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Hollywood Palladium
Los Angeles, California, March 1, 2001
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The Confirmed Set List
  1. Sedan Delivey
  2. Hey, Hey, My My (Into the Black)
  3. Love And Only Love
  4. Cinammon Girl
  5. Fuckin' Up
  6. Cortez The Killer
  7. Like a Hurricane

Hollywood Palladium
Los Angeles, California, March 1, 2001

review by Bobzilla

God damn it, Crazy Horse is the best band there is right now. I don't know that I could call them (or anyone) the greatest of all time, but if there is a better rock and roll band on the planet right at this second, I need to hear about it.

Although tonight's set was way too short (I'm guessing an hour, didn't clock it), it was to the point, and fierce. They played mostly familiar songs (gotta love that Sedan Delivery opener), but by contrast to the 96 Forum show, they cut off the noise bombs at the ends very abruptly. You could call it "A good set for a festival type crowd". Though not my dream setlist, if he's gotta play the hits these were the ones I want to hear - Cinnamon Girl, Like A Hurricane, etc. That Hurricane was a CHAMPIONSHIP version -- one of the only ones that didn't stop short tonight.

The Horse looks great. The sight of Billy Talbot rocking out is one of my favorite things.

My fears about Palladium sound & general unpleasantness were exaggerated. Although Thelonious Monster sounded awful, the Horse was crisp & clean sounding. Up front, but the bass was a little low in the mix -- otherwise perfect.

Besides waiting in a long line & having to surrender my Benadryl to the security, which I believe is comprised of off-duty Prison Guards and Secret Service agents, I had no problem getting in & situating myself in about the 6th row just to the right of Neil. I even managed to skip out for a drink after T Monster's set.

Although too short to be completely satisfying, it was just great while it lasted.


Hollywood Palladium
Los Angeles, California, March 1, 2001

fight & dog report by nick

things got a bit messy during cortez as a fight started to break out a couple of people from me. it erupted big as hurricane started, but was soon broken up by the bouncers. great fun though. that's a first for me at a neil show. really helped get everyone going!

after the show i had a chilli spicy polish dog with bacon at Pinks. perfect end to a scrappy night!


Hollywood Palladium
Los Angeles, California, March 1, 2001

review by The DJ's Daughter Laurie

Yowza! Watch it! The Horse might spook YOU!

I gotta agree with Bobzilla: sound was great, songs were done perfect (Cinnamon Girl was pure beauty), and The Horse just plain ROCKED! It was VERY loud, especially in that place. (For those of you who don't know what the Palladium is like, it's like being in a great big ballroom.)

I totally wanted to hear Sedan Delivery, and it opened the show. That was a big pleaser in my mind! There I was, the third person from the stage, front and center. Neil was about ten feet away. "Big Head Bill" was the guy in front of me, and because of that, I had to look at Neil almost all the time. (It was really hard to comfortably watch Billy and Frank 'cause I had to strain my head around the big headed guy.)

I became star struck about three or four times. There were times during extended jams or solos where I just gazed at Neil, teary eyed, in disbelief that he was actually that close, doin his thing. Every time Neil went to a solo, he was really there in the moment. Like, I could see a change in his face when he went from singing a verse to playing the solo. WOW.

Billy was really getting into Cortez tonight. Hurricane, too. With Frank on the keyboards, Billy and Neil just jammed together -- it was like poetry.

As much as I wanted to hear Sedan Delivery, my favorite song tonight was Fuckin Up. I rocked out so hard to that! I mean, it was so loud, and the band was so into it. Neil was pounding on Old Black, Frank was rocking back and forth, Billy was smilin. The crowd around me didn't hardly move, but I was rockin out hard, waving my fist in the air, bangin my head. It was an awesome feeling. I wanna do it again.

Hmmmmmm...I wonder what else Neil's planning on doing while he's here?

Other things that happened: Spoke briefly to Elliot. I was with Dennis, the lead singer of the Heart of Gold Neil tribute band. We walked up to Elliot and Dennis gave him the band's card. I said, "Why don't you show that to Neil? He'll get a kick out of it." Elliot goes, "Right on, kids!"

