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HORDE at Desert Sky
Phoenix, Arizona, July 18, 1997

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--> Jody Kind Woman Eaton's Review
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The set list

    Early Solo Accoustic Set
  1. Out On The Weekend
  2. Unknown Legend
  3. Cripple Creek Ferry
  4. Buffalo Springfield Again     [New Song]
  5. Heart Of Gold

    Late Crazy Horse Set

  6. Hey Hey, My My
  7. I'm The Ocean
  8. Hippie Dream
  9. Cortez The Killer
  10. From Hank To Hendrix
  11. Buffalo Springfield Again     [New Song, again]
  12. Slowpoke     [New Song]
  13. Look Out For My Love
  14. Throw Your Hatred Down
  15. Powderfinger
  16. Rockin' In The Free World

Live Report From The Show

Early Report by Hippy Dreamer

Hello Folks,
Once again, Hippie Dreamer here live from the HORDE, courtesy of MSN. This time I made it for Neil's opening acoustic set.

Looked grim at first. I arrived at the gate early after flying in from LA and got here about 2:15. I met some Rusties here, including Bob Swimming Forever Imig, who coordinated the RustRow here for us. Gates opened about 3:00, and I went directly to the HORDE O' CULTURE stage and set up the Ordinary People Banner for signing.

On the way over, we saw Neil came right by us. He noticed our kids and looked at them and said his familiar "how ya doin'?" to them. They all smiled. I believe it was Larry Cragg with him, who said "Rusties" when he saw that both Bob and I have our MORE BARN! shirts on.

Anyway, we sat down in front of the stage with the banner for signing. Neil walked by twice with a pinstripe railroad hat on but no guitar. Soon Ben showed up at the stage left area and picks and harmonica were ready. But then a band set up, and suddenly Ben left. And Larry Cragg came out and took the harmonicas and picks away. So I saw the signs that Neil had changed his mind about playing just then (and maybe not at all), so we left.

After that band had played I went back and saw Larry again setting up and testing, so I quickly went back to our RustRow. I alerted Bob, and we all went over just in time to see Neil appear from the side and he came out with Out On The Weekend, Unknown Legend, Cripple Creek Ferry, Buffalo Springfield Again, and HOG.

Our boys were front and center, and Neil smiled at them, while I was just behind them enjoying the intimacy of the small but enthusiastic crowd.

Well, this is my last Neil for a while, but I did get to see him up close, and the RustRow seats are good,

Next, it will be Neil and the Horse in three hours and I am told that there is no curfew here. So maybe we can call him back for an encore...

I'll send y'all more after my return home to LA area tomorrow.

    Eric Hippie Dreamer

HORDE at Desert Sky
Phoenix, Arizona, July 18, 1997

review by Jody Kind Woman Eaton

Hi all---
Back from Phoenix Horde. Here's my report. Missed the first acoustic set.   :-(   It's a three hour drive from Sierra Vista to Phoenix, and my sister had to work in the morning. Since we knew we wouldn't be there by 3:00 or 4:00, we just kinda took our time. Got there around 5:00, and just inside the gate spotted MORE BARN! Turns out to be Eric (Hippie Dreamer) and his two boys. He tells us we just missed Neil. About ten minutes earlier he had finished his early set and had just walked past the place we were standing!! Talk about bad timing.

Kinda wandered around for awhile after that, just checking things out. Tried to check out the Lionel tent, but it wasn't ready. Zeke was in there working. Not sure if it ever did get set-up. Gave up after about 8:00, when it still wasn't ready.

Wasn't real impressed with the bands that we heard. Big Head Todd was pretty good. Found our seats in the Rustrow about the time Primus came on. The seats were really decent. We met alot of cool rusties: Cindy (disconnected number), Dave (Too Weak to Work), Bob (Swimming Forever), Peggy (Heartships), Tom (Music Arcade) and Eric (Hippie Dreamer). It was great to meet you all! Hope you got your camera back Dave!

Eric had the Ordinary People banner for us all to sign. What can I say but "Thanks, BikerAlane." What an incredible piece of work. And thanks Eric, for passing it along.

I was disappointed at how small the crowd was when we first got there, but as the evening progressed it picked up. Things got real crazy when Primus hit the stage. There was some kind of fight down in front and I guess somebody got hurt. They had to stop the show for about ten minutes. Primus was o.k., but I won't rush out and buy a cd.

After Primus, this old guy in baggy shorts and a t-shirt took the stage! Now this guy ROCKS!!!!!

Neil was in good spirits. Maybe the heat had effected his brain, but I actually heard him speak to the audience. Said the usual "How Ya Doin'?" Then something about how great it was to be playing with all these bands, and something about going back in his hole now.

Before the acoustic set, the stage crew brought out Neil's piano, but then took it back afterwards. Neil thanked them and said something about "too bad he didn't use it." Guess he changed his mind.   :-)

Regarding the set-list: I was hoping for Don't Spook the Horse, but was happy to get Look Out for My Love.

Cortez!!   :-)   :-)

I'm the Ocean and Throw Your Hatred Down both sounded great. I like Pearl Jam, but I think Crazy Horse did these songs justice. Something about Neil and the Horse that just works for me.   :-)   :-)

Only Neil disappointment was the length of the set. Because of the ruckus with Primus he didn't come on until right about 10:00 and was done by 11:10. No encore. Just gone.   :-(   :-(

But a little Neil is better than no Neil at all. I won't be greedy.

As always, had a great time! Last tour I was inspired and got the Broken Arrow tattoo. Not quite sure what to do this year. Cindy suggested a Horse, I was thinking maybe Ol Black. Hmmmm.........bettter think this one over some more. These things aren't easy to undo!   :-)

BTW, got the Rust t-shirt the day before the show. Looks good! Thanks, Re*ac*tor. I was a very kind woman and let my husband Warren wear it to the concert.   :-)   Warren has never liked Neil's music, but this last year, since I've been on Rust, he's finally given up. Can't fight it no more! He's even been learning to play a few Neil tunes on "New White". Well he is no longer a "live Neil virgin" and his opinion of live Neil.... "Pretty Good". Hey, it's a start.   :-)   :-)

Sorry for the ramblings, but after seeing Neil I always get a little hyped!! For those of you with shows still to come... enjoy, and take my advice, DO listen to me: don't try to guess what time Neil will show up for the first set!   :-)

Kind Woman

P.S. Heard No More on the radio on the way to Phoenix and heard RITFW on the way back.....pretty cool!

(lots more to be added when I can... --RE*AC*TOR)