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Jones Beach RustFest
(Long Island, NY, August 29, 1996)

Your Host - bh (Brown Skinned Indian)

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Brown Skinned Indian....

I've been talking behind the scenes with several rustees in an attempt to plan for the big event.

I figure there will be different "groups" of folks depending on who is working that day (Monday) and who isn't, and who is driving back from the SPAC show the night before.

  1. For those of us returning from Albany/Saratoga or anyone else who is around... we can come straight to my house and hang out for awhile, depending on how early we get back here. I live in Babylon, 3 miles from the causeway to the beach. (Yes, Shakey, there is a pool.) If we leave Saratoga by 9am, we'll be here by 1pm.

  2. Head down to JB. Meet others at 4:30pm at the field 4 flag pole on the boardwalk. There's a restaurant right there if we want to eat at some point and there's also snack bars right on the boardwalk.

  3. Walk back across the parkway to the theatre area. 6:15pm meet others on the beach (ONC) at Zach's Bay (near the restrooms), right next to the theatre.
Neil/rust@death/MORE BARN shirts required for recognition, of course.

Anyone interested, please contact me at heinsohn@worldnet.att.net.

Fest Report

(Also see the Show Reviews)

First, here are the people who were there, either with the Festers before the show or who connected up with us during or after the show:

  1. Paul RAM>ROD Spiel
  2. David RE*AC*TOR Lybrand
  3. Joe Loose Change Bianco
  4. Joe's companion Michelle
  5. Jack Shakey Mullins
  6. Mike Youngster Young
  7. Pete Culliney
  8. Pete's friend Jim (and some other friends of theirs)
  9. Eric MrSoul Vandercar
  10. Eric's companion Jill
  11. David Resnick
  12. Bill Rocks In The Sky Dorsch
  13. Hiro Tsuchihashi
  14. Hiro's companion Sonomi
  15. Roger schoolboy Weiss
  16. Kevin KPANTS!!!
  17. And me (Barbara Heinsohn)

The Jones Beach fest was not nearly as extravagant as the Saratoga one that was attended by many of the same people the day before. It was more like a "pre-show gathering" -- mainly because most folks worked that day (Monday) and couldn't arrive till shortly before the show.

For those of us who arrived a bit earlier (R>R, Reactor, Loose Change, Michelle), we were lucky to stumble upon the sound check going on inside the Jones Beach Theatre, which at first seemed to be music from a tailgate party. We walked on over and caught the end of what sounded like part of Blue Eden. We then heard Everybody Knows This is Nowhere (SOP, per Shakey) in its entirety. I don't know if Neil was playing but he sure was singing.

Do you remember all of the rust-list discussions about the setlist limitations, due to Crazy Horse's inability to learn/remember too much at once? I don't believe this is true. I think they are capable of playing it all. They don't need practice.

Refer to how Neil hit CH with the CITS opener-change when they got on stage at the beach. They were as tight on that one as they are on the tunes they play every night. Also, refer to SPAC where Poncho, apparently ready for Powderfinger during the encore, didn't have the correct guitar strapped on, and had to quickly switch when Neil began playing Dangerbird.

Damn, they can record an album on the first take. Ok, there are mistakes. So. For me, that's the thrill of LIVE MUSIC. I don't want polished perfection.

The OPL wasn't for practice or learning. It was for warming up. They're hot now.

Oops, got side-tracked there. Now, about the Fest...

(Fest report to be added...)
For the most part, it's over for us easterners. It's time for us to pass the ball on to the midwesterners and then back to the west coasters. Enjoy the shows, guys. Be sure to post all the details. And most importantly, remember to....

keep on rockin',
bh aka
brown-skinned indian

ps - any of you folks notice BillyT acknowledge the ECHOS sign with the thumbs up? That was me...!

~~~the music matters~~~
        >>>----   ---->

Hiro's Epilog

Hello, folks. This is Hiro Tsuchihashi. I've just returned to the ordinary "corporate" life in Tokyo. But it's OK as I'm totally refreshed and healed by Neil.

First of all, we really appreciate you and your kind help extended to us, without which we couldn't enjoy the shows. Both shows were so great. Especially the opening tune in Jones Beach: Cowgirl In The Sand reminded me of the second show in Tokyo in March 1976, when Neil played that tune instead of Down By The River. It's 20 years ago. Neil Young with Crazy Horse appealed me deep inside after all these years!

Sonomi, my girlfriend, also enjoyed everything. I agree with her words, when asked how was the show after Jones Beach: "This is the most beautiful night in my life." That's right. From our seats, we could see the moon and the sea. Breeze was so nice. Neil was playing Hurricane exactly like a Hurricane.

Thanks a million, everybody!

Hiro Tsuchihashi

The Photos

The size of each photo is listed below, for consideration by those on slow links.

 --> On the (Jones) Beach.

 --> Tail Gaters.
RAM>ROD, bh, Shakey, Young-ster,
Loose Change, Michelle, and ??? (23K)

 --> Mostly BARN!
Young-ster, RE*AC*TOR, RAM>ROD, bh, and Shakey. (28K)

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