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Crazy Horse
Greendale Tour  
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Coral Sky
West Palm Beach, Florida, June 8, 2003

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The Confirmed Set List
    Greendale     [~2 hour set]
  1. Falling From Above
  2. Double E
  3. Devil's Sidewalk
  4. Leave The Driving
  5. Carmichael
  6. Bandit   [solo acoustic guitar]
  7. Grandpa's Interview
  8. Bringin' Down Dinner   [pump organ]
  9. Sun Green
  10. Be The Rain
    First Encore
  11. Like A Hurricane
  12. Hey Hey My My
    Second Encore
  13. Powderfinger

Coral Sky
West Palm Beach, Florida, June 8, 2003

early report by Mike Expecting To Fly Cordova

Incredible! Fantastic! The best concert experience for me in decades.

I cannot describe adequately with words how absolutely entertaining Neil and Crazy Horse and all the "crazy actors" and the set and the sound were this evening.

I have enjoyed listening to several of the Euro acoustic shows. The Horse versions literally blow those versions completely away. The songs were made for the Horse and as good as they were acoustically, the electric versions were so much more satisfying. I would describe the style much like the Zuma sound; nothing like that little snippet on NeilYoung.com.

The actors, stage and set were very good. Crazy Horse provided good support. Neil Young is simply on top of his game.

The three songs performed after the Greendale set were done professionally and the band seemed to be into it, but I must say, listening to those old tunes after Greendale was sort of a letdown.

I'm so up right now. This concert was so great. I'd give more of a descriptions of the concert and the fine RustFest, but now I gotta get some rest...


Coral Sky
West Palm Beach, Florida, June 8, 2003

odds & ends by RE*AC*TOR

Damn! Electric staged Greendale actually worked great! Hard to believe there were any doubts...

Show was a full 2 1/2 hours, despite the low "song count". Extended jams within Carmichael and Grandpa's Interview and other long Greendale songs took the show past the two hour point, and the encores took it right up to the venue curfew.

All songs were electric except Bandit, which was solo accoustic guitar, and Bringin' Down Dinner on pump organ (with bass & drum accompaniment).

All of the Greendale songs (other than Bandit, which was done solo) sounded totally natural with the Horse. Come to think of it, Greendale will probably be Neil's only album where he's publicly performed virtually every song both electric and solo accoustic (in Europe). The bluesy nature of many of the songs really stands out in the electric version.

Give Larry Cragg an Oscar for his role as Grandpa!

The extended Carmichael is done similar in style to Change Your Mind. Has extended guitar jams with occasional stops for a verse. Grandpa's Interview is done similarly. On the later, Neil obviously got a bit carried away during his jams, causing him to arrive a little late at a couple of the action cues:

Of course those are things that only Rusties who are already familiar with the story would notice...

Regarding the stage, here's how it was set up:

It all worked VERY well, IMHO. Sure there are a few slight flubs, but it's amazing that they were still finalizing some of the staging and effects as recently as Saturday night.

Regarding the "short set list", this WAS a 2 1/2 hour show, which is longer than the "Year Of The Horse" shows I saw in '96, and much longer than the HORDE sets in '97. I didn't feel cheated at all. But I'm sure that some of the folks there just to hear the hits will claim to be.

I think that those who understood the "story" nature of this show had a lot of fun. Those who thought it was just a bunch of crazy song and dance keeping them from hearing "the hits", and couldn't (or didn't want to) focus on the story being told or the messages contained there-in, certainly would have trouble understanding why it was played the way it was.

But anybody who has paid any attention at all to Neil's overall career knows that he needs to keep moving, creating, challenging his fans to keep up. Those ready to accept the challenge have been thrilled with what he's doing during this year's shows. It's a real trip to be there for this.

. . . RE*AC*TOR

Coral Sky
West Palm Beach, Florida, June 8, 2003

review by Patrick Kinney

We went to the gig in West Palm last night not knowing what to expect. We knew nothing of the forthcoming DVD "Greendale", but it didn't matter.

Lucinda Williams kicked off the night and did a superb set considering most of the audience were there for Neil Young; she kept saying how excited she was to be at the gig herself. She said, "It's Neil Young and Crazy Horse!" She must have said that five times within her 50 minute set. I liked her stuff enough to buy her latest CD today.

Neil came on, a bit late (after a 45 revamp of the stage). It looked like one of the production managers was on the phone constantly asking where the band was? Neil admitted shortly after to being nervous, but it didn't show.

The band just took off the minute they struck up the chords. Neil warned the audience that there was going to be a lot of new stuff and then some familiar stuff. It didn't matter that the songs were new. It didn't matter that there was a technical snafu with a mic. The whole set was as passionate and evocative as one could hope for.

He came back for two encores and gave the audience the suitable Like A Hurricane (in the present hurricane season here in South Florida). He kept saying he likes it here.

If the show is coming to your town - treat yourself - not many artists gigging as long as Neil has, sound as new, passionate & overwhelming.

Thank You Neil & Crazy Horse....

(more reviews coming...)