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Old King Flips 'em

SPAC RustFest I
(Saratoga, NY, August 28, 1996)

Your Host - Rich *OLD KING* Rini

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Rich *OLD KING* Rini....

Will there be a SPAC RustFest?

Of course! Us NorthEasterners don't take a back seat to anybody when it comes time to party. We will be meeting, greeting, eating and drinking (and whatever) at the picnic grounds of the State Park adjacent to SPAC prior to the concert. If you are coming to the concert, then you've got to be at the Rustfest! Please email me so I can put you on the mailing list and send you the details.

. . . . . Rich Rini ( RichRin@aol.com )

Traveler's Info:
For those of you in need of lodging. August 25th is Traver's Weekend in Saratoga. If you don't know horse racing please email Sheila or CITS and they will tell you why they call The Traver's the mid-summer Derby. What that means is that the town is booked solid (at exhorbinant rates).

So if you need a place to stay it's best to come a bit South towards Albany. I've arranged for a good deal (approx. $50 for a double) at the Thunderbird Motel in Latham. It's a nice clean place, easy to get to, and easy to get to SPAC.

The phone for the Thunderbird is: 518-785-6626. Call in the AM and ask for Rocky. Mention Neil Young and the INTERNET and Rock will give you the special rate. Confused? Email me and I'll help.

. . . . . Rich Rini ( RichRin@aol.com )

More Details:

OK kids, I've been in consultation with the ever so helpful DebK and here are the plans for the SPAC RustFest:

Time: 5 PM (concert is at 8 PM)

Site: Karista Picnic Area, Saratoga Spa State Park, adjacent to SPAC.

Here's how you get there:

  • Park in the main lot at SPAC on Route 50.
  • Walk to the box office/entrance to SPAC. DO NOT GO IN!
  • Look to your right and you will see a cement wall about 2 feet high.
  • Beyond the wall and curling down toward a stream is a paved path.
  • Cross the wall, take the path and follow the stream for one-quarter mile until you hit the picnic area.
That's where we will be.

Food: Capital District Rusties (contact me, please) will be providing all the hamburgers, hotdogs, etc. that you can eat.

Beverages: Everybody bring their drink of choice.

Entertainment: I have a terrible voice, but for some odd reason I can sing Homegrown perfectly. Of course you wouldn't want me to do it more than once, so you all better be ready to contribute in this regard.

Attendees: Somewhere in the 20 to 25 range depending on SOs. And one cool dude flying in from Toyko!

HyperRust Editor Note: Also one RE*AC*TiOnaRy dude from South Florida.
Directions To the Thunderbird:
  • Take exit 24 of the NY Thruway (2nd Albany Exit).
  • After the toll both take Exit 1N (the Northway I-87) to exit 6.
  • Take a right and go less than a mile to the Latham Traffic Circle.
  • Go three-quarters around the circle and get on the ramp which says Route 9 North.
  • As you go down the ramp (before you ever get to Route 9) the TBird will be on your left.
What Else?: I can't think of anything. Email me with questions and such. I'll see some of you at MSG, and the rest on the 25th.

Fest Report

(Also see the Show Reviews, and the photos, down below.)

(Rich Rini's delayed fest report follows....)

Fellow Travelers,

I'm not really sure if anyone is out there to read this, but today marks the one month anniversary of Neil's apperance at Saratoga so I'm going to go ahead and post the report of our Rust gathering that evening.

The Saratoga State Park adjacent to the SPAC amphitheatre served as the perfect meeting place for Rusties prior to the show. Locals Old King and DebK hosted more than twenty of the faithful and a significant number of significant others. Rusties in attendance:

  1. bh aka bsi
  2. RamRod aka jr
  3. DavidL aka Re*Ac*Tor
  4. Hugo Roy
  5. Denise Vanderburgh
  6. Denise's husband Fred
  7. Youngster
  8. Pete Culliney
  9. Shakey
  10. Grey Rider
  11. Grey Rider's wife Suzy
  12. Wally Bear
  13. Wally Bear's companion
  14. Hiro
  15. Hiro's friend Sonomi
  16. Mike Monroe
  17. Throwing Shadows
  18. Jimmy (?)
  19. Mike (?)
  20. Mary (?)
  21. DebK
  22. Me (*OLD KING*)
And there were many uncounted friends of the above.

