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Crazy Horse
Greendale Tour  
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St.Pete Times Forum
Tampa, Florida, June 9, 2003

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The Confirmed Set List
    Greendale     [~2 hour set]
  1. Falling From Above
  2. Double E
  3. Devil's Sidewalk
  4. Leave The Driving
  5. Carmichael
  6. Bandit   [solo acoustic guitar]
  7. Grandpa's Interview
  8. Bringin' Down Dinner   [pump organ]
  9. Sun Green
  10. Be The Rain
    First Encore
  11. Powderfinger
  12. Hey Hey My My
    Second Encore
  13. Like A Hurricane

St.Pete Times Forum
Tampa, Florida, June 9, 2003

review by Joe

Without a doubt, the best concert I have seen in 35 years of rockin in the free world. So good in fact ,that I doubt I will go see anyone else except Mr. Young and the Horse this year.

The whole concept was great with the stageshow and actors, but the new music could be the best ever made by Neil!!! It was great when Mr. Young told a heckler "Shut up asshole, I may be old but I can still hear!!!" Mr. Young later added he still loved the guy, though.

Greendale is great!! I really don't know if I could have handled a whole show that was like the last three songs!! I think my brain would have exploded!! Also the St. Pete Times is STILL tallking about the show, printing an article on whether artists should just play the same old stuff!! I say let Neil play whatever he wants!!

(more reviews coming...)