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Paramount Theater
Oakland, California, March 20, 1999

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The set list

  1. On The Way Home
  2. Looking Forward
  3. Goin' Back
  4. Out Of Control   (on upright piano)
  5. Cortez The Killer
  6. Don't Let It Bring You Down
  7. Oh Mother Earth   (on pump organ)
  8. Homegrown   (on guitjo)
  9. Silver And Gold
  10. Daddy Went Walkin'
  11. Distant Camera
  12. Ambulence Blues
  13. Southern Pacific   (on guitjo)
  14. Old Man
  15. Horseshoe Man   (on grand piano)
  16. "New" song: Kansas
  17. Harvest Moon
  18. Slowpoke
  19. Long May You Run   (on pump organ)
  20. Good To See You
  21. From Hank To Hendrix
      Encore 2:
  22. Down By The River   (on 12-string)

Paramount Theater
Oakland, California, March 20, 1999

review by Og.

Just back from Oakland show...
Did Neil plan it this way, or did he really forget his book of songs? It was so great to see him play such a different set list. He opened with On the Way Home instead of Tell Me Why, and he said that he forgot his book...

The book of songs was brought to him during the fourth or fifth song, but he never even looked at it.

Although I missed hearing Albuquerque and World On A String, their replacements were stunning. After playing the first few chords of Albuquerque, Neil took it into Cortez The Killer.

Another really unusual thing was that song #3 (in set one), is usually War Of Man, with intro chords that always make me think of the Comes A Time album. Well, at the Paramount, Neil goes and plays in that #3 spot Goin' Back (from CAT)! It screws with my head in a good way...

He also changed up the first set by playing Mother Earth on pump organ, and Silver And Gold on acoustic guitar. Both completely incredible. Later I got the Ambulence Blues (again!) that I was hoping for,in the 2nd set. Then he pulled out Southern Pacific... And we got to hear Old Man and Horseshoe Man! Way to mix up the set list! Thanks, Neil.

The one drawback that I noticed about this show as compared to BCT and Sac, was that there were more sick people -- lots more coughs. Thus the Paramount Theater, with all its psychedelic deco splendor, gets the high phlegm rating.

A fine rendition of Hank to Hendrix, and a 2nd encore of DOWN BY THE RIVER ended the show.

Although I liked Sacramento because I was in the 7th row, and I always like the acoustics and memories of the BCT, I definitely loved this Paramount show most out of the three.

Stay Organic,

Paramount Theater
Oakland, California, March 20, 1999

report by Linda Nadolski

Neil must lurk on Rust! First there was that (very small) cut against his guitjo playing, and the next show (Sacramento) he apologizes for it! Then there was all the talk about set list stagnation and BOOM! Oakland!

I wonder how many in-the-know people lost their bet with someone sitting next to them about what would be his first song? I knew we were in for something completely different when that happened!

As far as "noisy" audiences are concerned, well, except for that one woman that sounded like someone must of squeezed her realllllly hard two or three times, the crowd was incredibly quiet! And Neil must have thanked us at least three times for being so quiet! (And I thought Sacramento was quiet!)

What a show! I must say, it seemed like Neil was having a harder time hitting those really high notes in Oakland, but of course he still sounded awesome! My high points: hearing Cortez, and ending the show with Down By The River! What an incredible, emotional version on that song!

Lighter moments: Neil's "memory" comment had everyone laughing. And after Homegrown, when he rinsed his harmonica and shook a lot of water out of it after the dip, there was so much water he kind of chuckled and said he was thinking of adding some dancing fountains in front because the other night (i.e., Sac) there was all this room up front! Made me laugh!

I did miss not hearing Albuquerque again. It was so haunting in Sac.

Oh yeah- some guy in the front row was video taping the whole thing and had it taken by security right at the end! OUCH! I sure hope he switched the tape every once in a while!!!

The Rust fest was fun! It was kind of spread out though- don't think I met half of the Rusties there. Good to see Mike (Harvest Moon) and Liz again! Enjoy the rest of the tour!

...she just slips away
(hmmm.... I wonder how that would sound acoustically???)

(more reviews to be added soon... --RE*AC*TOR)