It was a true international gathering with Hugo driving down from Montreal and Hiro (and friend Sonomi) flying in from Japan. Old King flipped the hamburgers while Rammer provided the music (Hey Rammer, you get your guitar back yet?) and everyone oogled the "Heart Of Gold" cake provided by DebK.

After dinner it was story time and all the Rusties gathered around Denise V. as she held the crowd spellbound with the tale of her chance encounter with Neil, "The Man", in a motel parking lot the night before. This spawned a round of "What would I say to Neil if I came face to face with him?" Most decided they would be just as speechless as Denise.

On a personal note, it was a great joy to meet our list-keeper David. He's a mellow one, fellow rusties. Modest and self-effacing, just another Neilfan, like you and me. I hope you all have the chance to meet him at another Rust Fest down the road. And best of luck to him in restoring the Rust list back to health.

(HyperRust Editor's Note: Blush city...)

Saratoga friends, let's do it all again sometime.


Ram>Rod's Report

hey ho....
  i want to thank Old King for setting up the rust row.....
  we had GOOD seats for this one to....we had the rust
  people in the 9th row for this night....SPAC will always
  remind me of when Neil did a reverse double-take on Cinn
  Girl and a POWERFUL extended version like i never heard
  before of Dangerbird.(final oncore)

  i want to thank DebK for the yellow HOG cake she created(it
  was huge) and tasty :)
        you should of seen DebK's eyes after the SPAC show....
        she was in seventh heaven,i'll never forget her
        facial expression and majestic eyes sparkling after
        witnessing NY&CH.....she was FULFILLED if you ak me :)
   and i met another great flock of NY lovers':

          there was Mike(a rust lurker) and Mary,
          there was WallyB and his girl,
          there were Dee(Neil encounter) and Fred
          there were Grey Rider and Suzy from vermont
          (look me up when you get settled into your new HOME,
          and goog luck in your new house).
          there was rustie Hugo fro canada
          there were Hiro and his gesha-girl :) who flew all
          the way from japan to see NY&CH and the rustfest gang.
          there were rustie Jimmy and his pals,
          then the regular bunch:Pete(what a super-rustie)and
          his NY non-rustie friends.
          Shakey(another super-rustie)IMO!!
          Youngster(to bad your calling it quits)nice to see
          you and Shake at so many of these shows.
          Throwing Shadows was there,
          bsi (bh)
          and a few more(memory tilt)

  SPAC was the best environment so far for a genuine RustFest,
  because it was situated in a state park.

     thanks again Old King....you were a GREAT host for rustin'.


bh's Mini-report

*OLD KING* and DebK did an absolutely superb job of hosting the SPAC rustfest and deserve loads of thanks. Everything was wonderful -- the great BBQ, the heart of gold cake (prepared by Deb's husband), the beautiful location, the perfect weather and best of all, the collection of RUSTEES. It was nice to meet the new ones and to see the "old" ones again.

Thanks for all your efforts in getting it together.

keep on rockin',
bh aka
brown-skinned indian

Postscript, from Wally Bear


I've got to mention... Probably by tomorrow there will be a MORE BARN! shirt being worn in Japan by Hiro! Thanx to DebK (Heart of Gold) @ the SPAC Rustfest. Random acts of Kindness make this a better world... Ain't it so.

See Hiro's Epilog on the Jones Beach Fest page.

The Photos

The size of each photo is listed below, for consideration by those on slow links. All photos by RE*AC*TOR.

 --> The Heart of Gold. It was tasty...! (18K)

 --> The earliest arrivers. Such a scenic FestPlace... (24K)
Hugo Roy, bh, OLD KING, DebK, and DeadHeads Mike & Mary.

 --> Pete Culliney and his gang. (23K)

 --> Neil Young T-shirt Models. Shakey, bh and Young-ster. (33K)

 --> RAM>ROD serenades Sonomi & Hiro. (27K)

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