Saw loads of Rusties. We were all over the place. The pre-show fest was pretty fun. They just make Neil concerts better, don't they, guys? :-)

Rust On!
The DJ's Daughter

Hollywood Palladium
Los Angeles, California, March 1, 2001

review by Rick proto-Rustie Shearer

Hi Rusties, I guess Bobzilla and the DJ's Daughter don't need to sleep much. It's still not 7am yet in California and their reviews are already posted. So you know a lot about the show already: 55 minutes short, and no long endings except for LAH.

So far everyone I talked to said the sound was good. I opted for closeness. If you've seen me you know I'm only 5 1/2 feet tall and if I had tried to stand with the other Rusties I wouldn't have seen much. So I went over to the Neil side and grabbed a spot on the front railing well before Thelonius Monster played. I opted for the visual, but got shitty sound. But you know -- it was a short show and up to now I've never been closer than Section triple X, row ZZ, so I was happy.

From my vantage point I was able to give Poncho the finger during F**kin Up, could see all the wrinkles, could watch Neil's foot hitting the buttons on that red platform on the floor, see his facial expressions. All that good stuff. I enjoyed it a lot, but I was in front of a bank of speakers and it was very distorted.

I was surrounded by young women. THAT was a plus. Beautful blond, tattooed love girl, morenas with nose rings, and they were all grooving and swaying. It was real nice.

The fight broke out on Poncho's side. Neil's side, where I was, was very mellow. From my limited perspective, NY&CH got a lotta love. Speaking of firsts, someone threw a bra towards the stage. (I couldn't see who removed it, damn it.) Only it didn't make it. It landed in no-man's land, where only security pukes and camera bugs could be. The stupid security guys just kicked it under the stage. One of them should have relayed it onto the stage just to see if it got a reaction.

So he played Sedan Delivery, HHMM and LAOL on Old Black. Very distorted for me. Needed the ear plug in the ear turned towards the speakers. Then he switched to the gold top for Cinammon Girl. The sound was down a little and much cleaner, ear plug out. At the end of CG he sustained the last note for a while and took it straight into F**Kin Up. Very rockin', but no rap at the end.

Stayed on the gold top for Cortez. Also very clean, but it reached some loud crescendos. Then back to Old Black for LAH. Strobe lights and sonic workout, string ripping and all that good stuff. Poncho on some sort of whitewashed organ. When they got the the rave up parts with Billy and Neil just stomping and making a holy racket, the sonic compression from the bank of speakers made my pants vibrate. I didn't even have to move my feet. My pants were moving me. It was a knockout. Very cool. A stunner for many people.

He walked off, gave a wave, did a two handed gesture from his chest, kind of like saying this is from the heart, then a thumbs up and was gone. I was beating on the metal restraining wall for an encore, but the drums were gone in 30 seconds so I went off to find some Rusties.

Speaking of Rusties, we had a good Palladium Fest at a pub called the Cat and Fiddle or was it the Cow and Fiddle? Rusties I recognized included Mike Cordova, Keith Haman and buddy John, Arnold Levin the party animal, Rick Rentler and wife Nancy, Laurie the DJs Daughter, Ellen the Sweet Lady (she's not really old), Eric Leighton, Jeff Rubens, another Jeff, Richie XFMR Man and a bunch of others. Met a bunch more people in the will call line like Rick's friends Joani and Ian who need to become Rusties. Lots of others inside.

Thelonius Monster? OK. A bunch of slackers without the talent of RHCP. The singer looked like Eddie Vedder with glasses. Wearing a sweater, hugging himself, lookin' down. But he did open up singing "Bruce Berry was a workin man" and saying how great it is to be in the same room with Neil Young.

RHCP? Almost excellent. The did all the stuff I hoped for, like Under the Bridge, Californication, rockers and stompers galore. Many tunes from the new album which I've heard a few times. They even covered Arc. Their guitarist Frusciante(?) likes his feedback and they did an Arc-like thing in their encore. Flea and Anthony bounced around like bizarros, never stopping. Man I'd pay the 83 million I'm going to win in the lottery Saturday for their energy. By the way, they were all on the back of the stage watching The Horse early in their set.

Hey this was real long, gotta go. Good show. But I won't pay to fly to Charlottesville to see it again. I'm waiting for whatever he does this summer.

Rick 'proto-rustie'