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Chord/Tab for: Nothing Is Perfect
a.k.a.: "God's Perfect Plan"
Song Info
(written t.b.d.)     (notes below will be moved here eventually)
This is an unreleased song...


Chords/Tabulature for
Nothing Is Perfect

Submitted by: Malc Brookes (

Notes about this song:

  • This is taken from the Live Aid performance.
  • Neil's guitar is tuned down a tone to DGCFAD.
  • However, one of the backing musicians can be seen playing in standard tuning, so while Neil's playing the shapes G D7 C D G etc, he is playing F C7 Bb C F.
  • So take your pick, I have listed the chords Neil plays.
D7    x5453x                                           
G   D7   C D G                                         
        G                     D7                       
There's plenty of food on the table,                   
C         D           G                                
  Lots of love in the house,                           
    G                            D7                    
The children all do what they're able to do,           
           C          D       G                        
There's so much to be happy a-bout.                    
I got a woman standing beside me,                      
She really knows how to stand by her man,              
She's strong and she's soft and she's honest to me,    
She really helps me to be a good man.                  
    G                     C             G              
But nothing is perfect in God's perfect plan,          
     Em          D          G                          
Just look in the shadows to see,                       
        G                          C     G             
He only gave us the good things so we'd  understand    
    Em        D              G                         
How life with-out them would be.                       
There's plenty of wheat on the prairie,                
Lots of coal in the mines,                             
They've got soldiers so strong they can bury their dead
And still not go back shooting blind.                  
There're women and men on the workforce,           
Doing forty hours plus overtime,                   
So the hostages held at the airport                
Can come home to something worthwhile.             
G   D7   C D G                                     
G   D7   C D G                                     
Repeat 1st verse                                   
Nothing is perfect in God's perfect plan,          
Ooh, ooh, ooh.                                     
He only gave us the good things so we'd understand,
Ooh, ooh, ooh.                                     
    G                     C             G          
No, nothing is perfect in God's perfect plan.