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Jones Beach, August 26, 1996

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The Set List

  1. Cowgirl In The Sand
  2. Pocahontas
  3. Big Time
  4. Slip Away
  5. Welfare Mothers
  6. The Needle and the Damage Done
  7. Heart of Gold
  8. Cinnamon Girl
  9. Fuckin' Up
  10. Cortez The Killer
  11. Music Arcade
  12. Like a Hurricane
  13. This Town
  14. Sedan Delivery
  15. Roll Another Number

Hello Jones Beach In The Sand...
(Jones Beach, August 26, 1996)

review by John Elliott

Is this place at your command...? Well, it certainly was for this show. Neil & Crazy Horse were having a good time, sounded fabulous, and crafted a satisfying gig from beginning to end.

The concept seemed to be: We're gonna plug in, blast off, and take you people for a ride; please return your seatbacks to the full and upright position.

Neil welcomed all by walking up from stage right, shouldered his weapon and let the music speak for itself. CITS as an opener and as a first on the tour really took people by surprise. It came out of a fog on a clear and moonlit night, rolling out row by row until the crescendo vocal passage of "Old enough now to change your name" ensured all were aboard. The song was, shall we say, GREAT!

It was a welcomed addition and really gave this show a boost right off the bat-- but mind you it nary needed one. From CITS to lights out (On) it did not let up at all. Big Time was fully charged and Slip Away extended into a festival of flow, a wandering through the sonic peaks and valleys, and with a visit to the palace of the Sultan.

Welfare Mothers was clearly an example of music means fun as was Fuckin Up, with the exception that the latter was a jam out, knock down, ripping explosion.

Next, were the classics. I found TNATDD to be very pleasing with clean sound staging and projective vocals. However, this was most likely a personal thing. I was sure at the time there was something special there. Either way on came more favorites and they sounded good and were fun. But the wind was shifting directions...

Out on the bay the storm was tracking right in on the coastline. Slowly it mounted. Then it ripped the roof off the stage and the wind was howling. Thunder and lightning blushed the crowd, strobe lights and the Rusties swaying like trees as the Hurricane made landfall. The storm raged, up and down, knocking everthing in it's path. Neil was screaming out vocals in dramatic fashion and Billy's bass was pulsing thru the people and the ground was shaking. And after much destruction it passed only to turn back to the west and smash again. It finally ended but you felt bad for those whose homes were just leveled.

The concert was a good one, an indelible mark, the music would not pass--- You had just seen a hell of a show at Jones Beach and you were not going to forget it. I came, I saw, appreciated, rolled one and hit the road.

Jones Beach, August 26, 1996

review by Paul Ram>Rod Spiel
hey ho.....let me comment on the JB show.....
R>R had 5th row dead center seats for JB...i could practically
tie Neil's shoelaces...thats how up close and personal bsi (bh)
and RAM>ROD were to NY&CH.......anyway,i made this sign the night
before...i wrote it on blank computer paper saying in big bright
letters "SACRED ROOTS"........when HE started the tune Sedan
Delivery, i pulled out my sign flashed it to Neil .......well HE
looked @ me then continued his rockin,when he got to the phrase
"i got another delivery of chemichals and sacred roots",HE looked
me straight in the eyes and gave me an AWESOME YELL with spit and
sweat pouring from his face....I FREAKED, cause i know HE was
communicating with me.....i continued to FLASH my sighn again
while they were cooking the song sedan delivery, AGAIN HE took
one step away from the mike, and then jumped right back on it to
yeLL again right @ R>R,  "i gotta make another deliveery
of chemicals and sacred roots", this time HE was making sure
that I knew he repeated this phrase just for R>R.
                              there were so many SPECIAL MOMENTS
@ the JB show for me that i think i'll just STOP right here and
post a few more later.....i gotta a DANDY to tell about bsi (BH)
and billy talbot....but maybe later.....
                        jones beach was the BEST NY show i have
                        ever witnessed,and being up close and in
                        HIS face made it all that much more

             .............is this the story of jr?

Jones Beach, August 26, 1996

mini-review by Steve Ganis

The Jones Beach show -- on a wonderful moonlit evening -- ended my personal trilogy (others were MSG, Great Woods I). The stunner was at the opening this time: Cowgirl. Like the Garden there were two encores totalling three songs. One of the encores was This Town.

No beer was served at Jones Beach, a state park. And what a difference it made between that crowd and, say, Great Woods.

After the show, Ralph Molina was heard to say that the band was expecting to open with HHMM, but as soon as Neil strapped on his guitar onstage, he told 'em they were gonna open with Cowgirl. "He keeps you on your toes," says Ralph the drummer. Ralph also noted that the Jones Beach crowd didn't hit those manic proportions of other shows.

The last time the Crazy Horse tour swept thru the NYC area was Feb. 1991 -- five and a half years ago. Next up: the Millenium tour.

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