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Scott Stadium (U.Va.)
Charlottesville, Virgina, April 21, 2001
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--> Tim Treat's early report.
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--> Stuart scrape the sky's review.
--> Brian keys left hanging Costello's review.
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The Confirmed Set List
    With Crazy Horse
  1. Sedan Delivery
  2. Hey Hey My My
  3. Love and Only Love
  4. Cinnamon Girl
  5. Fucking Up
  6. Cortez the Killer
  7. Come On Baby Let's Go Down Town
  8. Rockin' in the Free World
  9. Down By the River
    With Dave Matthews Band
  10. All Along The Watchtower

Scott Stadium (U.Va.)
Charlottesville, Virgina, April 21, 2001

early report by Tim Treat

Just came back from my first Neil Young and Crazy Horse show and it was truly amazing. The weather was pretty crappy most of day on my drive down from DC, but a couple of hours before the show it cleared up and it was beautiful.

Neil played about an hour - well worth the trip! I don't know where this one rates with other Neil shows, but I was blown away!

Peace and Love,

Scott Stadium (U.Va.)
Charlottesville, Virgina, April 21, 2001

early report by Gibson Gahan

Fantastic! Neil Young and Crazy Horse were on top of their game tonite in C'ville, where they supported the Dave Matthews Band in his home town. After their own set, Neil came back for a "duet" of All Along The Watchtower with Dave Matthews and his band. They had a great "mating swans" duel with their guitars. Sensational!

Scott Stadium (U.Va.)
Charlottesville, Virgina, April 21, 2001

review by Stuart scrape the sky

Neil and the Horse were fantastic last night. They started the set out while bright sunlight filled up a beautiful stadium. I had my sunglasses on and was having a blast! For Sedan Delivery and Hey Hey My My I danced directly opposite the stage on the walkway about half way up and watched through the goal posts. Right in front of me, along the railing, were a row of about 6-8 tapers. They had their boom mics set up and looked to be having a great time.

It was a short set for Crazy Horse, and Neil kept the endings quite short as well. He was the bandleader all night -- even cueing the Dave Matthews Band on All Along The Watchtower.

Highlights for me...

We also stopped by the party that Neil had mentioned at "1912 Stadium Road". It was a little house with a front lawn full of people and a school bus parked in the street. Music played while people hung out and chatted. There was a sign on the house that read something like "Thanks Dave for leading the way --Your fans in C'ville!"

It was an incredible day in Charlottesville. A special thanks to Surfer Jeff for giving us the hospitality of his home and to all the fine Rusties I met there. I canšt remember all of your names but you were all great to hang out with! After the show we drove all the way back to Philly. Ben was still up so I gave him the keys and off we went. A little caffeine and a nap found me home and in bed by 5am. I slept well.   : )

scrape the sky

Scott Stadium (U.Va.)
Charlottesville, Virgina, April 21, 2001

review by Brian keys left hanging Costello

Despite a 6 to 1 ratio between traveling time and Neil's set length, a great day was had at Scott Stadium by this part-time Rustafari, and my friend Mike Share. (Mike is the guy who first introduced me to Rust six years ago when I mentioned to him that I thought Mirror Ball was album of the year.) We missed potential fellow traveler Union Man.

We had a great rain-drenched drive down to Virginia, swapping tunes on the CD player that we thought the other needed to hear. Arriving in town at the same time as the sun, we killed time by walking around the campus and visiting the local record store, Plan 9 from Outer Space. Our last stop before going into the stadium was spent sitting on a hill on the outskirts of the parking lot looking down on a live band at a house party. The band was playing on the porch while the singer was on the roof, dancing on the shingles and thanking the cops for not shutting them down. Neiler later told us the house address during his set. We should have checked out who was under the straw hats nearby.

Our seats were in the fifth row of the upper deck bleachers almost directly stage-side (they were so close that when DMB came on, we could only see Dave and the sax player.) We could see the backstage area, which had a large tent facing a long slope down to the stage.

We saw most of Soulive and liked them -- they had a Meters kind of sound. Afterward, after a couple of errant calls, we spotted the Horse coming down the hill with Neil and Pegi in the middle. When some of us with that angle on both sides of the stands cheered, Neil doffed his summer 2000 style straw hat straight up. The band hit the stage after Dave Matthews introduced them, saying they were heroes of his for a long time...

There was little break between their tunes, and very little of the trademark extended feedback endings. They seemed conscious of the clock, and only played for 65 minutes by my count. The versions of the standards were strong. Especially liked Cortez and DBTR, but Love and Only Love sounded a bit off. Neil changed some of the words in F'in Up at the end of the "broken leashes" verse, but I can't recall exactly how -- something about "going back in again".

It was great to see the guys in the circle working off each other. The sound was noticably great for a stadium show, maybe because we were sitting directly in front of the speaker banks stage left. I was hoping for at least one surprise tune and I guess C'mon Baby, Let's Go Downtown was close -- I had never seen them do that tune.

Before DBTR, Neil said "I guess we have time for one more... They're all the same, anyway...". I think that a more enthusiastic crowd response at the end of a great version might have reaped yet another song but instead we saw them soon trudging back up the hill.

I'm not a big DMB fan, but after seeing about half the show, I can see why they are so big. Very tight band, a great drummer and a well-paced show. All the young'uns knew the words and sang along. It was a happy musical revival and it was clear the band was psyched to be back home.

As we walked back to the car across town, we passed hundreds of folks stretched out on the grass, hanging out and listening. I'm bummed that we missed Neil with DMB, but getting home before 3:00am won out over the possibility of him coming back out.

All in all a great day -- it was pretty much what was expected from an support set. It was great to see Neil with the Horse again. I hope our Euro friends see them get a bit more adventurous and stretch out the show a bit more this summer.
  peace and rust,
  keys left hanging