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Chord/Tab for: Lady Wingshot
a.k.a.: "In Tune With You"
Song Info
(written t.b.d.)     (notes below will be moved here eventually)
This is an unreleased song...


Chords/Tabulature for
Lady Wingshot

Submitted by: Wolfgang Deimel (

Notes about this song:

  • The characteristic sound at the beginning and between the verses results from changing between A and Asus4 (x02230).
Intro: A / Asus4 (repeated a few times)

A   E   A    E     A
You are so inviting
    E    D     E         A
and I am so in tune with you
      E      A       E        A
your jaw is fast as lightning
    E    D        E       A
and I am captured by your moves

(repeat Intro)

A   E          A          E      A       
You ride in three-ring splendor
  E        D      E        A
I find I'm rising with the crowd
    E         A      E     A
Too small for you to see me
  E          D       E         A
although I'm yelling right out loud

(repeat Intro)

Bm               G
When you see the golden trigger
E                 D    E    G
stand before your eye, eye, eyes
by the time you stop to figure
    Bm            D    E     A
the lady wingshot fly, flies away

(repeat Intro)

A   E   A    E       A
Fly by, Lady Wingshot
    E         D         E      A
why can't you slow down in the crowd
   E   A    E       A
My my, Lady Wingshot
     E      D       E        A
each bullet ringing true and loud