurricane, but refused to go all the way back up. Poncho had to shuffle along the stage to be seen. Neil did not look happy with his road-eyes.

Piece of Crap: Not sure how many times this has been played, but pretty cool to hear.

I've Been Waiting for You: First time in thirty years, I think? Even with the false start (Neil said it was too fast) it sounded excellent.

Before Love and Only Love, Neil appeared to play the theme from Where The Buffalo Roam.

At one point between songs he seemed to play a bit of Dead Man.

Thank-you and goodnight. Long drive to Glasgow tommorow.

Andrew Byrom & Mark Golley

Sheffield Arena
Sheffield, England, June 9, 2001

review by Frank Keegan

If ever a show proved that, no matter how good tapers get (and they can be pretty good), there is no substitute for being there.

Unamerican did a really good support and were well received, but of course everyone was waiting for Neil and the band.

The opening song was as sure a bet as Labour winning the election. But that was that was the only predictable thing of the night.

I'll leave full show reports to those who are much better at it than me. But I have got to mention the new song Going Home. I was convinced this was a previous classic that I had somehow missed over the years. It couldn't possibly be new -- because it sounded as though they'd played it all their lives. But of course, new it is, and what a stunner.

Several reports have mentioned the excellence of the guitar work in that song. That's true, of course, but equal to that was Ralph's drumming. The opening verse dealt with Custer's last stand, and the drumming conjured up for me an Indian Wardance prior to battle.

I want so much to hear that song again and again...

The acoustic set was a treat, and eased us down perfectly from the opening. It also set us up nicely for the remaining tour de force.

You had to experience Like A Hurricane. Certainly my words nor can't adequately describe it. Being inside a jet engine and hearing its revving -- whilst hearing a lone voice somewhere inside, eerily repeating a familiar line over and over -- is the only way I can think of to describe it. It was a huge experience. When it finished, my wife (seeing Neil for the first time) said that there was no way he'd come back -- how could he top it?

Experience with other shows suggested he'd come back and try. Come back he did! And he completed a remarkable show with our old favourites.

Then back into the night and the rain for the long and slow drive home over the Pennines. We listened to OPL shows for company -- a debt we owe to our taping friends.

Needless to say, anyone with THIS show: there is a good home waiting for it here...