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HORDE at Polaris
Columbus, Ohio, July 30, 1997

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The set list

    Early Solo Accoustic Set
  1. Sugar Mountain
  2. Long May You Run
  3. Too Far Gone
  4. Throw Your Hatred Down
  5. This Note's For You     [shortened]

    Late Crazy Horse Set

  6. Hey Hey My My
  7. Crime In The City
  8. Hippie Dream
  9. Big Time
  10. Throw Your Hatred Down
  11. From Hank To Hendrix
  12. The Needle and the Damage Done
  13. Ohio
  14. Down By The River
  15. Tonight's The Night
  16. Sedan Delivery
  17. Piece of Crap     [encore]

Live Report From The Festival

Early Report by Stan Southern Man Southern

Howdy rusties,
Southern Man (Stan) checking in from HORDE at Columbus.

Excellent early acoustic set. Neil came on about 3:20 and played til about 3:45. Incredible ACCOUSTIC Throw Your Hatred Down!

I think ye all should plan on going to Saratoga, as Neil said that he's working on all the requests he got in Cincinnati and thinks he'll be ready by then.

He butchered Too Far Gone, but did let some yinzer from Pittsburgh get on stage and sing harmonies. Neil heard this guy singing harmony and asked who it was. Leo E. pointed the guy out -- c'mon Leo -- you shoulda just jumped up there! No doubt he'll be kicking himself for days to come.

We draped the Ordinary People banner over the yellow police tape, but Neil didn't acknowledge it. I think it was too close for him to actually read it.

I requested Depression Blues - he said he was working on it and needed to work out one more verse.

Lisa and Joel say 'it was awesome'!!!! They're here too!

Hippie Girl, Barb Hardaway, others are here too and we are enjoying excellent weather and much fun.

More to report tomorrow AM!

- Southern Man

HORDE at Polaris (Columbus, Ohio)
July 30, 1997

review by Kathy Hippy Girl's Smile Popple

Southern Man already filled you in somewhat. I met many of the Rustrowers but can't remember everyone's handle. It was sure nice to see all of you, especially Lisa and Joel. Also many thanks to Tom Gryn, our Rustrow coordinator.

I was looking at the little black table onstage in the HORDE O'CULTURE tent. Yep, there they were -- 6 or 7 harmonicas. Soon there's the man -- Larry -- to set that ol' guitar on its rack onstage. Excitement mounts amongst the Rusties as we see the glass of H2O placed there, along with soda, etc.

All of a sudden there is Neil. Not five feet from where I am standing... He did an acoustic set which, yes, did include a guy from the crowd being invited up on the stage to harmonize. It seemed over too quickly, but there was more to come later.

The only bands that I cared for were Primus, Toad The Wet Sprocket, and a couple of other bands playing at the second stage. Spent the day walking around and shooting the breeze with the security guards, Lionel crew, lots of folk, and even chatted to Zeke a bit.

Took a Lionel catalog and I think I have Xmas in the bag for the preschooler in the family. These trains are so nostalgic. Peter you did a great job along with your "crew". Also met up with some fellow Rusties over there at the Lionel tent. It was so good to see faces to go with the names.

Finally evening approaches and the air is filled with the fragrance of "Early American Garfong"...

Neil put on a hell of a show . I don't care what he sang, it was great. No set list from this happy Hippy Girl!! It's all one song. Right Lisa???

Incidentally, at the afternoon Acoustic set, the Ordinary People banner was taken out of the bag and hung over the barrier not 5 feet from Neil. Tried to hang it at the evening performance over the security barrier but was told NO. That was cool but at least I asked.

Neil's garb? Baggy black shorts with enough white specks to make them appear gray but a fellow Rusty could not read the brand name on the bottom of the left short leg (had binoculars!!!!!) A black t-shirt and a backwards baseball cap completed the look along with white socks and brown hiking boots.

Poncho was amused all nite because some folks in the front did the <flip> thing. He couldn't look at them or else he would laugh each time.

The last number, Piece Of Crap, was well suited for the noise curfew. Had a great time with Biker, Barb H, Joel, Lisa, Leo and everyone else incuding the Cowboy. Oh, and by the way, there is something that I would like to share with the ladies of Rust. E-mail me privately....
Hippy Girl's Smile

(more to be added when I can... --RE*AC*TOR)