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Community Theater
Berkeley, California, March 19, 1999

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--> Some early short-takes on the show.
--> Guitar notes by Jim Beller.
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The set list

  1. Tell Me Why
  2. Looking Forward
  3. War Of Man
  4. Out Of Control   (on upright piano)
  5. Albuquerque
  6. World On A String
  7. Pocahontas   (on 12-string)
  8. Philadelphia   (on grand piano)
  9. Love Is A Rose   (on guitjo)
  10. Daddy Went Walkin'
  11. Distant Camera
  12. Last Trip To Tulsa
  13. Unknown Legend
  14. Long May You Run   (on pump organ)
  15. Old King   (on guitjo)
  16. Harvest Moon
  17. Slowpoke
  18. After The Goldrush   (on pump organ)
  19. Good To See You
  20. Railroad Town
  21. Sugar Mountain
      Encore 2:
  22. Powderfinger   (on 12-string)

Community Theater
Berkeley, California, March 19, 1999

short takes by James Dylan, Steve Portigal & Frank Ripp

James Dylan reports:
Just got back from the Berkeley show, my mind is blown. It was the greatest concert I've ever seen, I now have a whole new respect for Neil Young and the songs. The new songs are way cool, really classic Neil, kind of country-ish, happy.

He didn't talk much, no speech about organic food. Just mentioned he last played in the hall in 1971 and 1972. Many cool songs, can't remember them all, someone else will post them, anyway. He closed with Powderfinger and Sugar Mountain. Damn, I'm a changed man.

Bad events: The lady with the 5 month old whiney baby on my left, who finally left after being glared at for 10 minutes. And the 350 pound guy on my right who was more in my seat than I was (I couldn't even get to my seat, I had to jump over the back from the other row.)

This was kind of cool: I was riding over the Bay Bridge, (the one you see in The Graduate), towards Berkeley. It was dark and drizzling, when the clouds break open and a huge beam of sunlight shines right onto Berkeley. A rainbow appears, and the end of it was right over downtown! So cool. Did anyone else see it? It was a true symbol of what the night would become.

Steve Portigal reports:
I came over the Dumbarton around 6:00 (shitty traffic) and there was one of those wild cloudy day sunsets where this amazing light is breaking through and it just lit the sky up BLUE and the hills up GREEN and it was this incredibly saturated world as I drove to the show.

My fave part was when Neil's voice got rough and gravelly and deep on one line in Sugar Mountain, like he needed to clear his throat or something. That was followed by this wild bluesy bend in the next riff he played. I made this "hah" noise of delight and suprise that I couldn't suppress. I'm sure my neighbour thought I was weird. Ah well, he was very large and kind of in my seat as well...

Frank Ripp reports: A stunning show! Neil's voice was simply superb, the sound was crystal clear, and the audience was well-behaved.

For me, the highlights included one of the best Pocahontas ever, as well as *killer* ATGR and Long May You Run on the pipe organ. The last encore was a magnificent Powderfinger.

I've never really "gotten" Albuquerque, but Neil's version of that song last night really took me in. Hell - my respect and awe for the man just went up one or two notches after last night's show. I feel really privileged to have seen him this time around.

Oh yeah - I picked up a nice $75 orchestra seat for $35 outside right around showtime - there were *lots* of extra tickets around. My suggestion to any Bay Area Rusties who are put off by the high ticket prices: Don't miss tonight's Paramount show - just show up outside at showtime......

Community Theater
Berkeley, California, March 19, 1999

guitar notes by Jim Beller

Here are the guitars Neil used at tonight's show...

  • Tell Me Why:   Gibson Jumbo Sunburst
  • Looking Forward:   Martin D45
  • War Of Man:   Gibson Natural
  • Albuquerque:   introduced a Martin as "Hank" (wasn't the D45)
  • World On A String:   Hank
  • Pocahontas:   Taylor 12 String
  • Love Is A Rose:   Guitar/Banjo
  • Daddy Went Walkin':   D45
  • Distant Camera:   D45
  • Last Trip To Tulsa:   Gibson Jumbo Sunburst
  • Unknown Legend:   D45
  • Old King:   Banjo/Guitar
  • Harvest Moon:   Hank
  • Slowpoke:   D45
  • Good To See You:   D45
  • Railroad Town:   Gibson Jumbo Sunburst
          (had picked up a Martin D18 or D28 first but then switched)
  • Sugar Mountain:   D45
  • Powderfinger:   Taylor 12 String

    (more reviews to be added soon... --RE*AC*TOR)